A  Poem 

​"dO yOU hAVE a hEAD iN yOUR bRAIN ??!" BY YLS

On a dark night, some time ago....
the rain fell hard - and the wind did blow!
The local guru ran about in a fit;
"Our world's gone amuck ~ let's be DONE with it !!"

Don't think him mad, because others did say;
' the dark skies, for some evil display !!'
A mantra was said, to counter the script;
Yet while the mystic was reciting she inadvertently tripped!

My friends ran for cover, as the astrologer screamed;
Crazy shadows were illuminated ~ yet we had to confess all was not what it seemed....
"It's the devil!", cried a stranger passing our way;
the whole cosmic crowd kneeled, to pray.
Craziness does happen, and we get rained on time to time;
While it's fine to try and scare away a storm it may be wiser to remain inside...
To react in a stupid fashion can be seen as bad as a crime;
Should the brain on your shoulders overreact, call a mystic and say you tried!
The soothsayer pointed a finger at you some short time ago;
She said the tarot cards foretold of a tragic deal, and you really ought to know.
Your psychic cried when he heard the news ~ warning you 'NEVER to think that again'!
The moon stayed in Scorpio all last month, and perhaps THIS caused you the pain...
So many scream our rotten world has gone astray ~
Fortune tellers and clairvoyants sometimes choose to look the other way.....
Perhaps a solid pace, and extra goodness, shall help better times to stay;
I think love in my heart will brighten almost any day.