A  Poem 

​"...Not For ALL the Prophecies in a Mystic's Cosmic Urn!"
Just a short while ago, when I was rather young;
I knew an asian soothsayer named Hi Lee Strung!
For just a few copper coins she'd tell you just as much as you desired;
Now she works as a postal worker, since her psychic license expired...
A close friend ran to Hi Lee a few years back;
He had a strange dream that his girl left him for a guy named Jack.
Hi Lee passed her little hands over a large crystal ball;
Suddenly she shouted 'the writing's on the wall'!
"Don't fret about those stars in the sky", Hi Lee cried;
Then she explained they must get away on a trip, so his love stays applied.
"You make too many exceptions", she screamed, "and I want you to learn";
"You can't trade her heart for all the prophecies in a mystic's cosmic urn"!
At the time the lovers did indeed get away;
Since my friend deeply worried her heart had gone astray.
I got postcards from Venice, and Spain and Key West;
He said they liked Jamaica, but loved Aruba the best!
The Russian caviar was delightful to them, and they enjoyed Aussie steak;
A nice cup of coffee, with Belgian chocolate, when they needed a break.
After a tour of London they cruised away to Cancun;
An astrologer hinted they should witness Figi's harvest moon.
In Turkey my friend found the girl of his dreams;
Whence he shipped his estranged ex back to us, amidst screams...
We told Hi Lee about this saddening tale;
She just muttered something about a new career ~ delivering mail.