This is NOT what you will see after the first of the year . . .  !!!

Be advised Your Lucky Stars pretty much is done. Retirement was slated, and the whole enchilada had been forgotten; Disabled, and helping care for a senior parent, there wasn't time to even get all the weekly tasks finished.
Covid was a drag ~ and most folks were less than prepped to read up on entertainment.
Having been asked what the site was about I mentioned that lots of time went into training/entertaining folks from all over the world; plus, children can have fun here - and maybe learn a thing or two.
I can't turn my back on kids .... and I can't walk from helping people all over our world (they have to speak English, though)!
Seeing I have the financial stability to keep the site up (without requesting any fee/donation), I shall once again try to boldly supply the masses with superb entertainment!!!

After the holidays, the name and format here will be different! You'll still need to call '', and maybe even add www. before it; I may have the first store you'll go to that doesn't cost any money!!!!
Currently I'm putting together completely NEW materials; some stuff