{original post was Fall 2018}

This is just the second week, of the brand new Paranormals arena ~ here at Your Lucky Stars. Extra criticism abounds....

Here's a cold call - a 'sell' of something that folks don't seem to know much about. I heard that term first when I applied to a sales job; the salespeople were expected to get out amongst strangers, and attempt to sell their wares.

Admittedly, my family and I didn't sit around the dinner table to discuss numerology parameters. Perhaps some view it as religious, and this makes way to say "no politics or religion, if you please..."!

The recent time allotted to start anew captured what lots of folks don't particularly trust, concerning Paranormal Anthropology. While the dynamic new material posted should stand the test of time, as to helping individuals get a grip of some of the disciplines, here's a new consideration!!!

Just what kinds of group/social activities could get started, over paranormals??

How essential is a set of scientific notions, to the continuation of humanity?! The first consideration is our current reliance on such mechanisms; secondly, we need to evaluate hidden costs - for nonconforming.

Here's where the audience comes into play, since this website isn't really a warehouse for this kind of info. You know how astrologers and psychics are treated, in your own communities. I've read horoscopes in the paper since I was a kid; all sorts of materials are out there, pushing celestial and stellar themes around every room in the home! It seems too many families need marriage/family counseling. YLS feels families/associates shall better understand each other when basic parameters are understood ~ between neighbors and social ties.

What criteria are employed, when we search for companions or new employees. How new faces interact shall play a huge part in successful relationships.

It is likely group gatherings address the phenomena of all world sciences; as a rule, the leaders in a group may choose to chat about astrology/current scientific technology like a "flavor of the month". Sometimes the imaginations of socially connected folks entertain what signs they are, and how they match up; without a continued acceptance, such materials could stay overlooked indefinitely.

Such an interesting science, as Paranormal Anthropology, may be regarded as useful only on occasion. To make matters worse, newspaper 'horoscopes' and "possessed" psychics serve up a laughable mix of disbelief and incompetence.

No college in the world, to our knowledge, prepares interested individuals for a career in paranormals. While well known astrologers could make a six figure annual pay, community acceptance and remuneration change from location to location.

Matters of cohesion and believability also play a part. Not only are the disciplines different between societies {Asian Astrology is worlds different from Western Astrology, for example}, many practitioners utilize different calibration techniques!! It is wild to see that some authors evaluate people by a mix of Asian signs with Western signs.

How will people accept some of the principles laid out on this site?? While "informed", we remain students just like all other soothsayers. To call for a "ground zero", where anyone on Earth might review an individual's internal makeup by the mix of worldly elements, doesn't pretend to solve the conglomeration of various fashions and styles....