Four simple letters represent a whole lot ~ in our lives.

There's two concepts here, to get out and test things that pop up as stressful - in our routine.

P/T refers to projects and tests. It's a mechanical response to tackling things that are extraordinary, to the day by day life we are used to.

P/C can be used when we are conflicted; P is for pros, and C is for cons. Instead of flipping a coin, the next time a heated issue seems to not have a logical answer, get a small piece of paper - and allot out a couple minutes of quiet time. Taking turns, go through all the pros and cons of the problem ~ and you may be surprised to know the answer was quite simple all along!

We hope you take these helpful systems to heart. Whether you wish to tackle painting a room in your house, or just can't decide which side of an argument is correct, P/T/P/C will begin to get you back on track...!