When creating any system that wishes to embrace human entanglements this is an important concept. Levels of difficulty present themselves fast and furious; how we handle differing doses of big change indeed defines our individuality.

S = Stress

T (1) = Trauma

D = Disaster

T (2) = Tragedy

You'd be amazed how 'off the handle' some people get over a relatively low level stressor! Who??? Everyone!!

Until we can differentiate the level of difficulty an upcoming stressful event leashes out doesn't it indeed get the chance to be "a very unpleasant/chaotic experience"???

I'll let you fill in the blanks here, since every individual faces a new situation with differing quantities of difficulty. Here's a brief list of some things that will usually end up on the Disaster/Tragedy lists:

Death in the family; Divorce/separation; Loss of job/schooling; Natural disaster, leading to disruption of home