Early Integer Essay ~ Characteristics For 1-9 People

A Second Entry, Created Just A Few Years Ago

{The introspection here led to a brand new visualization of how Numerology affects personality parameters...}:

Numerology : Third Essay
When wrapped about the zodiac wheel, and placed over 12 signs, the first digit will encompass Aries and some Taurus.
To begin with, we'll observe the experience as 'positive' and 'masculine'; Aries being a Leader, we'll also conclude those with a '1' path shall shoot to stay a leader.
To arrange the '1' path number on the asian zodiac we encompass the Pig, with an overlap into the Dog. This usually ends up a determined individual, with a flair for style and compassion.
Basic principle for all '1's' stands as "Sun" based, and centered around one point in time. There's a case to be made for a manic personality...
When victory is achieved, or a pleasant day is had, all's wonderful in the world of a '1'. Rainy days and flops can send the '1' path person way off the course; we shall all hope that on occasion someone can read this, or better understand the up's and down's of life, to stay somewhat calm on those bad days!
As we review our second world integer please observe that it overlaps Taurus and Gemini equally. This is sound proof even digits contain a balancing effect; quick contemplations reveal positive/negative and masculine/feminine components in equal doses!
It is common for numerologists to place the Moon as this digit's mascot; as the asian Monkey year approaches this shall greatly assist all under the '2' path. The Monkey and '2' cherish the family/homelife. Chances are, when they choose to reflect it will be those dearest to them.
Along with '5' and '8', folks in the '2' path have equal doses of Earth and Air. As stated, 2016 starts a two year Fire cycle; in addition, the Monkey year deals in Water. You're out of place here; yet, just as easily you may be highly sought after - for not being like everyone else.
This digit falls under the 'leader' category, quite similar to '1'. Stemming from a devotion to family, along with social dignity, our '3' friends intersect 1/3 of Gemini and all of Cancer. Corresponding mostly to Water, the '3' person grasps a situation from the heart; plus, they'll go out of their way to keep open lines of communication.
Overlapping the asian zodiac, we see a complete Monkey intersection - with 1/3 of the Rooster as well. This combination can be a bit difficult! On one hand we mainly wish to stick around family (Monkey); yet, the Rooster influence stays a socially stimulated situation. Let's just say typical '3's' enjoy signing up family and friends to their bowling league/annual cookout more than other numbers.
Motion and fluidity rule the personality; we all know how much life is teeming under the shimmering surface of the local lake. Humanity's cheerleading team starts with that devoted group of '3' people - all excited and supportive of those homies. As leaders, don't underestimate the force of their crushing waves; this combination of Water and Air has hurricane/typhoon potential, and can easily cry out a river when desired.

Here we have individuals that sit completely on Leo, with a 1/3 overlap onto Virgo. Leo being an organizer, most '4's' shall be even keeled and well balanced. A cheery temperament, sided with a flair for speaking their mind, will keep popularity high; a penchant toward fussiness must be noted, however, and patience must be guarded.
As for our asian signs, we fully encompass the Sheep and drag in 1/3 of the Horse. You may remember the Sheep is largely responsible for planning, and the '4' person will indeed feel at home trying to construct something DIVINE!!! Combined with the Horse, you'll find a true nature lover inside every '4'; farming became a science when '4's' got involved - they do it right and keep it neat.
Feeling the Fire inside a '4' is similar to the rough diamond. The Earthy Virgo qualities make for practical applications; almost always, the Fire stays warm and provides grandiose Leo gestures - fit for kings and queens. Even though the mindset stems from the humble servant, driven to please their Royalty, one can feel they'll meet 'unpleasantness' in the flesh should a ruckus be made....
The midpoint integer is comprised of 2/3 of Virgo and 2/3 of Libra; this is our 2nd 50/50 number (of 3). Containing Earth and Air we find a practical soul, who enjoys mingling with a crowd. Like '2', we find equal measures of masculine/feminine and positive/negative; our cusp combination here mixes a communicator and a leader. Please note that our cycle has 3 mixed numbers (2, 5, and 8), and collectively they reflect every possible matchup - leader/organizer, communicator/organizer, and leader/communicator. Also of interest is that our 50/50 integers always consist of Earth and Air.
When overlapping the integer wheel over asian zodiac signs, you will get 2/3 of the Horse and 2/3 of the Snake; this half Horse and half Snake mix turns our '5' friends into patient, industrious individuals. This is the only odd integer made up of a 50/50 combination; it stands as the only impartial judge to any two sided debate.

