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"The family made a 'joint resolution' this year to kind of put all things in the past; having a few intense arguments about religion/certain family members' attitudes, we all just wish to get kind to one another!"

This is truthfully a pretty universal dream! When we can't really bring ourselves to attack ourselves, as in vow to make a change in our life (that secretly we know isn't likely to happen), why not join forces with other family members and work together!

Either way, let's all wish that these vaccines help turn the tide to Covid19; one big take home, from this pandemic, is that folks are moving all across this world on a grand scale! Nobody could have guessed that over 200 countries would battle such a thing all together.

Stay safe and blessed, and truly know Your Lucky Stars wants you to stay our guests well past 2021.

Today: January 22nd

hint of Spring in air; going to visit Papa soon {the friendly Maltese you see on these webpages} ~ he lives in Riverside (RI) with good friends...

Rhode Island is having another decent Winter (so far only the snowstorm right before Christmas)! After that it was expected we'd be putting up with 20 below wind chills and blizzards -

Best Wishes to Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, and a fond farewell to Donald Trump; there's lots of good vibrations -

Tom Brady working wonders for Florida ~ we'll never forget the GOAT and so many great seasons with NE Patriots. . .