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An important step for readers is to feel you have a relaxing place, to unwind and be stimulated; young or old, most materials here will keep your interest ~ without bias or pandemonium.
One requirement I make myself follow is to keep the call letters - yls from ylswebstore! From a small special page inclusion to a large collection of forum pages, the whole theme will revolve around pictures/color themes that somewhat match the "yls" category.....

Site understanding - all images seen here are supplied by the website company, or are from my own collection ~
For me to try and touch all of you I myself need to feel the 'peace, and tranquility' of a sound sanctuary. No material will likely be offensive - but i intend on making you think. Write me up with any thoughts, at the email given on home page link.
My new endeavors shall likely revolve around a central theme, or point; usually I shall go to great lengths to explain just what I'm intending.
Hints of old site teachings could occasionally end up here ~ interactives/dailies/paranormal teachings may all return; if and when, I'll likely attach examples/actual old forums to the new topic!

Let's have some fun together. . . .


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