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"We Came Upon A Midday Sneer"

As if it wasn't bad enough, driving in the deep snow all the way to the mall;
When we tried to decide on what gifts to buy everyone, it was as if we ran into a brick wall....
People were pushing and shoving their way through the mess;
Whether or not we'd finish with the shopping was anybody's guess ~

As if by magic I traversed straight down the aisle;
There was a store clerk there - and I expected a smile!
We asked, "Howdy sir can you tell me what's good around here?"
Upon looking upward, at the cynical guy's face, our hero's only expression was a nasty sneer.

Perhaps visions of sugarplums danced in our heads;
However, after seeing this dude we all wanted to jump into our beds!
It was snowing and all the people were frantic, I must admit;
"I reckon we're all alone on this issue", I cried with some wit.

I grabbed up some sweaters, and looked intently at toys;
A fruitcake for Grandma - seeing it's one of her holiday joys!
The new phone's for Jason, and a doggie sweater for Pete;
Maybe that nasty worker didn't have enough this morning to eat??!

The mission was finished, as we shopped the final aisle;
We couldn't get it from the store clerk - but I now sported a smile!
At the snack bar we enjoyed some hot chocolate and snacks;
Whoa ~ we hardly knew what went on right behind our backs!

The big mob of people was waiting in long, ugly lines;
Cashiers and store people fretted, with strange sounding whines.
Our cart reached the front, when it became all too clear;
EVERY store person wore that same dismal sneer!


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