Here's some "common knowledge" zodiacal traits; having interest in the basics could be the only true spark leading to further studies...

Zodiac Basics

{released 2016}
Early astronomers looked to the sky to try and solve many problems mankind faces. By reviewing stellar constellations, and the interaction with our planets, character studies and basic Earth processes were discussed. Many don't feel astrology is a 'true science'; yet, even thousands of years later folks are infatuated with knowing their horoscope...
All the paranormal anthropology teachings contain kernels of truth. As a rule, anyone on a journey to learn should keep an open mind ~ considerably longer than what most end up doing. Like world religions, to grasp one or two teachings and discount others usually ends in conflicts and disputes. To analyze impacts of each study, on human development and geological processes, groups of observant souls/learners need to grasp fundamentals {to sometimes come up with meaningful interpretations....}!
Western Astrology developed around 12 houses/signs; and, each one was based on a constellation out in space. It was noted that certain constellations {and planets, too} were noticeable in the sky during certain seasons. Hence, when the constellation comes about (on that once a year cycle) that's the time for the sign; 'the constellation Sagittarius is noticed in the sky November 21st or so, through December 21st...'.
In our Introduction video you may have spotted that elements were attached to every sign. It isn't important how these things were conjured up {still naturally it stays fascinating!}; our system got based on 4 elements that recur three times. For example, doesn't everyone know that Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all Fire signs??
Somehow or another, early astrologers split all 12 signs into 3 personality types:  Cardinal (leader); Fixed (organizer); and Mutable (communicator). Staying true to course, I'm not going to delve too deeply into extensive definitions; part of our scope is to get the audience to make up discoveries of your own - and maybe amidst small gatherings! This cycle repeats similar to the elements set; Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the 4 leaders ~ and so on with the rest.
Lastly, we'll add the fascinating occurrence of pairings and identifiers. Only for those deeply interested in the workings of our zodiac, consider the types of influences the signs undergo when matched to others. Stuff like Aries is next to Pisces and Cancer is next to Gemini and Leo, and as a rule such matchups aren't that great....
Many even split up the positions of the planets, to try and predict weather/social indications here on Earth. Sometimes planets are in trine, or opposite to another, making for a different reaction; usually the reference is to position of the house with another sign/planet. Triangular interactions are seen as strong {as in an Aries and a Leo getting along}, and those in a square conjunction {Pisces to Gemini, to Virgo, to Sagittarius - for example} have more difficulty in working together at day to day functions.
Enjoy these precious teachings, and try to not feel you must be an authority; when attempting to gather information on another type of paranormal we can see that usually we have lots more to learn.
As well, discuss teachings with others; sharing is caring...