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 "Christmas ~ Does My Astrologer Know??!"

So many moons ago I fell in love with you;
We were young, and you were wild - you didn't know what to do.
At Christmas my family reached out, to try and make you feel at home;
It was I that took great lengths of time - keeping steady and aplomb.

Your astrologer told you I'm no match for thee;
Should you wish to start fresh then I'll set your heart free!
Why not just enjoy the Holidays - at home with me;
When Springtime comes you can do whatever you please.

How come nobody believed a Capricorn could do so well with the Crab?
We're the eclectic pair ~ you're flashy to my drab!
I see the practicality to your moods, and I think you're a find;
That astrologer always thinks of me as unkind...?

Wish upon a star, my love, with all of your might;
I promise I'll try to turn all your dreams right.
Happiness at the Holidays is there in your sight;
The chemistry has worked wonders in our lives.

Too many people reach outward, instead of looking within;
Let's marvel at our differences - to let the magic begin.
An astrologer only knows a life as it's written on books;
Heart to heart is where Holiday joy really cooks!


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