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"Was It Real, Or Just A Dream??!

   Page 2:  A Judgement, Concerning Dreaming..."

Hey Your Lucky Stars fans!

This decision didn't take too much effort. Set out like a P/C, but in the form of a P/T, our habit of dreaming indeed is important! Therefore, we can conclude it is essential to our existence.

As a project, or test, investigations found that those who do not dream {get awakened during sleep, to prevent REM/deep sleep} can end up with a whole list of difficulties! Overall, lack of sleep results in problems with your mood, memory and health! Stuff like heart disease, depression, hallucinations, and hormonal imbalance are only some of the conditions that usually arise. There's nothing optional here; to not sleep, and dream, shall result in illness.

This is the first Pro, to considering dreams important.

There's seemingly only one argument, against some kind of support for dreaming. Many consider "dreamers" folks that make a habit of expecting surreal results, based on high hopes. It's true that at times people have a tendency to rely on thoughts, conjured up in their own minds.

Summed up, many misuse their sense of imagination. However, imagination indeed is one of the greatest things we receive from dreaming!

In conclusion, mankind's acceptance of dreams ~ as absolutely essential to our mental/physical health ~ has 1.5 pros and only 0.5 cons.

Don't ever feel awkward telling someone to have 'sweet dreams' again! In addition, don't let others deprive you of a good day's rest! Six to eight hours of sleep every day will keep you healthy - and make your imagination run wild...!