Enjoy an earlier astrology essay ~

back after 2016 release, this is "Zodaic, At Work And Play"...

YLS will attempt to 'rediscover' just how and why school and work could treat topics that could assist everyone in better understanding our world!
By discussing the signs of our American Zodiac I'll blend history with current thoughts, along with supplying observations about future considerations;  just a force that wishes to inform, I hope we can learn PLUS stay entertained!

A coworker or student a bit more headstrong than others displays the tendencies of an Aries. In subtle ways, the goal is to solve every problem; here is not one that wishes to instigate troubles.
Being of fire origin, and starting our whole procession, let's regard the Aries temperament with that of a just lit match. Having ascertained this, it may seem obvious that bosses and teachers will wish to maintain a calm personality for our friend; to tip the scale of warmth against the Aries shall lead to excess HEAT!
How would the Aries boss or teacher be??? They're leaders; but, being the first sign they represent a newborn child. In counsel, I'd hint they'd stay better served when following protocol and doctrines set into motion by Operating Procedures. One important note is that this sign is not a great communicator. Getting into unnecessary chatter with the Aries higher up shall stay a thorn in your side a long time; should you feel the mission necessary be sure to start with a vision ~ and take it forward to where positive results will be seen.
Player: Sunny, but cautious. . .
I'm seeing the 'candyman'{an old song, with one version by Sammy Davis Jr.} - taking the beautiful sunshine to make the world taste good; not really, but the great thing to remember is at least they're TRYING to!
Wishing to be as fresh as spring, many times the lines are crossed; their freshness will require a few good slaps! Not intentionally mean, one ought not judge an Aries harshly. Fire signs stay warm and cheery ~ and it's just that they don't expect folks NOT doing things just like them to be happy; it's their way or the highway....
Should some associate sneak about, seeming like they have some secret investment/study scheme to beat everyone out and score, likely you found a Taurus. Known for patience that even the Pope would be envious of, the better alternative with them is to test their logic.
Earth signs do love to impress people with practical talk ~ anything from 'well my parents just made a killing in the stock market' to 'my pretty dress is better color coordinated than yours - it is Spring for Christmas sake!'
All Earth signs are green and growing! This particular inclusion will be best seen as 'the sprout'; could anyone disagree that perhaps this is the VERY BEST TIME?? Once Winter begins to thaw, and so much decayed matter and water is about to grow with, our friends have a beautiful climate - with fresh air - to enjoy. Likely the reason for the excess interest in material things stems from proximity; being closest to the ground they can almost taste the gold, jewels, and precious metals!
When teachers or bosses, all could be goodness and presents. The candy jar started with a Taurus - and when great takes are made they're usually generous. With a flair for enterprise, don't be surprised if the goodies in the jar were produced in their own chocolate factory; never the type to create pages full of useless rules, along with being a wise businessperson they'll sit around and lend you an ear, too!
Player: Dedicated, yet aloof...
A pretty Taurean girl walks away from friends for a few minutes. Even though they're yelling she's intent on picking those flowers off the side of the road; without knowing, they wished to warn her a cop was watching - and she got a ticket for stealing private property.
It isn't the end of the story, my dumplings; patience will win almost any battle known to mankind! Earth signs rarely get upset over conditions around them....this particular woman owned a dress shop, and not only had the cop fired she bought the property where the flowers grew!
This is a fixed sign, meaning if they're displaying a "Stop The Nukes" poster they're the one you'll have to tango with to have it removed. Earth signs have association as well; when one takes on the branch you're about to witness the tree falling all over that person.
On viewing a dozen roses, or perhaps donuts {in so many flavors and shapes}, understanding Gemini is more possible; high on exclamation - especially regarding stuff that many would seem just duplicate - boasts compassion unlike other signs. For sure, some mornings require that second or third cup of coffee, do they not??
An Air sign, social acceptance stays rather important! Personalization stays a concern, when dealing with several associates at once; remember a day when some person at work had a brief conversation with you, plus moved on to others right after. When someone gives the same greeting, and tells the same joke, all of a sudden you aren't feeling so special anymore....
