Here's the very first - published 2014

   {fans take note:  don't be confused by the six element listings on our site!!!! Four exist, where Metal is part of the Air group and Wood is part of Earth. When you review "Birthday Chat" you'll see that the final analysis stands as four....comparison??? Should you decide to play the strings group of orchestra instruments it isn't just one! You could play the violin, or the cello. . .} :


'Elementary, my dear!'
Can we break apart our characters?
Could it ever help an individual to make sense of motivations, chemistry with others, gather strength and make a grand statement into tomorrow ~ THAT GREAT AND BRAND NEW DAY??
That can only be decided by you......
YLS will interpret the whole line of elements that comprise our inner selves! All across our world different societies and cultures interpret character very differently; from a young age, all citizens come into contact with witch doctors, cosmic gurus, wildly dressed soothsayers, horrorscope writers, cutesy clairvoyants, magical statesmen, cackling gypsies . . . .  [just catching breath,]. . . . . . pretentious wizards, dragon slaying knights in shining armor, astral guides, hot stone massage masseuses, entranced seance divinities, bug eyed psychics, fortune telling fairies, palm reading mystics, tarot card analyzers, ~
there is a point here folks - every last one of the gloom and doom crew share one common deal.
Within each and every person there's a mystical, magical combination of worldly elements shaping our daily activities, social entanglements, and proper choice of a soul mate!

Moods and emotions reflect the spirit of this element. In similar circumstances, sometimes we feel happy with the day ~ but without warning at times anxiety and despair take over.
English astrology sells the water element as 25%; Asian influences mark it at 20%. For our purposes, we find six different elements ~ logically hinting water makes up 16.7% of all character makeups. As an ideal, perfectly balanced astrological marvel the stereotype will have 16.7% of each element for internal chemistry.
The ideal case: a water sign American (say Pisces) born in an Asian air sign (say the Snake), containing strong influences from the other planets at birth (Jupiter for fire; Venus for metal; Saturn for earth); our stereotype was born in 2014 - a wood sign. In a crazy kind of way this person should make friends pretty easily and mingle with most types of people.
You may not believe this but I knew a Cancer woman containing all water in her chart. As an Asian monkey, her planets almost all fell into Neptune and Pluto; further, her birth year is listed as water by Asian standards. Her first husband (with strong fire and metal components) found her way too emotional; naturally water signs are the most hopeless of romantics! Once she understood that so much water rarely needs to act on logic it was easy to be intuitive and gravitate to folks much more compatible.
Most likely at least 50% of all the visionaries above contain a majority of water in the chart! Healing abilities and tenacity run deep inside the icy veins, and the water signs like to find out what makes an operation tick. The most devout sports fans, they'll always be found telling the crowd why the team lost the game or why the coach needs to be fired!
Water is seen as negative, and feminine; it truly is deceptive.....think of the human body or a head of lettuce. Most living things on a chemical basis are comprised of 90% water! Do we look like a walking vertical plate of water?? The molecules are bound, kept vibrant inside walls of cellular bonding; plus, they can be in three different natural states!
It is quite amazing how each element has certain properties the others don't! Water is available as a solid (ice), liquid (tap water), and gas (mist, or steam); THEREFORE, WHEN I WANT TO GAUGE AN EVENT IN DIFFERENT WAYS I RUN TO MY CANCER FRIEND TO ALWAYS GET THREE! We figured it out, my fun associates:
'the water element indeed doesn't represent moodiness [crankiness and rigidity get tagged on one dimensional elements!]; the correct label for these delicate seashells of biological prowess shall merely stay multifaceted! Internally changing and as shiny as a beautiful looking glass, the water reflects everything out and about.....'
Stay mesmerized and go try to figure an aquarium! After hours of staring into the aquatic eyes so looking right back at you it will be clear; this is something better left unsaid, and great mysteries are our best kept secret!

