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Always intriguing, Asian Astrology is the focus for January 2023.
We leave the time of the Water Tiger - to usher in the Water Rabbit! scope: 
Many question the sincerity of astrological teachings, but the truth lies simply in the name! Any term ending in "ology" refers to "the study of"; we find that astrology is a study tying together life cycles - and worldly elements.
To teach children of changing seasons, and the interaction of Earthly animals with a rotating selection of elements, introduces Asian Astrology! We receive the added gift of social/romantic interactions - amongst the mixture of these animals.; individual character and personality, as well as choosing better dates'n'mates, stands greatly influenced by the worldly studies (of Paranormal Anthropology)!
We will delve into the implications of Water Rabbit years - and there'll be several interesting side studies as well!
Asian Astrology teaches that we must all walk together to this cornucopia of worldly facts, but allow every man/woman and child to delve into personal interests at their leisure! Why get all muddied over fortunes and soothsaying?? Sure, we shall see that when a Rabbit meets a Sheep or Pig their relationship usually is stronger than weaker matches; still, sit back and marvel at lots of brilliant world lessons ~ and collectively we gain in several areas (not only a quick grab at a single topic)....

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