As a teacher or boss, one must see the opposite as the standard! Out of fairness you'll be treated exactly the same as every other person; if this leader must display a standout employee/student they'll feel a group example is dictated. A reason is that our Air friend has quite a temper, and they'd rather not take out their windstorm on one particular person.
Inside every Gemini leader is a jester, and they don't anticipate the foolery they create. However, they'll always get out of any trouble they cause; should you be slighted just stay calm and let this associate chat - you'll see that if they cost you $10 it'll be possible to make $100. The friendly information shall hold social clues one usually overlooks; any Gemini can be a lifesaver {just pay the admission, in full}.
Player: Tyrannical, yet amusing...
The one man band type ~ here's a person who'll tell everyone it is time to leave the party; then, you'll find them hanging about and telling humorous stories just to gather a crowd. As a communications specialist, this sign loves nothing more than landing a job as a well paid newscaster; plus, on the weekends you can catch them as standup comedians.
We'll all stay better served, though, by remembering Air nature isn't tantamount to tranquility; maybe because they're forced to transport storms around, Air people remain dynamically poised for radical enterprise.

When folks don't want to fit in, or display acts of discomfort to the surroundings, you'll be viewing the Cancer candidates. They'd much rather stay home; most Water signs develop heartwarming activities centered around the living room and bedroom.
Here's the second Cardinal set, meaning they're leaders; that branch, which all begins at their cherished home, likely will remain one of their biggest loves throughout their lives! If a solid tie to these joys comes about at work or school they'll assimilate quickly; folks will usually be happy this person showed up.
To have one as a boss or teacher will be challenging. Learning stems from this, however, so rise for it and you'll likely make a friend on a longterm basis. Being the first ones out, when a workplace doesn't reflect their inner motivations, you can bank on the fact they're very interested in sticking around to work hard. Emotionally, you're in or out with Cancer; when your personal interests and satisfaction don't reach standards just plan on your next step.
Player:  Quirky, in many shades...
Seen in all Water signs is an attraction to flaky behavior - extra sensitive within every Cancer. It is a warm and generous tendency; an internal maternal bell could sound for them, and this conjures up a set of rote directives for whoever passes through the threshold.
Searching inward, likely what is occurring originates from their development....
Many will discuss Cancerian/Water traits as passive, being a feminine sign and all; this is not true ~ sentiment doesn't usually get mixed up with steering from objectives! In their childhood, when developing, salient features took root; either a brother's or sister's kind words, or harsh lessons in school or at work, create a kinship that the Cancer keeps in the heart. While they choose to remain close to home, be it on the road or on the job {or even home}, the reactions stay the same:  when the friendly procession gets displayed initiating flaky behavior, their heart will be yours. It is similar to visiting a friend's home for the first time and meeting their beloved pooch. Isn't it irresistible to frantically pet and play with that kind dog, should they develop an interest in us; plus, how about ordering it to "sit" or "lie down!" when we have no intention of handling it again!
With regards to behavior, and patterns, do stay delicate around sacred "home" regimen. We've indicated that Water signs can transform at will; to have one's heart is a special joy, and the smile of a Cancer is an eternal and joyous event! Should the circumstances freeze up that sweet, running water, you could face permanent detachment.
Something with confidence and a good personality can quickly sum up a Leo. In terms of a person, in school or at work every day, you'll witness a charming individual that keeps a good sense as to why they're taking part in the mission.
Of all the signs, we find here the best designers; containing a fiery warmth, they keep an organized mind as to how well the school is run or whether or not the new floor plan at the shop will suit the company's needs! It may be noted, further, that almost every Leo aspires to design something early in their career: perhaps they'll take a divine interest in women's fashions, and create some wild new clothing lines; should architecture fascinate their business interests they could design great, new buildings; or, they could just devote extra time to making sure the local softball team recruits players better suited to a winning team.
