Take 3
Personal character ~ one deceptive catch phrase!
For minimal considerations likely we'd have to review institutionalized hopes. For example, your local town council wishes you to be a law abiding and tax paying citizen. Should you be religious, the community and clergypeople need you to be punctual (for weekly service) and somewhat charitable....
The history of paranormals stays as cloaked as upcoming Star Wars featurettes. To contemplate how early soothsayers came up with most of this stuff won't land you a high paying executive job! Yet, it's the kind of material the whole world shall stay fascinated with. As one enters the arena of learning, to admit they may wish to learn lots more about the zodiac or something, it is necessary to absorb lots at face value.
Sharing with you, our dear YLS fans, that the astrological world contains six main elements may be a surprise to you. In addition, if you read our Earthly Origins essay, you shall learn that we tally individual character around the 'basic 4':  Earth; Fire; Water; and Air.
Most have already heard that, as in Pisces is a Water sign; matchups and zodiacal bliss pretty much rely on interactions along these fab 4 elements. Yet, our ancestors have placed six elements into motion ~ combining Asian techniques alongside the Western astrological teachings! Muse to your heart's content over why this has come about as it has....
We restate as follows, regarding the major components of an individual's personality; in addition, it is generally understood that our world {perhaps the whole universe} is also made up of only these 6 elements! Your six worldly elements are:   Fire; Earth; Wood; Air; Metal; and Water.
How should we interpret the commencement of our zodiac, with Fire being the first element of choice?? As a starter, the color red is associated with the beginning of the astrological wheel {asian and western}; of all the elements I guess Fire is the most red. Cheery and warm usually define the element of Fire ~ why not make folks feel a 'warm, fuzzy' as they attempt to understand something as encompassing as a world science?
It's like your math teacher telling you just how important most of your studies will be someday! Don't you remember all those crazy equations; can't you still get a jolt out of knowing the area of a rectangle is 1/2bh??! Early analyses of astrological principles try to give folks some hope - perhaps you'll be lucky enough to fall in love with "that perfect love {good match of astrological components}"!
The basis for an individual's interest in any discipline is LOVE! We start warm and excited, since the ice would set in quickly (should the interest be low)! Therefore we must assert Fire people are necessary to society ~ to allow status quo to better understand boldness via paranormals..!
If you had to construct a system that included all the elements of our world, along with matching different types of people to be better suited in marriage, do you feel it would be easy to identify a recurrence of elements 3 times per astrological cycle?? I'm sure it took thousands of years of insights, as ancestors investigated the recurrence of signs and traits, to reveal the pattern of the modern day. Asians alike use a system of 3X4; 3 of each of 4 elements make up the complete composition of the Earth's human population! Being positive, Fire likes to believe that lots of worldly stuff fits conveniently into boxes. Naturally, it's useful to ponder the thoughts Fire signs give ~ like a firefly in the night, when we can fill up a jar and make believe we have a flashlight...
The flash of prophetic insight, or other related brainstorms, reflect what Fire gets done! Overall, here lies a group of people that like to act upon some new venture; let's all face it ~ if we analyzed why we wish to fly to Alaska or visit ancient Greece likely we'd all just stay home and watch cable...
Skepticism, pessimism, and general complaints about 'lack of substance' shall emenate from anyone born with earthy composition.
Just looking at the signs associated with the element will quickly display this; Taurus stands as the master of 'wealth', and possessions.
Virgo and Capricorn also consider material stuff as a gauge of character. It can be snobbish, but we can't disagree that lack of supplies/financial independence usually isn't that exciting...
One of the strong pillars, for those with lots of the earth element, is patience. In a corny way, folks that stay practical enjoy basing life's large decisions around tried and true formulas; blazing trails with every large decision can turn an earth sign into one giant wreck! Scientists being our most 'practical' observers, as they calculate answers from an objective viewpoint, when Earth is the element in charge they'll drag out the scale and math equations! They'll huff and puff, and blow the house down ~ or take your idea across so many planes you'll likely just want to give it up...
Here are your regulars folks!!! If they liked you yesterday, likely you'll get a return visit to capture some reason why they bothered with you! Where Fire will look to not enjoy your show as much, this second time, when you score again with the Earth people likely they'll sing your praises long into the future; we all love chef Ramsey on Hell's Kitchen ~ he knows from being patient with the previous set of budding chefs that telling off frauds works REALLY WELL!
They're mostly the world's problem solvers. Judging the trials and tribulations against solid scientific disciplines stays right up the Earth person's alley; we're all too familiar with the hotheaded view on what's right in society ~ hooray for the occasional deadpan that chills out the fire with sound reasoning! Banking is mostly based around Earth principles ~ without a good plan you won't score any assistance for those risky ventures...
Here's the first of two elements the Asians set into motion, with their astrological method. Wood has the distinction of being alive.
At least some of the time, this element isn't like the other five! Folks with Wood can be thought of as a group that doesn't function like most others; representing the force on Earth that lives, usually they hold clues as to what the day ought have to include joy. Maybe they just count their blessings, while status quo mumbles about how today is almost as boring as the day before...
