Early Integer Essay ~ Characteristics For 1-9 People:

Numerology {this essay came out around mid 2015 ~ it's the second of three, before the reopening}:


It's lonely at the top.
As anyone that has placed 'first' will attest, the joy and elation of ending up on top of a heap wears down. As envious eyes and cutting words mock that triumph, a sense of caring for those less fortunate inevitably sets in.
Folks in this path number absolutely ADORE this pattern! Win or lose, they know that eyes shall stay on them!
We have to face up to it: without a beginning there is no story to tell. Plus, when no winner emerges in a competition there'll be no more competitions! Futility ends up as sad as it sounds...
Originality and exclamation stand out as the main organizing concepts for our '1' friends. They always start the Grand Design: 1 million dollars {1+0+0+0+0+0+0='1'}; naturally nobody will brag they're a Million-And-$2-Aire. How about 'that time of your life'; would anyone readily want to create an elongated series of events - the very best time, followed by two or three lesser times??
A good way to see this Path Number, along with '9', is "at the side"; the scale for Numerology isn't set in a stacked pattern. Like our very life force, electromagnetic waves curl upward and downward; the DNA of every critter's makeup stands as the pattern for life - with the start and finish taking turns of being on top or bottom. This explains why any '1' will never be intimidated by the "top dawg" status; in proximity to the other side, a fair and comprehensive outlook shines on through.

In a mirror's reflection, the marvel of existence can be felt ~ just like a shot through the night; we crawl about in our lives as a toddler with only the slightest feeling of identity [until we see that set of eyes staring right back at us inside the mirror!]. Rethink those fun days as parents and brothers and sisters all chatter around us. We even meet fun, new people at the playground and laugh while swinging on the swingset.
Just as sunshine has meaning to our bizarre young world we chance to look into the looking glass; darkness sinks into our hearts, along with an intense sincerity.
Let me make a brief synopsis here of what could be one interesting viewpoint! From this very first introspection - seeing ourselves not as somebody that only is talked to - we absorb fully the direction all of life takes....
Somehow we understand that the image there looking back will be a winner, but also a loser. All of a sudden every notion that was had up to then becomes meaningless! Most of the mystery is gone; that face and dressed up bod is just what everyone was talking to - not much more. I suppose this is one good reason why even digits end up less pretentious.
These human wishbones know that the snap can end up either which way; some days they'll be the joyous winner, but not always. Looking at family members that are '2's', I can see why they're the ones telling others not to smoke ~ or go to the casino. It isn't a desire to sound like a know-it-all; for sure, the pendulum of fortune won't always have good luck for those tempting fate.

If I remember correctly Jupiter is assigned the guiding planet of this digit ~ and this explains why folks review '3' as the luckiest number.
Does this also label our fellow humans along the '3' path as philosophically overbearing, and likely off taking vacations when family matters should have been attended to first?? Well people are more complex than this kind of stuff; our cycles in life usually require lots more attention than simply charting an adult merry-go-round.
It's important to keep in mind all this kind of paranormal/psychic mumbo jumbo can assist us only under certain conditions. As children or seniors, the use of numerology dynamics won't take shape; a good portion of the interest over such knowledge helps us to choose a companion.
It also helps us to keep a level head, or gather insightful info concerning our own character; so indeed on an individual basis there's lots of fun in discussing the many facets of social 'integration/anthropology'. In the fashion of the Jupiter~based individual "of course my vacations don't interfere with family concerns, and I couldn't possibly try to preach"!
Quite honestly, this is more the truth.....
Most '3's' go after stuff they truly enjoy. They work hard for it, and in true jovial fashion, nine times out of ten, share whatever they gather with family and friends. One facet of interest, and it is merely a hint to them, is that they will indeed stand firmly for attacks against anything they love. A bit more 'well, he's a big boy; I should see if he can stand for himself first' kind of attitude could prevent thyself from entanglements with nasty third parties.

No joking here, folks; the time to dilly dally and perhaps change your mind to put off that chore for tomorrow is a "NO GO". Your hourglass ran out and you have to decide right now.
It's ok - haven't we all had crazy dates where one wants to go and be crazy, but the other already got wild enough and doesn't want to pretend anymore? It feels kind of neat knowing how certain folks tick, doesn't it?? We all know this kind of person, and they truly don't seem 'off the wall'! Well, they're not; '4' is an even number, and keeping an even keel stands the rule.
Let's define, before we get too far out. This digit is not a box; if we consider a diamond shape don't get to feeling there's a whole lot of substance. As a rule, '4' will be 2 lines or 4 points; should our lines be connected it could result in a sheet. Unlike any other digit I will compare and contrast this one to GLASS.
It is fitting, too; forces comprising folks on the '4' path follow mystical and watery association.
If the hourglass ran out, or should you hear from a '4' that the childishness has to stop, it is way too late. At that point you can picture bubbles coming from their mouths as if they're fish inside an aquarium! Comedy is usually their goal, right from the start.
The stability inside '4' deals mostly in protection; plastic films, contraception, and rain coats easily display the earnest intention! They set up parameters knowing most folks will not abide; as they point to you and explain the parade is over you'll do a double take to be sure you're not the one inside the aquarium.
On occasion we make a deadline, or do stuff appropriately. This is when an even path number person will turn on the bright light; and, everyone will say "WOW!" because all along they did want you to become a star.