Folks under the '6' path intersect the zodiac with 1/3 of Libra and all of Scorpio. The main component here is Water; the primary purpose of a '6' is to organize. Not one for words, intensity fuels '6' folks onward - toward dynamic goals; on occasion, though, a heated chase ends up in harsh attacks on those close to this person.
With consideration to the asian astrological wheel, we find a complete overlap with the Dragon and partial effects from the Snake. A case can be made for this person type to stay a wise analyzer; plus, there's a strong chance of being mechanically inclined.
Here's the coolest set of folks in our numbers lot! As Scorpio's biggest disciples, our '6' friends' Waters run cold and deep; for someone in need they'll jump on an icebreaker and travel to the North Pole - perhaps Santa is a '6'??!
The number '7' people belong to Sagittarius and 1/3 of Capricorn, as we regard the overlap onto the astrological wheel. You'd best believe they purport to "tell it like it is"! Seeing Sag is a communicator there's no surprise they're dying to say just about anything; mixed with the leader in Capricorn, our '7' friends go out of their way to get into the spotlight. It is expected they have the last, glowing words on a special day ~ mustn't the warmth of a Sag fire truly understand all?
Moving on to the asian zodiac, the overlap is completely on the Rabbit and 1/3 of the Tiger. Something in this mix warrants deeper investigating; could it be nature would create a beast as cuddly as a bunny, and throw in the ferocious Tiger to boot? Perhaps we'll just concede that 'evil' has to begin somewhere; no, the Rabbit will never get penned as a malevolent creature, but the mix will sting regularly! Our '7' friends shall be that shot in the arm - it may hurt but the intent is to heal.
We can stay convinced that Sagittarius got a bad reputation from one being a '7'. Containing the Fire, and wish to communicate, leads such a soul to continue on that path to dogmatism/ethnocentricity. For the '7', try to cultivate that Earthy part of your nature {from being part Capricorn} ~ and stay patient!
Our final integer of 50/50 mix is '8'. With 2/3 of Capricorn and 2/3 of Aquarius, an Earth/Air mixture has been created (a third, and last, time). Historians and statesmen are born in this combination; a practical mind, matched with a flair for social whirl, keeps an '8' dancing in the streets - to continue personal quests. They may admire the old, brick buildings; or, perhaps they truly adore to just gawk at the passersby - even if just to catch an eyeful of sexy lovers.
For the asian zodiac intersection, we've a rare mix of the Ox and Tiger - in equal doses. Usually well heeled, a healthy agenda makes '8's' move. Patient though they be, however, most don't keep that master plan too close to the itinerary. Socially connected, and always ready to visit their neighborhood bank, somebody else is always supposed to fill in blanks - as to what the whole purpose is.
We can view the likes aforementioned as 'big trees'; considering Uranus and Saturn as the driving planets our '8' friends seem out in space, but always carry through lofty plans! Split between two very different elements, though, usually ends up in self delusion; Earth and Air are rather strong in their own right ~ and having both can overload one's purpose.
The final number has a full Pisces complement, with a third of Aquarius thrown in. As a result, '9' folks are mostly communicators; in addition, the Aquarian part assists them in keeping organized. Water is the main element for our '9' friends. While staying resourceful, here's a group of people that protect home and family.
Asian zodiac overlap is all of the Rat and 1/3 of the Ox. Your local '9' will be sincere and hard working; never fear - they'll be the first to tell you so. To come in contact with a person like this, we all can expect mysterious conditions! Like strange noises reaching your ears at a flowing brook's banks, a '9' talks in a fluid manner. Always real, many concerns and views get thrown into just a short sentence (or conglomeration of related exclamations). With their own family at heart, it's simply an effort to convey that you're approaching mistrusting mechanisms.
The components of a '9' person display a force that is eccentric; luckily for them the Water in their nature continually supplies good intuition. With the Ox as a solid part of the makeup, folks could consider a '9' conservative ~ yet it is an odd integer. Also, while a Piscean slant to honor family/homelife is strong, the Air influence for a '9' keeps them itching to offer society cures for social ills.