Seasonal Instructional

Holidays, and Personal Holidays

This lesson shall begin with Personal Holidays; any work holiday can indeed qualify as one's 'personal' holidays, but folks can attempt to create individual holidays ~ suited to our own activities.

Any recurring day of importance, to our special year - as it may happen again in future years, should be recognized! The only matter we have to keep in mind is that a "personal holiday" won't get special treatment by anyone else. All favors and treats have to kept to ourselves - and likely we won't get time out of school/work!

An example is I celebrate the creation of "R" every April! Around April 9th, 1994, the dynamics of what is related on YLS (as "R") started! So what exactly happens on such a festive occasion?? When possible, I buy some luxury foods (steak and/or seafood) ~ and try to make a nice dinner; family and friends get invited, and here we are 26 years later! While I don't always get a chance to celebrate this holiday, if you gather a collection of legal/personal holidays it's likely a few shall stand memorable ~ at year's end.

The Upcoming Holidays -

Some of us already had snow, so the idea of Christmas shopping is hitting home.

Christmas has stayed, and likely will remain, a time of year we'll never get to fully embrace! It is very large, and the roots seemingly end up with religious attitudes.

However, for those of us that don't mind a bit of prevention when possible, here's some 'rules' that could help folks avoid so much stress. In other words, why bother trying to always turn every Christmas into the best ~ or attempt to figure exactly what the holiday really symbolizes!

What if we can gather almost all our presents before Thanksgiving? I witnessed a line at Toys'R'Us many years back, which snaked around 3 of the 4 walls of the large store, that made me scream I'd try to not get involved in such a mess again! Plus, when all the presents are at home around Thanksgiving, the ensuing weekend (including Black Friday) can include Christmas decorating...!

One more hint for those enjoying the season is "go out of the way to wrap up lots of gifts"; when we spend extra time trying to enjoy the Christmas spirit usually it lifts our family and friends higher, too!