The mysterious world of astrology, numerology, and others, is complex; after some introductory forums, enjoy reading up on the disciplines of modern soothsaying!

Skepticism stays another way to describe just how large groups of people view paranormal phenomena. It is said that too many psychics attempt to act overly religious ~ in actuality they are simply interpreting scientific facts!

During the late Summer of 2018 the site dedicated a month or so to introspection {'Thank You' to all that took part in such an educational mission!}; read up anytime on the following essays, painstakingly created to review the importance of paranormals.

Historical Considerations -AND- New Perspectives. . .

It is with deliberation we keep information here, on history/explanation. It's useful for all ~ and ought be a solid starting grounds for anyone somewhat unimpressed!

With an adventurous spirit, feel free to read up on some (or all) of the below topics! Individual needs vary, concerning those sciences we incorporate as part of the daily regimen; for the most part our materials remain objective, allowing the viewer to create any "forecasts"... 

Your Lucky Stars Library Of Paranormals  ~ Catch Up On Classics While We Start New Forums ;

February 2019.....several links are included in all these classic essays! Plus, even though the other arenas are yielding fun new stuff, plenty of brand new paranormal reads will occur as well ~


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