If we say a scale represents something ~ or someone ~ does this at all mean things are balanced??
Not even a little! All it will imply is that this something or somebody KNOWS where the balance shall be located!
When we speak of scales, or balance, you can guess Venus is at work. As well, one can identify the prowess of the '5's' with the air element. It says quite a bit - seeing the destructive abilities of air storms point out that folks in this path are at odds with the surroundings.
Just admire that black square resting over there - nothing more than a plane of darkness; out of nowhere this jester comes popping out bobbing up and down with a silly grin. You may not want to push the clown back into the dark hole - and go through the motions any more; however, be certain to acknowledge his smirk is sincere. When a '5' says something has to be that way you'd better not force the issue. If the nasty thing scared the life out of you when you first saw it then that is what will happen again!
A circus is a circus, complete with funny clowns; a hurricane is a hurricane, too. Can't everyone at least admit clowns are great when you're a kid!?
Are you wondering yet if there's any real way to tell from this '5' where the balance lies?? Not likely; but, if you accept the fact that air signs usually thrive on socialization the answer will get revealed in the crowd. Between the "oooh's" and "aaaaah's" a clown occasionally misses his or her mark; they'll fumble or fall, and if you look closely enough you can see the frown {but the greasepaint will still display a big smile ~ and the whole place will laugh incessantly}.

It can stay amusing!
Pondering the lovely number six, as in a hexagon, I see the beehive; why not talk of learning about our wonderful world as in chatting about the birds and the bees!? Maybe if we can find solid parallels between a bird and a bee the secrets of the universe shall be ours!
We can likely make comparisons to the Earth and Saturn as well; but, let's face it shouldn't we just move on and not spend the time and money over crazy things?? This evenly balanced digit prefers to not battle the status quo of Santa Claus and the possible chance Sasquatch exists.
I'm thinking the sweet warbling of a songbird's chirp equals the taste of honey. Honey is bee vomit, and every songbird in time shall perish. And, if you haven't learned by now that even digits don't get wrapped up in sentiment they'll have a bridge or two for you to buy {while showing you pictures of Bigfoot in the Enquirer}. Of all the digits, '6' will deal in practicality the very most.
Matter-of-factly, if you please, let the '6' know just how to handle discussing Santa with the far as they're concerned Santa can be just like a bird or a bee and get out to fly. As long as the bird still warbles, the bee continues to make honey, and Santa brings all those nice presents, our '6' friend will shower you with niceties; when even one of the three go on the fritz you should start running, and quickly! In addition to staying practical our '6' friends don't hold punches when mediocrity pays a visit.
It's easy to find the '6' in any crowd; hand out a bun with fixin's to each [but don't add the hamburger], then wait for the first one to scream "Where's the beef!".

Those wanting to stay the most eloquent shall be found in this path number! One reason why is folks on a '7' path are gifted. Plus, a natural inclination to want to tell all how wild they get evolves them into walking billboards.
For our 'wild and crazy' friends the biggest assistance we can offer is to point them in the direction of the largest crowd; be sure to tuck one of your cards in their purse or wallet! Whether you wanted to or not they'll call on people to go and grab you should any questions pop up over their great luck! Perhaps their biggest blessing is the ability to put on a great show! It is about them, though - so if you don't get that card to them with your name you won't enjoy the lion's share. As mentioned, '3' keeps the distinction for the luckiest of digits; oddly, '7' usually creeps up and always is driven to take most of the publicity.
Seeing Mercury as the guiding planet, we'll associate air to the '7's'; they stay very social beings. Therefore, motivations almost always are based around being a social butterfly; they never wish to outdo the next sign {only stay accepted by the crowd, at any cost}.
Our living thermometers, keep in mind if you want to know whether a trend will be successful just buy them a coffee and see if the eyes run hot or cold!

An '8' is a double square deal - a complete box shall always exist. Or, an octagon could be envisioned; but even with this one likely will not end up grasping just what the path of an '8' shall represent.
The octopus might offer the rare opportunity to chat about how important '8' is; as we sneak along the ocean floor, with a snorkel and wetsuit, one would never regard the nooks and crannies as a hiding spot for our collapsible friend with 8 legs. There's no coincidence we're chatting about water once more; the double of four, an aquarium environment comfortably supports the needs of any octopus.
Overall, this critter does not behave in a way land critters do; we envision our strange friend as mostly isolated - and as well they don't seem at all able to communicate {even with another octopus}! Intuition seems mostly the driving phenomenon that makes the octopus carry on in the deep.
Be it a stop sign, decorative box, or sea creature, those objects along the '8' remain intriguing! After several weeks without hearing anything from an '8' friend they may just surprise everyone by giving away a new car or vacation! Just as quickly they'll dart back all compressed into a small cranny where nobody shall find them!
Secrecy is one factor the '8's' absolutely love....
Allegiance stays a top priority to remain friends.

Surprisingly this last digit stays one truly bright force; as with '1' fire is the element associated, and this digit shall stay the one most associated with trailblazing.
Excitement, and sensation, stay passions for all '9's'; on occasion they act a bit impulsively, and stay better served when choosing a balanced soul mate. Here is the only time when an odd leads into another odd, or an even leads into an even. '9' will lead back into '1'; it is likely the comraderie is partly the reason for the extra sparks the '9's' throw off.
Let's see it as a relay runner passing the baton to someone they know is a 'winner', or maybe a good friend; that mutual spark has remained a secret through the years....
Most feel there exist 10 digits; for some weird reason we were constructed with 10 fingers and toes - when 9 may have offered the clue that our universe pulsates around 9 digits. Perhaps folks would be more open to criticism; and, when something makes good sense it could be trusted. The passing of the '9' to '1' baton shall remain our biggest strand of evidence that our world is not flawed!
Such a condition likely caused all the ruckus over world circumstances:
Zig Zag
To Be, Or Not To Be
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
why these stand unchallenged seems to point out that either '1' or '9' can end up as each side  !