A  Poem 

​"On, Like The Wind. . "

When I was a younger man I didn't trust large cargo planes;

How could such a large metallic object fly, so high in modern airlanes.

Just today, while out walking, a cargo plane flew about in a practice run;

So many years later I had time to recall modern affairs ~ for fun!

It was rather windy, so my first thought was "...maybe planes  don't fly well in this weather..."?

From this I recalled birds, as they dive into the wind ~ full of feather.

Psychics and gamblers make grabs at this air, hoping fate will transport their luck through the sky;

Some seagulls flew overhead ~ assisting me in seeing the REAL reason '..why?'

Why give thanks when we have nothing to be thankful for?

Usually we have reasons, so don't get misled as I try to relate a score. . .

Be it stormy or merely "a windy day" the point of it all is plain;

Birds and planes won't fly much at all, without wind ~ just sayin'!

We won't fill the sails with air, unless there's sufficient reason;

Holidays must be holy (as in dear to us), to make for a great Season!

For Thanksgiving and Christmas I'll ask only for a couple requests;

A couple personal reasons why this Holiday is special - to avoid disappointments {be it alone, or with guests}.

P.S. ~ The Thanksgiving tally indeed was 2/0 - it was very special; it was personally satisfying because: 1. the weather is warmer than some bad years at Thanksgiving -and- 2. no alarms were needed, and the whole house just got up when folks wished to

It's a new tradition, and Christmas shall likely be the same; on Christmas Day I need to ask myself if the personal experience is gratifying (and list 2 reasons why it has been!).