A  Poem 

​"Increasing Self Confidence"
A numerologist approached me the other day;
She asked "why's it so dreary when the sky is gray"??
I chuckled out something about the moon being in Mars;
"OH!", she exclaimed, "you feel it was written in the stars"?!
My exlover complained things just haven't seemed right;
I guess most people get to feelin' lonely at night.
When I spoke to some friends over the phone;
almost all got uptight, insisting they felt all alone.
So many just wonder why I'm usually content;
Lord knows I'm not rich ~ the money's mostly spent....
Usually I just try to line up fun things in my days;
As a result I don't become unhappy in any number of ways!
A friend of mine has a kid that just sits in front of TV;
Snacking and hanging about would quickly get to me.
If I'm out biking in the sun I feel so fine;
Staying clean and fit is a positive habit of mine!
"Even though you're older you don't feel like you know it all";
This is what I told a relative, since they gave me a melancholy call.
Take better care of each other, and have more respect for our land;
It's a fun motto to live by ~ not just dream castles in the sand.
Lord knows life is trying - mine's no better than the rest;
It pays not to feel life's better outside the nest....
Try giving the kids and pets extra hugs, instead of the blues;
For Christ sake at one point we stood in their shoes ~