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"'Light' and 'Dark', and the Taurus~Scorpio Nodes"

Paranormal Anthropologists (especially Astrologers) and Astronomers share a common dilemma:  what are those truly important features of our world??
For these two sets of scientists such questioning manifests toward seasonal cycles, and how they pertain to personality/social trends.
Most don't consider the science behind the occult; it ties in quite dramatically with other Earth sciences! It's such a natural procession to contemplate seasonal solstices, and how our zodiac signs indeed reflect the various shades of climate; in addition, most of astrology gets based upon the findings in the astronomical world!
Living in midpoint latitudes offers insights many parts of our planet don't get the chance to witness; 45 degrees and 135 degrees areas get a perfect split of hot and cold climates. While it truly doesn't define the best climates on Earth {Aruba's 85 degrees of dry heat year round is a solid candidate here!}, folks have a better sense of balance.
One way many identify their changing surroundings is by setting annual tasks/seasonal chores; to know the proper time frames to set up air conditioners and swimming pools, or buy plenty of wood for the fireplace, likely will keep the smart candidate from getting ill. Living in New England, USA, all the children get caught outside on occasion with too little clothing! If the wind whips up enough, and stays cold, it's highly likely a cold will develop...
YLS wishes to share, with our dynamite audience, some helpful discoveries. As part of "R"outine dynamics, splitting the calendar year into seasonal blocks can bring interesting interpretations!
One thing we all need to keep in mind is that the seasons are opposite on the other side of the world; during Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing Winter.
"Light" refers to mostly Summer activities; as a rule, the area is getting extra hours of sun ~ leading to more hours of daylight. "Dark" will represent Winter; different parts of the world will be in varying degrees of both, "Light" and "Dark".
As a neutral latitude dweller, we have equal amounts of "Light" and "Dark"!
Those with equal amounts of "Light" and "Dark" will end up telling you there's a certain midground, between the severity of the extreme seasons. Naturally we don't refer to Spring and Fall; stretching Spring and Fall about Summer and Winter, one month can be set aside on each side. Perhaps not such a coincidence, the signs of Taurus and Scorpio set inside the splits! Visualize the very middle cars on a ferris wheel; sitting at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock, here's the only plane on the wheel where folks are stabilized (same, but one goes up and the other down)!
Life, and human personality, can get analyzed along the dynamics set forth; seeing our world as balanced around equal doses of ice and heat keeps us prepared for all the hidden dangers. Also, to supply interim periods allows leeway for more intense decisions!
Possibilities are endless for all the dynamics listed ~ enjoy creating the ones you feel useful. "Light" periods should find everyone outdoors more, and enjoying the extra hours of sunshine; while in "Dark", catch up on interior details and see missed movies (with the loved ones). Should a week or more inside the signs of Taurus or Scorpio captivate you to act upon important decisions, we say supply all the bells and whistles. Not only is this a case for saying these two signs should remain the most at ease, we're hinting you'll make the most rational long term decisions here as well; when someone has to endure a blazing sun, or get about with an arctic chill in the air, the ability to better analyze a big situation gets blurred by emotional instability...