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Cosmic Christmas ~ A Poem

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all across the land
the psychics new things weren't going as planned....!
Some say the mantras were reading clean out of sight.
Maybe good old Santa just stopped somewhere for a bite...
The tea leaves were dried up, and the figgy pudding grew cold;
not even the wisest of gurus knew what was about to unfold!
As the snow piled high and all the parents looked grim
Everyone's tree looked quite bare, even with all the trim.
Your neighborhood astrologer said it was written in the stars;
still so many nonbelievers took to looking in their cars.
"What we have here is a Christmas out of bounds!"
Crystals and moonstones jumped about making weird sounds....
Finally a mystic took a divining rod in tow
and he scurried about to find Santa so everyone could know;
'When the midnight hour arrives, will he visit us - please?'
Somehow nobody could locate Santa ~ off with the breeze?!
As morning approached everyone noticed he delivered his stuff!
This magic had all the soothsayers saying: 'enough is enough!'
They placed all the crystal balls, ouija boards and rune stones outside...
Local gypsies, palm readers, and numerologists ran to hide!
Christmas Day unfolded ~ to everyone's sweet delight;
peace came on Earth and the kids screamed "OUTTA SIGHT!"
We hope your not frantic, swaying about to and fro';
Pure joy has no definition, as all the children know....

Holly Plant
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