A  Poem 

​"Falling, Like Rain..."
by YLS Staff
Perhaps 'twas just my destiny;
As I admired your precocious look.
In my life without consistency;
Just one glance at me was all it took!
Lots of astrologers thought I'd never be free;
And the mystics foresaw no good love for me.
With my own intuition I searched for thee...
This time, I'm falling in love!
Hand in hand, I see that sweet look on your face;
In spite of my palm reader, who claims this love's out of place.
If all the deserts ran out of their sands;
Would you still keep me near, and involved with your plans?
A local psychic screamed even a divining rod wouldn't show me the way;
Five wizards laughed I'd stay loveless until they were gray;
A cosmic healer didn't feel I'd get you to stay,
But you're still here ~ and I'm falling in love.
Like the rain, you're gentle and fresh on my skin;
Together we relearned the strategy to win!
As if from a dream you came to me from the sky;
We're one heck of a couple, say all the passersby...
Should your ouija board tell us to find another way;
Or if mantras and chakras hint you ought go away;
Look at me and shout you're happy and gay!
In spite of the blues we've stayed so much in love.