Between Wood and Earth, all life is encompassed inside these two; many could interpret Wood as a 'tree' thingy?! Well, naturally the life forces driving proper growth/maintenance for trees is similar to all other life forms. Do we dare take the next step, and say the nervous system critters stay like trees? What separates humans, and many animals, apart from flowers and maple trees is the ability to feel! Our senses are matched to a complex nervous system that continually messages the brain ~ with stimuli from the outside world.
Earth usually can be seen as a material set of conditions; Wood is also constructed from carbons/minerals to provide structure, yet the scope stays centered around a piece of time when feelings and life exist!
Holistic thought, healing, and wellness all harmonize with Wood folks; and, it may also occur that populations entertain more of such teachings when inside Wood years. For the uninitiated, every year ending in 4 and 5 are Wood years:  2014/2015; 2004/2005; and, so on! As mentioned, calibrations can be a personal interpretation {Asian New Year isn't until February}; but, YLS regards these elements as falling into calendar years (January 1st, 2014 through December 31st, 2015 is considered Wood territory).
Contemplating Air seems tricky. Overall, it appears we can observe that qualities stay dual; itself comprised of mostly molecular materials, folks seem to 'throw enigmas and questions of life at it'. We'll have to assume the role of theology came about from Air mentality!
"To be, or not to be", or 'does God exist??', display the duality mankind (and all other critters) continually wonder about. Without concrete, many would simply end up in a bipolar mess of unanswered complications; a good Earth sign usually can stop the dizzy spinning, with just a Physics or Mathematical equation! It isn't that Air signs and times are 'spacey'; now you can see that when we throw complex questions haphazardly sometimes both sides need to be fully interpreted!
Every Air sign has social obligations. Perhaps Air years (Ox, Snake, Rooster) become fertile grounds to improve society's interactions; mere physical status doesn't fully explain all of life's mysteries....
We'll note here that it isn't making a case for the presence of God. It can be helpful for some, to assist personal interpretations of heaven; but, it also just alludes to the powerful 'application' of thought ~ to sciences.
Just as philosophy and theology manifested around Air, so did humanities and arts. Largely thanks to Gemini, folks began communicating amongst themselves; with language, we also enjoy these other expressions of kindly interaction.
Apparently, we now have sound basis to say:  "our acceptance, or disapproval, of others' musical tastes was created by Air; and, those tastes remain based on the philosophical and theological beliefs of the individual...."!
With Metal as a side group, there's the need to offer differentiation. Wood and Earth being our other mixed set, comparing and contrasting indeed holds surprises ~ to those fascinated enough to look deeper. Even though the lack of Air in Asian astrology prompted an observation, enough substance is present to lump the two - and consider them different as well.
Air refers mostly to very specific conditions. The acts of:  communicating, via languages; solving complex social concerns, with the assistance of judges; and, constructing large social programs, all display essential Air properties.


Considered part of the Air element, when composition breakdowns occur in 'personal character' analyses, Metal does contain enough of its' own parameters to stay important. Observations can begin by showing relationships to Air.
Most quickly identify that communication is crucial through the Metal 'transformer'; old telephones show how we speak in one device, and when the sound passes over metal wiring we hear it shoot out a speaker. The conductive power of Metal keeps it crucial to the whole Air/communications mechanism.
How about our love of gold, and other precious metals; the influence of money and currency stays based on the amounts of precious metals in our society! We've all heard reference to the universal language of money; Metal is simply the material equivalent of conversation.
This element starts the whole astrological realm, for our Asian friends; every year ending in 0 and 1 are Metal years. Again, this means 2000 and 2001 were indeed Metal years.
How can we get some benefits from regarding Metal people and years? Like any random machine we use, Metal stands as an important device to accomplish missions. On a social level, there's a devotion to service; it's nice to have Metal around when we want to go on automatic pilot. Perhaps appliances and travel vehicles get built better during Metal years; however, as long as the construction plans themselves are drafted out by a Metal person {or inside a Metal year} then it signifies that better chance it'll get built right!
As Wood represents life, Water stands as the most essential ingredient to keep life alive.
Maybe we should consider facts differently ~ it may display quite an illumination for us to behold! "Water is more an element that makes us feel EXCITED, to be alive..."!
As YLS has pointed out before, every element has a unique function; some quality of the element is so dazzling that the others can't copy it.
Water can transform, due only its' surrounding temperature! In cold, Water becomes ice; running Water is our room temperature joy, and steam results in high temperatures. Here lies some magic, and makes for variety in a world that may stay stagnant otherwise!
When Water signs are described as moody it's only because their mood fluctuates per internal temperature. Conclusively, when we adore (or not like so much) someone for their flaky behaviors it usually is someone with lots of Water in their internal makeup. This ability to alter behavior patterns allows them to rebound from difficulties, and assist those they love when the going is rough.
Counselors and Social Servants will be more sympathetic, when comprised of Water in their charts. In that strange fashion they show others how to stay grateful for being alive. Either crying tears or sharing a cool drink, emotions point out: "I'm feeling, and emotional, and this means I'm alive".