As a boss or teacher, they're sticklers for detail; top notch performance will not impress them as much as going through their rituals. In fact we've all had an incident like this, where we had all the right information down in an exam or dispute; since the proper styling on the paper wasn't just right, or you didn't wave goodbye just right the other day when leaving, you got thrown into the exception rack - for a full review! Other than this, though, you'll experience mostly sunny skies. As a rule they're not especially emotional, so plan on just doing your business properly; it is quite possible they'll wish to stay cordial after school and work - go right ahead if you know you'll share a few laughs.
Player:  Enthusiastic, yet contained...
The second Fire sign, we have to remember that this pertains to the roaring flames; actually associated to the Lion, astrologers always hint that a Leo could consider themself the King or Queen of their domain. As much as nature can contain a wild blaze, we all know that too much heat and spark shall result in rash destruction.
Overall, the Fire signs have the hardest time differentiating between work and play. With passions that seem important to express on a regular basis, to them suppression is a definite intrusion on their personal freedom; Leo shall always end up the sign containing the highest degree of potential danger.
The balancing determinant here is in the fact they're born as organizers. Aries is the leader, of our Fire elements; and, Sagittarius is the communicator - so full of philosophical anecdotes. Inherently, a Leo will rouse up a great display of flames and heat; yet, they know to make delicious cakes or roasts with it, instead of running around making others keep a good distance.
To those wishing a full interpretation of astrological phenomena, along philosophical and paranormal discussion, here's your place! No, it isn't time for a 10 letter word toga party; the Virgo shall be right there in the thick of it to be quite analytical! Be it a boss or a teacher that decides to venture into the arena of "big words, about some mediocre subject", our Virgo friend shall politely correct every little mistake!  Once in a while in reference to the 'one in every crowd' cliche, can we pick the one more in the wrong??
We all have a bad day, and when the teacher or boss goes out on a limb we're all wishing we could be home catching extra shut-eye; as the Virgin proclaims that our hero is wrong indeed about the case bets start going on. Will this person get detention or a warning; or, will the ninny making grandiose gestures just crawl away and wish for a vacation??
Virgo is one of our four communicators; so, if you're feeling a closer association to this person may dissuade such intrusion at a meeting "Forget It"! On the flip, it sure is nice to hear the voice of reason when the teacher tells everyone to hand in that report a week early! Logically, due the practical nature of this Earth sign, the teacher will hear it; and now the whole class will be thankful for the analytical chatter every Virgo gets into.
When the boss or teacher, not much will be hidden. Right from the start they'll tell you to expect an exam every month, or be sure your attendance stays perfect; so, when you don't quite get around to doing it their way - yes, you'll hear a big song and dance.
If you wish to get a promotion or a higher grade, and you didn't quite accomplish the master plan, there's quite a small chance of this getting considered. Here's a patient soul, though; to show up, shut up, and shine will result in an environment of respect!
Our communicators all seem to have a grandiose contribution to socialization; as we know, Gemini supplied the important tool of language. As an Earth native, and standing ground the closest to 'cash flow', the Virgo bestowed currency upon us earthlings. As pointed out you'd have to stay on track with the preslated program; yet, should your good, solid performance catch the praise of fellow students and coworkers, your best opportunity will lie in having a Virgin watching!
Player: Independent, yet preordained....
As gallant as a horse, and as dedicated as Mr. Spock [the Star Trek Vulcan], our Virgo soul will remain rather restless if there's nobody about to serve...!
That says something ~ since here remains the most solid 'rock' of the zodiac; as we review the stones and foundations of courthouses and laws around the world, every effort stems from Virgo dealings. Creators of currency, and all seesaw interactions of folks grabbing bucks {to turn around and spend them}, preoccupations of the Virgo simply swim in and about 'business/banking transactions'!
Should you wish to go dancing with your Virgo friend, it will become a political analysis; 'the politics of dancing' shall bend their decision to one direction ~ will the transaction of handing over 'X' amount of $$$ lead to a desired level of "pleasure (and just what may this be??)"! If this encounter is a date, hopefully you're an Earth sign too. Perhaps you'll sit about and chat beforehand how for an extra $20 you can shop for groceries and save $50 by eating home first...