Fury personified will always get identified as air ~ hurricanes and tornadoes destroy almost anything caught in their path.
I hope y'all didn't grab a seat for our elementary pep talk expecting to search love songs and nursery rhymes! The inner makeup of complex creatures holds powers many feel shouldn't be unleashed! Feel free to stick in a CD, or put on your favorite radio station! I am enjoying 'Seventh Soujourn' right now, by the Moody Blues - a soft rock band from the 60's and 70's; music does tame the savage beast, and regular exercise also helps to reduce stress. . . .
Gemini serves as one wicked portrayal of how the air element gets placed into action.
Imagine sitting in your soft lounge chair, and then you realize this newsperson hasn't shut up for over an hour! At the same time, a neighborhood twin comes walking in parroting every single word the identical twin says! Let's all giggle together how stupendously wonderful communication is! Isn't it a marvel to hear some smiling anchor on the evening news tell us how 25 people blew their brains out smacking into a cement wall??
Likely they're all stories! These folks are all just trying to fit in the social whirl; as a rule lots of people only mimic their heroes anyway - right?? RIGHT!!?
The truth be said I find so much of what airy people say to be entertaining, and somewhat whimsical. Aquarians are usually genius - and awfully good pals when dating. For real, let's not set these biological twisters off feeling like we don't appreciate them. You wouldn't want a tree or flying cow to smack against your head would you.....WOULD YOU!!!!?
Air is duly noted in psychic journals as positive - and masculine.
Watch some birds one day you sit comfortably in your backyard garden.....did you see a couple that looked like "WOW! I really love this flying thing!" This is the elementary contribution from air. Hearing that twin neighbor or finally listening to that newsperson:  "these folks are excited, and rather inspired" to caress their words and warbled, perfect speech just like they do!
It's positive - remember? Sometimes we hear a guitar solo or musical composition a certain way, and feel the performers aren't truly into it; but, after seeing them on TV in a video they were jumping around and looking like a joyous schoolkid! Gee - it seems so fresh and real all of a sudden!
So very much like the air and atmosphere after a large storm; a sweet smell and peaceful calm usually follow those disturbing, windy catastrophes. Someday we may harness the impact of some natural disasters - but we'll never fully escape the wicked mood an air sign can belt out!

Hot headed and impulsive!
If you are thinking folks with lots of fire contain these traits you are absolutely right! Why not picture hockey fans in Canada spilling out in the streets after their team won a big game! Doesn't everyone in such a state set cars afire and try flipping them over??
Well, no. In addition, many times the team doesn't win ~ and fire finds itself a frizzled and smokeless cinder. Other fire people are standing by, though; here are troopers that won't ever say 'quit'! They'll console their upset friends and tell them how nice they look in that dress, or tux.
Many a heartless soul has crawled up next to the fire; always warm and rarely judgemental, we can all see suddenly that even though a large mistake was made in time {probably not that much, either!} all will be forgotten.
Independence is quite important to those possessing fire. The reward will be some unique, and distinctive, triumph!
Raw and simple may best describe the intentions from fire; just as glucose burns in the kreb's cycle supplying cellular energy, lofty or sneaky intentions won't be included as firey folks simply experience a need - then fulfill it! Gentle is the word we can use to describe them.
Fire offers our world 'sensation'; it is a positive and masculine element! As the first element in our astrological procession we can quickly envision a journey beginning; no real tales will be quickly told! Once the end is near a full gamut of emotions shall get shared ~ and this will stay softened by the wonderful insight "this was a new experience!"
Who can blame fire signs for getting about and traveling? The engines stay revved up and sparks are continually flying! With optimism unseen in other elements going for it is just what is planned! Perhaps it is like those Jackie Chan movie stunts; he'll jump on a swinging rope and gallantly swing his way into a bed of feathers. If that were you or I!? Should an earth sign or water sign attempt this they'd fall flat on their butt and break a bone or two! Explosions and firecrackers must get filed under the 'to excess' category. Likely a first attempt by some impulsive hothead! Yet, as those who make lemonade from a world full of lemons can attest, why not try turning one truly hot and fiery to do into a steak fry!

"here inside I'm like metal - aren't you????" sang Gary Numan on his wild 80's album 'Pleasure Principle'.
Actually I am - born in 1960 this is a metal sign for Asian astrology. Loosely it translates to 'air' in our astrology - but enough distinction exists to take each separately and get some EXTRA laughs! So why not shoot here for that distinctive contribution metal supplies to our worldly element assortment. . . . .
it attracts magnets -
cars are made from it {hey Gary - liked that tune a lot on the album too!} -
metal can expand in cold, as it freezes [oh, water does too as it turns to ice]...
I'll take it we can make any contribution metals offer us here into jewelry! Gold, silver, brass, and copper; and, old aluminum cans are also made into necklaces!
Like the terminator, I feel Gary associates being metal inside as cold and lifeless; however, what's to say he doesn't have a heart made from 24kt gold!? We're running into extremes here, folks! Cold handcuffs to toaster ovens, metal is right there fulfilling its' social obligations!
We can share the definition now: metals make MACHINES ~
'a mechanical device that modifies and transfers energy; broadly, any contrivance that aids in performing a task; anything or ANYONE that performs in a standardized or predictable manner'!
We may be narrowing it down, my YLS affectionados - though I truly don't feel like a contrivance...locomotion -
as an element, "metal provides the mechanics and tools to offer safe passage,
to victory and accomplishment"! Something like the time you wanted to take the sledgehammer and smash up the old clunker car, dreaming it would end up in shreds and recycled into a toaster...

