Early Integer Essay ~ Characteristics For 1-9 People


The big cheese is ODD!
Perhaps with creation itself we analyze the first number of our world! One big bang perhaps led to a myriad of complex issues and difficulties; but, the sheer energy and vitality stemming from this event make those shortcomings seem almost insignificant!
Let's take the 'odd' bit - with 9 numbers it automatically seems strange that 5 are odd and 4 are even! Does this point to an unbalanced universe?? Even if not we still have to come to grips that more items in the world are ODD!
As some consolation I will share that to me it seems "5" is a middle integer....
instead of seeing a 5 vs 4 scene why not declare "5" is neutrally a midpoint and the two sides go around it; here we have 4 odds and 4 evens with a midpoint of neutrality....
Like '9' being born in path number of '1' stands at a far pole; perhaps this suggests thoughts for these people could reach out quite a bit from what we consider middle ground. Another way to look at this is how these folks may actually see the other side of things better, since they are closer to that other side!
It stands to reason that any odd number shall get along better with another odd; then, compatability with the neutral '5' should be friendly.
Regarding odd intersections with even I can say this: "as with most paranormal stuff things directly in front of or in back of usually aren't especially decent; some distance away should offer a fascination that overlooks so many scuffles!" Therefore, '1' usually won't be comfie around an '8' or '2'.

Double trouble here, folks...
Nice things usually come in pairs, and naturally dating is better with two. Unlike odd numbers, all even numbers seem to like to smooth out the ripples.....make all seem on an even keel.
Likely this number plays a balancing act more than any other; the two sides to every story are reviewed all the time!
Overall the even numbers make for loyal companions; as coworkers they flourish right near the top - but as a rule would rather be the colorful next-in-line.
The neat thing about those with the '2' path number is they see through the eyes of one expecting terror. Assuredly everything from the boogeyman to the most recent vampire series was anticipated by them, and when the show was a hit they'd run about and tell their friends.
Stark, and real, mainly!

