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{my concept is to relate the journey/return of my 60 year asian cycle}

I'm not so sure fireworks will go off, nor should we look for a parting of the seas....

Still, as an avid Paranormal Anthropologist I feel that my return to a brand new cycle COULD be important! This refers to the Asian Astrological phenomenon of 12 animals cycling around 5 different elements; each sign falls into each element 1 time, per 60 year cycle.

Born during a Metal Ox year, once again I shall experience this unique occasion! After all, it didn't happen for the last 59 years! Every 12th year we went through a different Ox year {for example 1973 was the Water Ox, since years ending in 2 or 3 both fall into the Water element}.

Sound interesting?? These topics are explained to great length right here on this site!

Anybody's first reaction might be:  "What may we expect during 2021...?!"

Metal is the element, so to a certain degree Air will be the driving element; this alludes to a world full of social entanglements ~ and the Metal may find families/friends wishing to gather in planes/trains/automobiles.

Sadly, COVID19 may disappoint travelers for the first part of the year. Coming off a Rat year, and it's a Water sign, emphasis on family/home likely kept most of us not minding the pandemic too much. Prayers to all that fell victim -

Overall, I reckon we should feel blessed the life expectancy allows us to live to 75 or so. It's quite amazing that our forefathers and mothers had to create a system that usually didn't even allow one to live to 60.

Secondly, as a person that indeed sticks to my "R"outine, it is probable most of my days shall begin like typical times of the last five or ten years....

I may add to this in the coming months ~ otherwise, let's wish for super Holidays!