Seeing they do remain quite close to the 'action' (in terms of capital), why not be a little nicer to your friendly, neighborhood Virgo! Perhaps taking them out on an expensive dancing excursion won't be the answer. They'll be communicators forever, though; so, should you decide that their participation will not be adequate be sure to stay away! The directness of a Virgo is truly unmatched; plus, when they're not yelling and screaming you'll just have to keep avoiding those big ol' bus tires

Taking the lead in chatter, here's one Air sign you truly can't miss! As we know the first Air sign {Gemini} supplied mankind with language - making it possible to understand one another better; being a positive sign, Librans subjectively interpret dialogue so a group consensus can always be available!
Being judge, and balancing all the factors, they won't rely on second hand news or idle gossip; also, if they're a translator for two involved with different languages they take the time to disallow one party from taking advantage of this situation. As a student or worker, it's more of a playground for them. Truly not the type to instigate issues, they will however review the performances of those in charge; being a leader {like Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn}, they have an eye on becoming someone with power.
As a boss or teacher, our Libran exudes much energy over policy installation and execution. While perhaps a bit scattered about, making a gameplan around family and friends as well as those on site, they at least try to stay pleasant and helpful...
Social due the Air element, a Libra best rewards good behavior in the 'team' setting; therefore, to stick out at meetings and class activities against our hero shall prevent advancements ~ and also make for a strained situation.
Since Air signs develop a team of associates, around a job foundation, you won't get too far making grandiose advancements toward self promotion; all their strategies are placed on your team ~ and everyone wins, or nobody. It will stay best to work with your coworkers, or fellow students, for group rewards. Should your sights be higher than the Libra's (or your team members) plan to move along and give kudos as you leave...
Player:  Pleasant, but impersonal...
Sweeping through the sweet field, during Summer, we comment how beautiful the large butterfly is; as the kids try and catch it we have to face the fact that it could care less we're around it. Librans have an attitude quite similar. They'll carry on as delicate seashells or small critters, and pass off that they are as harmless and wonderful as all heck. It can be noted that this is indeed the truth, overall; unless wrath gets unleashed, which tips the Air sign into the unwanted F5, the paths that seem crossed now will soon come to pass.
Behind Sagittarius, Librans do love to travel; they are always feeding the mind and soul ~ to put together the judgements "keeping society together". If you enjoy their company keep a suitcase packed; as part of their team you'll be unexpectedly rewarded on occasion - and may even learn a fun fact or two.
A flair for drama, and piercing eyes, can usher in your friendly neighborhood Scorpio ~ so eager to expound upon the strange conditions of their arrival.
A mysterious ambiance usually also accompanies the Scorpio temperament. A Water sign they reflect those around them, and it must be remembered this sign is negative - as well as an organizer. Being Water, though, they'll never condescend or spare a situation in need of a good overhaul; chances are associates around you caused them to lose their cool.
Early on, Scorpios grab onto things in life that they feel deserve promotion/protection. Should their dramatic flair be met with good humor and plenty of love they shall bestow the very heavens upon you; this sign picks up where the maternal Cancer left off, and the bulk of their protective instincts get geared to family. As a rule, they don't carry about like snakes that seek revenge at the drop of a hat. However, all Water signs consist of three faces; when the steam gets exposed, making this astrological caricature take on the form of the scorpion, one literally will not know where the results shall materialize. Negative organizers can indeed do things that happy-go-lucky philosophers don't ever consider....
As bosses and teachers, they take on the role of the caring parent. Many even sporting sunglasses [the eyes are usually seen as a 'sensitive/intuitive' part of the nature], we can all trust the intentions of Scorpio. As a feminine sign, they are quite comfy just eyeing out a scene and letting all the kindly people around them get down to business. Should you wish to get closer to this kind of boss or teacher, be friendly and request some insights into their family.
One crazy kind of situation that may be displayed, though, is a penchant to carry on over a personal pastime of theirs. Here indeed are the founding fathers and mothers of chess clubs, field trips to a baseball game, or behind-the-scenes tactics for business growth. They always seem to maintain a safe distance from their home lives, and offer to students and workers plenty of options to make more of their time.
