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Day Of Birth Considerations

I'm a fan of birthday books out at bookstores. With interest pick one up for some entertaining material.

YLS shall attempt at putting out such a subject ~ with parameters that perhaps we all can take home over the subject. Namely, an individual is as unique as his/her birthday! Taking into account all the materials on this site, you could guess quite a bit has to go into it; as well, this excludes ephemeris readings and any other type of paranormals we don't cover.

Another issue is the 'calibrations' systematics, where cusps and assorted overlaps indeed can make for a wrong forecast.

That being said, check in any time you wish to review all particular birthdays chosen; a log will be made, with some of the entries added below - just for those interested in seeing the complexity....

NEXT FORECAST:  (March 2020)

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March 26th, 2020

Western Astrology:  Aries

Asian Astrology: Rat


3/26/2020: {3+2+6+2+0+2+0 = 15 = 1+5 = '6'}

2020 = '4'

Western Element: Fire

Asian Elements:

Rat = 'Water'

2020 = 'Metal'

Numerological Elements:

'6' = 1/3 "Air"; 2/3 "Water"

'4' = 2/3 "Fire"; 1/3 "Earth"

Final Breakdown, Of Personality Elements:

Fire = 37% [10/27ths]

Water = 37% [10/27ths]

Air = 19% [5/27ths]

Earth: 7% [2/27ths]

Fire and Water make up almost 3/4ths of this individual's personality (37 + 37 = 74%!), and Earth represents very little.

Right off, one should remind this individual to stay patient; as well, consult with friends and family over large projects. Lack of Earth could end up in less than practical decisions.

On the flip, our native here will stay far from being a 'stick in the mud'! Fire represents personality; Water will hint a type of person able to heal others - or handle bumpy roads better than most.

An Aries Rat likely will cling to family. Being a Metal Rat, this is an opportunity quite rare. Metal being a part of Air, this could be a grand tie to "society-at-large"!

The leader in Aries is matched to a communicator (Rat). For solid friendship it's likely a Leo will be instrumental; the organizational ability of Leo/Sheep may complete a dynamic pair. Folks with both Air and Earth will also seem fascinating - and helpful. Fire and Water not being calm around each other, this individual will usually shine more when accompanied by strong association.