Lots of this element has been discussed on this site already.
It indeed is the only element of the six that grows, or is alive [even if just part of the time!]; plus, this be mostly a structural type of substance.
Evidently, we have found the DNA of the astrological phenomenon. Folks of the wood may possess deep secrets about human blueprints!? As we review our long history on this spinning planet, with evolution from apes, to fully investigate mysteries about wood should shed light upon any secret we want to find out!
Well let's quickly make an observation! Doesn't paper come from wood? Our history has been documented on none other than papyrus (old paper...); already there is evidence our theory is correct!
From the wooden apple tree Miss Eve took an apple and had a bite...oops, well maybe this isn't going to result in proud recollections of mankind's lewd past! As well, it may be better we overlook the many nasty secrets our governments have locked away behind closed, wooden doors....
The irony is really too much! Metal comes off cold and lifeless, yet transports us without delay or difficulty; on the other hand, wood grows and provides structure - yet the best uses are when it is dead and in itself quite rigid.
Stevie Wonder may say it best, in his fun song "A Seed is a Star/Tree Medley". This is on 'The Secret Life of Plants', and I liked it a lot:
   "Tree, within your branches there's such history; so much of what we're searching
     for to know!"
Let's face it, folks, don't trees symbolize a culmination of what the other elements create? What would be the point of a rainstorm, or tornado, or fiery hot day if afterward we didn't experience rebirth/life??! Mankind wouldn't have lasted here if we didn't have fruit trees and other plants right from the start!
Perhaps we can look to wood years as proper starting grounds for business endeavors.....YLS indeed falls into this category! We opened last August, after many years of preparation.
Dirt?? MUD???
It can be a bit wild trying to decide just where wood is finishing, and this new element comes in!
I'll return to Ecology 101 for the answer - and the question has stumped everyone I've posed it to over the years! "What is the Earth's largest cycle?" I hear Wind out there! Water you say??
The answer is the Rock Cycle; so, we can assume the biggest component of our world can best represent the astrological element!
As we speak of earth, rocks, and the other two we're basically delving into folks with personalities somewhat materialistic and very patient. Overall the earth signs are ill reputed for taking pessimism where fire signs take optimism! Oh well, who could truly argue over practicality anyway?!
One piece of flying debris and MUD in space is just like the next one isn't it?
Earth is a negative element, and is feminine. Just don't become all crazy here, and feel folks ought not like earth as an element! The truth is there's lots to be adored here! Internally, a molten core is keeping volcanos and oceans warm and active; no - those nasty movies showing palm trees and colorful sunsets supposedly in the center of the earth couldn't possibly be real. Rocks or not, the Grand Canyon is a magnificent natural phenomenon.
What about gemstones?? Diamonds and rubies are far from mundane!
How many know that millions of years ago all the land on earth was one large piece!? Due plates that comprise the earth's crust - after breaking apart most stayed in contact/proximity in the oceans, we experience earthquakes when two separate plates rub into each other. In addition, the subsequent tidal wave/tsunami is created from the same abrasive contact.
I reckon Three Dog Night was going on about earth when they made 'Joy to the World'; but, what if they ran into someone with the attitude of coarse sandpaper? We all know that friend or date making us feel they were charging by the hour - here be the time measuring crew! Hourglasses and parking meters all came from your local earth person!
On the other hand, they grow the best plants and flowers; gravel, as it wears down over time, becomes rich top soil. It seems the contribution made by this element is "cycling"; breaking materials apart, only to use the components for building into new, and usually beautiful, stuff! Just keep the hourglasses for the Wizard of Oz; and, parking meters aren't that attractive either....
This has been an attempt to enlighten you about the psychics' tools of human element composition; buy into them or not, at least we can share some laughter and chitchat over possibilities they are dynamic in constructing our character and personality!
With so much craziness and confusion, it is sure nice to feel in time something can explain wacky behavior!!