Player:  Adaptable, plus deliberate....
Water signs all are such a fascinating bunch! Cancer the crab is already displayed as the curious crab that grabs onto stuff with their strong claws, and doesn't intend on letting go; Scorpio operates quite the same. Of all the signs to be feminine and negative, Scorpios don't advertise their intentions; in a normal scene one wouldn't think they even have an interest in the goings on. Should the threshold get crossed, matched with an object of interest, it's very difficult to steer them from the charted course! We'll get into Pisces a bit later (our last Water sign).
Scorpios like to cut to the chase; they're fine tuned to gather all the evidence, and sift through most of the mediocrity! Here's the reason for their femininity:  if they were an aggresive lot, their fixed and possessive nature would surely end up in hasty infatuations.
But, you may be catching a glimpse here of what we're getting at; while Air signs mince, dice and extrapolate words DON'T bother getting wordy with a Scorpio. Here lies a sign more interested in getting down to the business of family fun and adventures! Let them hear all the necessary details, and when they have a mindset you'll simply have to stay on that bus ride.
As devoted as puppies, these coworkers or fellow students decided out of the blue to honor the teachers and bosses ~ making our lives so dang profound. If you'd like, also sign the card going around giving these folks a sincere thanks; the Sagittarian is actually considering running for President someday as well!
Cheery and optimistic your Sagittarian associates will stay rather easy to recognize. The final Fire inclusion, their warmth can be equated with the glowing embers of slowly cooking logs. They're communicators, and it truly is difficult to keep these folks quiet! Being a positive and masculine sign, they almost always have some 'helpful' advice to dish out; teamwork shall remain one of their biggest mottos in life!
It's pretty commonplace, though, that fires burn out; and, usually our friend here can get quite upset if their generous expressions don't fetch some reward. Most of us learned that we won't get much for nothing, in our world; plus, when the self~serving ways of Fire signs go awry they can be quite comical to laugh at. As a matter of fact, lots of soothsayers see the Sagittarian as the clown of the bunch.
Sagittarian teachers or bosses are some of the best you'll have. They naturally stand behind their underlings. Here's a vehicle for 'positive communication' and a quest for teamwork to develop into good fun for mostly all; first, you'll have a powwow to discuss any problems that your peer group may be having, and then they'll give progress reports to the group to make everyone feel wanted.
Higher thinking and learning are always important to our Sagittarian friends; isn't it nice to know once in a while we can kick back and let a pro run the show?? As a matter of fact, won't it be cool someday that you can brag to the family you worked or went to school with the President??!
Player:  Excitable, yet sporty...
One real good anecdote to keep near the heart, when considering just how Sagittarians play, is "bad to the bone"! Their lives remain double edged swords; to them, it all reflects their innermost nature ~ why differentiate a party from a field trip??
They'd rather see everyone as a big, happy family; yet, be advised that the flip exists right there in their hearts. They can be quite bad.....
Fire is impulsive, and in short, hot bursts can lead to a whole world of trouble. I'm speaking positive sorts of stuff ~ but still this can stay problematic! Consider the spontaneous, but compulsive, gambler; after losing half of their pay at a casino they'll grab a couple friends and drive down to a different casino! Little known to the friends, this second trip is a test ~ if they don't alert this person that the best alternative is to lay low they may be thrown under a bus.
Human folly is best seen through the eyes of a Fire person. Usually they go on in explicit detail, to practically anyone around to listen, about better ways to drink or smoke; should they be suffering due a bad experience you'll get this feedback as well.
A great feature of Fire folks is they forgive others quicker than the rest. More than other signs, Sagittarians would rather get over a small setback ~ to be on their way to a nice vacation; you may see it first hand, too!  From hang gliding to a video of a tour in Hawaii, the Sagittarian will always share their experience; you can see the lovely pictures and hear a magic tale ~ with the likelihood of getting a neat pencil with "I Love Hawaii" on it!
 An owlish look many times gives away the Capricorns among us. The scope of the character indeed can be represented as a critter sitting up over all the rest; as a feminine leader, they'll not offer lies to you should you request an assessment!
