A  Poem 

​"We're ALL Dreaming Of A (Paranormally) Light Christmas!!"

So the psychic took off, just the other day, when the Harvest Moon took to the sky;
Nothing was clear ~ leaving his customers in fear, and this made most of the townsfolk cry.
Tibetan bowls and mantras filled the night air;
People just worried about the star of the show ~ would Saint Nicholas soon be there??!

As the snow filled the sky holiday sugar cookies were made;
Without astrological counseling the local children played...
Lovers kissed under mistletoes, and everyone put out the decor;
"What was that?", cried one hopeful wellwisher, "did I hear Santa snore!"?

Folks got together to count blessings, and sing Christmas songs;
They acknowledged we all have a right to dream ~ and that's where the heart belongs!
When Christmas day approaches it's a good bet all will be as it should;
Perhaps the world and cosmos were in good graces - and the psychic completely understood.

The Grinch huddled by the fire, and all the kiddies awaited the fun of Christmas Eve;
Witches and Wizards talked Bat Dropping Soup, for it's good I do believe.
When ESP and telekinesis become chat at the local meeting;
The Holidays may get overlooked, and melancholy in moments fleeting.

All the stockings were hung, with milk and cookies near the fire;
The soothsayer and the mystic may not admit it ~ but having a Merry Christmas is their one desire!
Naturally spiritual understanding shall make us all appreciate things more;
On that positive note I'll just pass on I heard Santa at the door. . .