Coronavirus Tracking:  My Case (started around 2/13/2021)


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February 17th: day 1

After a few days of mild cold symptoms I decided to get the covid test; just this morning they informed me I am 'positive'.

My orders are to stay in the house, and away from everyone else staying in this home, for at least 10 days. I cannot recall ever remaining inside any place for such an amount of time!

Staying true to my covid regimen I take a multivitamin (1 per day for about 2 weeks now), plus the usual sinus/pain killer OTC meds; the basement clean I've discussed for months shall get done, I figure!

In addition, my doctor advised me to lose 30 pounds; while I can't get my walking in I will be able to fast.

My symptoms, from start of cold-like infection:

slight sore throat; nasal and lung congestion (spitting up phlegm, as in bronchitis); extra aches and pains

February 18th: day 2

Coronavirus attacked last night. I got a mild fever around 7pm, and it climbed to 101 during the night.

Up at 830am to a fever of only 99; naturally I'm hoping this is the only time I will deal with a fever! My rounds of meds are effective, and I wish to just stay on the road to recovery. I'm about to take daily multivitamin, 2 sinus/allergy relief, and 2 ibuprofen pills.

While I have slightly more inspiration than yesterday, my muscles and joints are sore ~ cleaning efforts may end up minimal. . .

February 19: day 3

In and out of bed today.

The fever moved up a bit, and down; overall, it was a day full of sore muscles - and joints.

My conditions seem so similar to when I started I must admit there's no chance of forecasting my recovery....

My appetite was drastically cut, so I'm about to set out on a 20-30 pound weight loss; I'm literally stuck in my room/this part of the house indefinitely.

February 20: day 4

While home and quarantining, even complete attention to rest/meds hasn't stopped the persistent cough ~ nor the fever. I do feel better today, and I believe the fever is subsiding; I peaked a little over 100 degrees earlier.

Healthy foods, but less, seem to help. I can't wait to get out in the sun and go walking....

While day 1 is listed as 17th (date of test), I had mild symptoms over a week ago - say February 12th; this is important because around the 8 day to 12 day mark many are losing their fevers.

I'm hoping the next week gets me over this; around the 26th I may be free from the quarantine!

February 21: day 5

Up to 37.2 (celsius) temperature! Luckily for el cheapo thermometers we have online conversions; I'll take 98.9, as starting temperature.

Unable to get out and shovel, the whole drive/cars look like solid ice.

Thanks to family for doing shopping - I'm housebound at least 4 more days.

The last detail, which keeps me concerned I'm not over this, is the wretched cough.

the next two days...... (2/22 & 2/23)

outside of naggy cough things seemed to stabilize a bit - the nighttime cough and cold meds worked better than pure allergy tablets!

For some reason I've developed diarrhea, and it kept on most of morning; I feel fever could finally be disappearing. Too much coughing and pain last couple days....

Family members said the symptoms last 2 days to 14 days; I'm praying the tally runs from when any illness started (this would put the two week mark around 2/25)

FROM 2/24 forward......

When people ask I tell them: "you don't want to catch this!"