Another creature that is encompassed in the allure of the Capricorn is the tiger. Once again, we are confronted with an animal that will never be called "shy"!! The practical approach and demeanor of our Capricorn friend usually creates icicles on the warmer, slower zodiac signs. While a Sagittarian speaks the truth, as a rule, the Capricorn has a good understanding of it...
Either way, as a worker or student you have a formidable opponent when it comes to securing promotions or the higher grades. Their patience may have no peers; in the logic department they ONLY go by the book.
Pretty much, this style of leader will never wait around for someone else to catapult them into fame and fortune! An Earth sign, they keep a deep understanding in the systematics at work;  and, they cultivate the proper set of individuals they wish to keep on a leash {when desiring to know certain facts} in high hopes of allowing the Capricorn the best opportunity for moving ahead.
As a boss or teacher, it will do you no good to try and flatter ~ with hopes of getting a raise or better grades. A strong and steady repertoire, comprised mostly of hard efforts and perfect attendance, keep the respect of any Earth sign; staying practical, it can be said the Earth signs will usually remain 'the fairest' over equal treatment of their associates.
Being a negative sign, they feel they'll see the lesser qualities in others in time; those staying disciplined will be the only ones our Capricorn friend shall trust. Unlike most other signs, should you go astray they'll likely know just how to get the "wheels of change" in  motion.
Player:  Omnipresent, but mechanical....
To regard a scarecrow, or owl decoy perched atop a barnyard fixture, gives one true idea what the Capricorn wants to accomplish. Most won't sit you down and explain why the friendship is important, or just how they intend on finishing up a joint project; they'll give you the rope - and we'll hope you don't hang yourself.
Here is the first of three signs that usually 'know everything'. Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces represent the seniors of the zodiac; don't go labeling folks in a predetermined way, because it isn't always as you may see on paper....
This is the final "leader" in our tour - what can we determine to be different from Aries, Cancer, and Libra?? Probably not a whole lot ~ this is an Earth sign, though. Likely the Capricorn will be adamant about payment/retribution! They'll be the friendly advisor who points to the hourglass: "Hey, it's time to get to sleep! You have to go to work tomorrow!"!
Our Fire leader may stay partying through the night, and the Water leader will do as they're supposed to {but blast the coworkers the next day for ruining the good time!}; plus, the Air leader could gather the whole group at the time and conduct a focus group [where group consensus decides if the party should end].
Being the most patient member of our zodiac, with ties to the coldest (and nastiest) of winter days, it may be their very favorite "winding down" experience to sip coffee or wine and enjoy some websurfing....

Social action and integration sum up the main scope of the Aquarian thought. If at work or school, they'll supply fellow classmates with pens and spare paper or buy their work associate a cup of hot coffee! They really feel life has a lot to offer, so you ought not back down and act all antiestablishment!
Don't expect much lip service, to back up this lofty claim; being an organizer {not a communicator}, they'll trump up all this nicey social syrup but expect someone else to chat about why we all should be peachy keen. Overall, we'll thank them for the coffee - or praise the pen that got those important class notes! After all, the Air signs are positive [not prone to be all pessimistic]; plus, what would society be like if we didn't make efforts to look after one another??!
As a boss or teacher, you might end up with someone more didactic than expected. Taking the social guru stuff to conclusion, should the success story of our hero be the rise to advancement here, our friend will be awful full of themself. Perhaps we ought try to aspire to that grand height of their majesty....
But, if you get the humble and regular person that loves tradition, over most else, chances are the ride will be sweet. Perhaps the team at work will be conditioned to become one of the company's most prestigious; or, your whole class may go right to the Pentagon to discuss just how wonderful the American Constitution really is!
Chances are no matter what you'll learn a new tradition or two at the holidays. Not only do Aquarians honor old time comforts, they also make solid attempts to keep them alive; you may sit down with the President of the company or Principal at school at Thanksgiving, to discuss just how much fun all walks of life can have together! They usually hit or miss in terms of class satisfaction/participation; when they feel humble and socially dynamic you shall enjoy the ride ~ but you'll get tired if they blow their own horn every day.
