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"Do You Know You're A Crow?",

 by WADjr

"I had a strange month!", thought TJ as he slowly drove home, after a nasty night of selling handbags to old ladies. He was a bit blue, since his lover of three years decided to just pack up and leave the area.
So many clients had fallen for TJ ~ sweet old maids that really thought they'd have a shot at having him move on in with them; TJ was nice to the women he sold clothes and accessories to, but he had another man for a lover ~ deciding long ago he preferred to settle in that way.
For the last month Madame Rindquartz tried to lure TJ into her life. She had one sweet little Maltese puppy, and her lavish mansion and jewels attracted many a lonely lad. TJ started to dream of this person; he was quite sympathetic to a scared older woman, seeing he was the sole companionship his dear mother had - before passing on.
What our friend didn't know was that he'd soon be taking an excursion far deeper than one even gets a hint of....
His boyfriend shook him by the shoulders, and TJ sat right up to look about. Leading to a hysterical bout of crying, he could only watch as his lover slowly walked out of his life. This was only a dream, and he became somber seeing there wasn't any possibility to communicate just how he felt.
The distant boyfriend pointed sharply at a clouded figure, as it approached from the outskirts of the scene. She soon became recognizable to TJ; Madame Rindquartz hovered about his head, and he could see her pucker her lips many times (as if to try and kiss him)!
Without much effort, suddenly he sat at a tea party; gaping wildly at this small table, he found himself seated with a large crow. In a gown that Madame Rindquartz wore, this crow mockingly stared right into the eyes of our bewildered friend. Much to TJ's surprise, the bird seemed able to read his mind!
"I know you don't have an interest in the lady friends that visit your store, TJ", said the bird; "and, I can sense you have some turmoil as to whether I'm even aware that I am a 'crow' !!", exclaimed the animal, from somewhere deep in TJ's sleep.
It was understood. Here was a young guy, as he slept harmlessly, that indeed looked a bit cynically at the world around him. Upset about his lost love, the first thought about the warped scene before his eyes was "here's a silly little bird that we label as a 'crow', taking on the form of some acquaintance from work!"
Still, the crow in a woman's dress kept a sharp eye on TJ; it was as if the bird was trying to make a judgement about him. Suddenly TJ found himself sitting at a table with nearly a dozen crows; every one gazed directly into the humbled dreamer's eyes. With beaks clicking, TJ tried to catch all the bizarre bits of chatter; perhaps the Gods were trying to display to him the didactic dialogue inside a courtroom.
This was a sequence TJ wouldn't forget soon. He shot right up about 4am; dressed up crows, caged dogs - owned by his customers, and the smiling face of his beau all swirled about before his half~open eyes. The final quotation he recalled, from the opinionated collection of birds, was "we wish you to know a thing or two about how we feel toward humanity...."

TJ didn't bother with coffee the next morning! First thing, after jumping out of bed, he called his ex up and begged for another chance; sour visions of his dreams, from the night before, stayed vivid in his memory.
Somehow TJ felt that his own mind just wanted him to get a better grip on what's important; social pressures, at times, lead us away from those great guiding principles. Whether our families or close school friends helped mold the identity enjoyed, as a youngster, occasionally we get bounced about with lots of brand new stimuli; a scene we laughed at years before sometimes ends up a blurred vision ~ as dead tree branches loom darkly over us (and a crow or two caws loudly at us).
TJ took a few days off from work, and hung with some old friends. His boyfriend left him for good; and, the only concern at the time was how his own opinion of humanity closely echoed the wild birds from a few nights ago.