Special Feature:  Springtime Memory

  Short story, from earlier YLS days...

"On Mermaids",

  by WADjr


 Angelica wiped her brow, upon returning home from jogging. Usually she's joined by Jeremy, her beau of 10 years, on the 5 mile course a little down the street.
Today he was forced to prepare some extra supplies, for an upcoming fishing expedition; his friends made a date months back to get out into deeper water ~ and try to catch a large tuna. His seaworthy craft was polished, and impressive.
The trip did have hidden costs, however; he'd dearly miss Angelica for the 5 days at sea ~ and those days together jogging, in the morning. They just patched up a rough time in their relationship. The freedom of open water always fascinated Jeremy ~ enough to even distance himself from most of his girlfriends; Angelica went out on his boat once or twice, but flatly stated she didn't enjoy the experience.
Sharing beers and fish tales, the tuna expedition was underway! Modern weather forecasting stands a major game changer; we've all heard of surprise storms capsizing unexpecting fishing vessels!
Life at sea has remained a solitary kind of experience; usually there's not another boat around, except an occasional sight on the horizon. Being on the water at night is more than a bit scary.....
With no moon for the majority of their trip, looking off the boat once the sun went down was like peering into an unlit cave. The sound of rising and falling waves could only be gauged by the rocking of the boat; Jeremy stood and pondered just how tales of mermaids got started, seeing sailors would strain their eyes for some wonderfully familiar sight as that of a beautiful woman.
Perhaps with the threat of a choppy sea, or surprise attack from a large shark, many seamen jumped over after this chance of encountering a beautiful sea goddess; once in their keep, these changeling creatures would drag the lost seamen well under ~ feeding on their bodies and spirits.
During the evening in question, the seamen joining Jeremy observed two things. First, an approaching storm made for inky blackness all around ~ and fast; and, Jeremy was way too agitated!
The lack of interest in sharing bottles of wine, with dinner, cut at his friends just like a brisk arctic wind. Forecasts were gathered before the trip, but all considered the threat of the storm minimal. Here was Jeremy's battle - an introspective meltdown where he soon may succumb to negative forces of nature.
After a vote, his friends confronted the captain; all agreed to have Jeremy stay in bed throughout the night. With wind howling outside, and occasional deep sea creatures whispering his name, Jeremy was able to stay calm.
Though he was drained at breakfast, the following morning, he regained control of the vessel. All of these men looked down into the murky water, as they approached the dock; just what did their friend imagine as they enjoyed the serenity of open water....
Angelica and Jeremy enjoyed an intimate night, with all the trip details neatly packed back into reality. Naturally he discussed the strange moods experienced deep into dark fishing nights; she reminded him of a recent trip to Aruba, and a mesmerizing experience.
At once he knew the intrinsic value; only slightly different from that entrancing evening walking along the warm beach at sunset, his love appreciated the depth of his hypnotic sea adventure. It's a feeling we all share, on occasion, that happens when we're in a natural environment rather foreign!
Submitting to our respect for nature usually makes us introspective. As time stands still for some wild, short minutes we have only the imagination to guide us. How thrilling, he thought, that he was able to escape the clutches of mermaids twice.