Player:  Friendly, and on the move....
Such grand old souls likely will confide a secret to happiness is:
{drum roll, please}....learn as well as teach! It's part of the same credo that folks should be both masculine and feminine at the same time; John Travolta (an Aquarian) was described as a perfect balance between macho and compassionate, and this just denounces role casting. So, when a group of people try to live by staying independent [like Aquarians], isn't it expected that they'll remain more friendly than common folk?!
As social Air people, they'll usually develop a collection of behaviors, and hobbies, around those close friends and family members they trust. Further education, and taking good care of children, will stay part of an all around mindset ~ on the job or home. When we assimilate and play a part, as a 'human buddy', it does stay obvious that nobody can know it all....
So, with or without an Aquarian, if you have a skill share it; at the same time let others help you to sharpen your skill set, or begin a new project that could create a new joy.

Even with knowing a lot of Pisces people, I am not amassing a great track record over their aura at work or school. Let's break them apart a bit to get some useful ideas. We know that all Water signs possess an uncanny ability to reflect three styles of expression {ice, running water, and steam}; should I attach one as prominent for each sign it may be as follows:  Cancer is steam (mostly a "summer" creature), Scorpio is ice (Pluto being their distant, cold planet), and we'll settle on running water for Pisces. It does fit, seeing the Fish as mascot need it to survive.
With regards to placement, you may guess they're negative and feminine; here's the last 'communicator' of the pile, which could make them into great singers or spokespeople.
As an Asian tie we can see the Pisces as the Rat; this mascot is known to be sincere, and usually quite ambitious!
Let's continue with a step by step sign construction here; for the most part, all I am registering is that the Pisces folks are mystical and usually emotional/sensitive. The healing ability of Water could be the therapeutic qualities; usually, when we hear some running water or stay mesmerized watching waves dance out in pretty colors the mind forgets a while.....
Our problems seem more in perspective, and it's possible we'll regain an edge with some new energy.
By this time the work or school day is over ~ and we can all get a taste of what the typical Pisces is about! They don't mind staying a bit mysterious; chances are you won't be visiting their home anytime soon, so there's no need to get especially entangled with us.
As a teacher or boss, they'll pump out an above average job for their employer. Being sensitive, they can quickly accomodate the demands put upon them by higher authorities; wishing well on almost all they watch over, they'll play on your spiritual side ~ just to keep the mind focused on the job.
They like to communicate, so feel free to chat with them; of all the signs, this one doesn't like to follow a script ~ so they'll get confrontational if you catch them in minor detail.
Many enjoy the surprise, of venturing where one can't always see what the murky water covers; to spot dark clouds passing in front of their fish-like eyes doesn't mean they want to snap at you! I reckon you'll have a nice slice of reality when working with this one....
Player:  Enigmatic, but personable...
Nearing the finish of an astrological lesson, it was amusing to stumble upon a force that has enjoyed partial anonymity. Let's make more of a case, to grab at what most will simply call a 'bare naked' truth. Our ancestors have bestowed "the feet" as the biological part associated with Pisces; so one can see whenever our hero gets placed in a predicament, that could shed too much light on those shimmering scales, they'll be off running! Again, we categorize the final three signs [Cappie, Aquarius, and the Fish folk] as the elders; as a rule, most of the world is known to them.
One amazing tidbit is to follow Sagittarius as another 'communicator', when the forceful and intuitive pitch seems like the zodiac won't need more (communication). Yet, the positive and cheery Sag now seems like that could be for their benefit! With a negative and feminine construction, rest assured no candy coating flies from the fishy lips of a Pisces! Here's the "honker" in New York traffic, and that fan shouting obscenities when their least favorite player blows the game!
It doesn't matter if the day is cloudy, or the bright sun reflects rainbow colors from their sequin ties! Maybe you did two hours of extra work for your boss friend here; but, if the mood isn't good you'll still get speared. The Pisces is the last sign, and may always get in the last word; when someone takes offense to the shouting all they have to do is run away...