A  Poem 

​"Shady Captain Weeds"

A middle-aged salt, he knows women and nights at sea;
Plenty o' strange times exist during the years he accompanied me.
Those from the gallows stayed as close, to the Captain, as people of persuasion;
We gather to chuckle at these crazy antics, on occasion!

Mystic Clarisse has a thing for sailors, and Captain Weeds looked her straight in the eyes;
Over dinner the two charted a new course ~ yet it would lead to each other's demise!
She could see a buried chest, of the late pirate Joe DeMay;
They raced to this island, West of the Caribbean, to get filthy rich some way...

"Just ten more paces to the south!", the mystic screamed, and the treasure would be theirs!
As the chest flung open all eyes were a-glitter, and the contents were an answer to all prayers.
Shady Captain Weeds was a lover ~ but he sought gold over all things;
Clarisse shouted, "Make me your wife!" - but the Captain exclaimed 'we'll see what the night brings'...

It seems both had a scheme to poison the other, and make off with all the treasure;
Nearing the dingy, back to their boat, both fell dead ~ falling victim to each other's twisted pleasure.
My friend Captain Weeds lived a wild seafarer's life, but died before his time;
The mystic felt she could read any man - getting away rich, and quite sublime.