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"I Wish You A Cosmic Christmas ~ And A Happy New Star Cycle!!"

As I shopped for my loved ones something took a strong hold of me;
It was as if the time of year didn't matter, quite matter-of-fact-ly!
So when some joker came around whispering strange things about the stars;
I kind of wished she took Christmas - and flew off to Mars...

An annoying little elf was screeching about a holiday so real;
With a cart empty of gifts only miserable is the way that I feel.
My palm reader told me to expect love at this holiday season;
Yet, after all the ruckus - leading to a lot of nothing - I doubt the experience will be pleasin' !

Can't we all lift a glass of good cheer, just a few short weeks away;
We'll try to stay thankful we got snow up to our gutters, and until April it will stay!
The overcooked turkey and cheap wine shall make our heads just sting;
What was once Christmas spirit flew out the window - like a cardinal on the wing.

If a mob of crazy Christmas shoppers spirals your day into the ravine;
Or when you find your just-decorated Christmas tree falls flat on the floor you just cleaned;
Take hold of a dream ~ from some sweet time long ago;
All the candy canes have soured and you'll be covered in icicles past the New Year, don't you know?!

'The Holidays are HERE! Our world can now live without fear', is something like how the story is told;
Santa my friend do you really have the energy to fly about high in the sky ~ when it's so awfully cold!
Skidding, rushing, somewhat on fire - overblown holiday spirit explodes at our feet;
But the fire's warm and the tree smells so pretty - with sugar cookies tasting so sweet.

Take hold of my hand and we'll sing holiday songs;
Our day's work is finished and distant ~ just where it belongs.
The whole meaning lies not in thwarted efforts still unclear;
Likely all we NEED to do is say: "Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year"!!!


Decorated Cookies
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