Your Lucky Stars 2019

Special Feature: 

Follow, from the start of a new short story through the completion!

{It's January 2019 and I'm about to jump back into this story. It's likely I'll be adding little bits for the next few months (and then placing earlier stories on awhile, again); if I just write on a proper climax shall probably be lost...}

September 10th, 2018

A subject and theme has been picked, and we'll begin this extraordinary adventure.

For those interested, can you remember reading short stories in school? The discipline was fascinating then, and writing them stays equally as enthralling.

WADjr is the force behind the stories, and this new venture; "On Mermaids" and "Do You Know You're A Crow" took a lot of time and inspiration, and overall the wish to thrill the YLS crowd stays the motivation!

We begin the third short story, and throw in the bizarre stipulation of adding the audience! 

You'll be able to see the makings of a new short story {complete with a "conflict", "denouement", "climax", and "conclusion"}, and review progress with us! Side notes will be added and one thing promised up front:  "THE STORY WILL PROGRESS, AND END, FRESH AND UNFORESEEN! MOST OF THE TIME YOU, OUR GREAT AUDIENCE, SHALL HAVE EQUAL ACCESS TO ALL INPUTS TO THE GROWING STORY! THANK YOU FOR SHARING IN THIS FUN OCCASION!"

Title:  "Light (As Various Shady Interludes Steal From the Source)"

Conflict: "man vs self"; lack of willpower, leading to poor decision making -

    The story unfolds amidst cries of dissent. Nobody inside the entertainment complex would understand Harlan's detachment from his wonderful score; but, as he made his way through the crowd, the darkness inside his head made him worry ~ since he plain overlooked the obvious.

   A few months ago, Harlan started dating a smart cookie; Mary didn't go to any college, but a life in the city helping her mother raise five brothers and sisters caused massive difficulties. This early maturity helped her handle Harlan much better than his other loves. Still, he thought too highly of his personal achievements to let others get close to his heart.

   The mechanical qualities of nightlights appealed to Mary. She recalls stories of candlelit evenings, involving her grandparents; such a cozy, yet mundane, world it must have been! Flashing and blinking city lights now keep Mary thrilled, and Harlan enjoyed taking her to fine downtown restaurants.

   At the same time we must acknowledge that lots of corrupted activities go on at night. With folks half asleep, it stays easier to get about and conduct shady biz; the local casino hotel gets lots of publicity, for many bad scenes people get wrapped up in. Still, the lovebirds couldn't resist an occasional night out there.

   With Christmas right around the corner, Harlan and Mary discussed spending more time with old friends; perhaps a few more nights around the house per month will make for easier bill payments! Mary did express a lack of interest in sitting around the television. What to do, when the weather gets bad enough to not be able to get outside; would hanging with friends end up in boring walks around the local malls???

Hi YLS fans ~

there's a couple crossroads approaching and I have to think quickly! As the name implies I must incorporate city lights as a strong point of story; the dissent in the beginning is Harlan's cries (of anguish) vs his friends joyously congratulating his win...