A  Poem 

​"We All Should Be As Happy As Turtles In The Sand!!"
by YLS Staff

If you should feel a bit wild ~ or deranged,  take a quick stock of what's at hand;
Sometimes even the best cosmic guru can't give a solid answer to what you planned!
Get on out and see the light;
party at sunset, until late at night;
Keep on thinking free, like those turtles in the sand....

When slighted by someone close it usually is wise to take a stand;
Grab a lover and a friend, whilst you waltz away quite grand!
Slipping merrily away far from the others' sight;
Taking good time to laugh and sing, always in delight;
Any mystic, from here to the moon, will say you're just as happy as turtles in the sand....

This story turned one cold night, long ago;
Our friend had a gypsy lover ~ and couldn't let her go ....
When Venus was in an opposite house from Jupiter she'd carry on with another man;
He cried himself to sleep again and again.
At last he received a divine message ~ from the weird cackling of a passing crow!

"Of all my travels I've yet to see a lover as pathetic as you", shrieked the bird;
"Any numerologist or palm reader would see a future with her will remain UNHEARD!"  
The man in love scrambled down to the sea;
He cried to the heavens to hear his plea;
'I need a sign!! Where to go!? Just give the word!!!'

A traveling show did commence from this, all across the land;
Hero and his gypsy love, along with a tour bus properly manned.
Partly from what he saw near the beach;
Adding with it the loving touch from his girl - within reach;
"Just as we live and touch", sang our cosmic bunch, "stay real ~ just like the turtles in the sand"!!