"Don't Stop, Now. . . "

Cosmically, people stay just about the same;
Everyone looks to the sky wanting someone to blame...!
As Holidays approach the loneliest deserve to be heard;
Perhaps I can offer this overwhelmed world an encouraging word...

Astrologers might tell you the answer lies in the stars;
Musicians will say 'love is all you need', amidst worldly wars.
I feel too many live in the past, or too far in the future;
To be calm in the present should lead to a larger adventure!

Don't waste time with predictions ~ it's impossible to know;
Friendships are like gardens, and take time to grow.
Don't overdo it with vices, and only plan a few months ahead;
Enjoy great songs and shows - from your fave artists, always remembering the eclectic words they said!

We're together again, fans from before ~ and anew!
I'm sure we'll cheer each other up, should we feel blue.
Like a long farewell, I'll stay writing online for all of the next year;
Fate saw to it we don't quite yet part ~ let's RE-rejoice for all to hear...!


Fruit Pie