Well while the average person may expect '7' to be the lucky digit this isn't so ~
'3' has this distinction! Naturally if you indeed have '3' as your path number don't feel powerball tickets will automatically land you millions.....
let's consider how we view our world! '1' can represent a point anywhere there in space, and it can be its' own universe just as it is; '2' will represent a line, as in two points that get joined by a two dimensional vector (or plain line). '3' all of a sudden enjoys the dynamics of 3-D living!
Personality means a lot to all '3' disciples; here is not a type that waits in the sidelines to maybe get the chance at playing....
I guess this is in itself a motto that lands the role, or scores a larger paycheck. Sharing the proximity to '5' with '7', my assumption is '3's' and '7's' have the levelheadedness  closest to our midpoint ('5').
'4' as path number calls for logic - with the square being the primary shape we can see how folks with this path look for the building blocks.
Likely these folks make the best builders; excitement isn't usually a factor when it comes to career - just keep building the boxes just as they are supposed to be constructed......
Reliability usually stays a fine component for the employee or spouse having this '4'. To look beyond the picturesque landscape may cause shock; if a '4' sees the world crumbling underneath without just cause you'll have one fine mess to clear up!
Set the ship a~sailin' and be sure it's stocked and clean, for if your local '4' does the inspectin' you'll be dry docked a long time for not doin' it proper
We all know that smarmy little no good that always seems to know right from wrong.....
well maybe for a change it should be acknowledged that some folks here on our blue but lovely world do know just what ought be done!
Oddly, but of course since '5' is an odd integer, these mad hatters fumble and fret BUT always have the punchline! Stars also have the five points, and perhaps this is one secret as to why we deem our heroes "STARS" -
Perhaps cool that most '5's' can be labeled judge, but like everyone else they're only human! Can you tell who may not get along with a '5'?? '4's' and '6's' will of course stay primary candidates, and '3's' and '7's' can usually have a sparkling repertoire with the '5's'....
Can we say '5' is like the nucleus??? It would appear that smack in the middle without a charge in either direction stands '5'! '1' through '4' shoot out one way and '6' through '9' go out the other....oh well let's call our '5' friends "NUCLEAR REACTORS"!
Singing songs of '6'~pence, with pockets full of (??? whatever you feel like filling them with); mysterious is the word for all you encounter along the path of '6'.
'5' knows right, but '6' does it right - and probably always will!
I'm thinking Sia's new charismatic tune ~ "Chandelier"; so many feel it is enchanting and will attempt to sing their lungs out, naturally feeling they do it slightly better! Online now you can already find thousands of newfangled versions - and I even listen to lots of various ways she herself performs it. No word a lie I find almost every way she does it captivating and 'great'!
Perhaps a secret! When even numbers go at something correctly they nail it! Of course their personal lives like the rest of us will require the correct associations, or else....
Here we find the 'hex', as in hexagon or six sided figure; the building block of life itself - carbon upon carbon molecule undoubtedly spiraling ever higher. From a bee's nest to the cell walls of plants here we see the driving force of '6' - respect it or life will change as we know it.....!
7th heaven or the 7 seas, it is clear this number has presence!
It's a bit odd the last trifecta here begins on '7'.....1-3, then 4-6, and here we all end up looking up high at a large wall full of '7'?
It might even be true the Great Wall of China was shaped just like a '7'!? Can't we like see it in outer space or something?
The good teacher will take the children up on the wall - 'let's all see just how dynamic and strong our wall is children! Never forget, though, that we have to always see both sides of the wall!'
A bit pompous and stubborn, the usual '7' has an inkling they know the real truth!
On history, please note that Uranus seems to be the ruling planet for '7'; if you noticed the tracking sheet already saying Scorpio back in the day could have very well started out the zodiac Aquarius ends up 4th....
Please note the '4' path number inclinations. Logic ~ a brother or sister for '4's'! I'll take a quick stab and say Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in "Alice" [one super movie starring Johnny Depp, as the 'Mad Hatter'] truly are a '4' and a '7'! After all, for anyone in space isn't it like the real truth that the Great Wall in China is all they'd see for human contributions on earth!
A '7' will look to leave a mark - their own way of returning gratitude; don't be afraid to hug and give gifts to a '7'!
'8' symbolizes the last even integer - and it strives for perfection. Anything on '8's' demands intensity, and as a rule you'll stare into the wicked eyes of a drill sargeant!
The perfect coach, or maybe that perfect ending to a great movie; rather possessed, but controlling a finish does require that extra something.
Being even, large wins shall ensue when all is done 'by the book'! Yes, odd folks and even ones could indeed pave a history book full of conflicts - with the end resulting in a '5' saying "I told you so...". But a '6' will have already started packing and be gone to the next big show; and an '8' could be the main star!
Eight is a menacing number in lots of ways.....some enjoy crying out 'crazy 8' (maybe started from pool - with the 8 ball). How many
of you ever tried to ice skate the figure 8?? One more reason to not get cuddly with this number - it wasn't fun or pretty as I tried to stay on the lines while my hands and feet were freezing up!
We'll grab a quick comparison in Pluto - Scorpio and it's distant and cold grip on the uncertain! Is Pluto a planet?? Does a Scorpio really have ties to this piece of rock flying aimlessly in space????
REALLY! Stop with the questions ~ if an '8' feels like divulging such information only then will you hear it!
For all the stitches in time when we could have saved nine do you feel the '9' was worth saving???
Fact 1: you indeed are saving when analyzing how one bad stitch leads to nine to get back on track (a tailor's shared experience, or your darling aunt's that made you such a cute baby sweater years back). . .
As you can see a '9' doesn't pretend to be a magical individual; they know that in the end the goodness will work magic! Like the '1's' here lies the outermost paths comprising the walks of humanity;
a benefit shared between '9's' and '1's' alike is that they won't take stuff for granted! EVER!!!
You can sit that pompous middle-of-the-road attitude elsewhere and try to explain to others why you think you have a clue....
Naturally the '5's' won't be there listening to the front line screaming; being an odd number like 1 and 9 somehow they all know 5 is just a neutral soul -
Likely a '4' or '6' is edging toward taking a stab at "that show stopper - a decision that must be the real answer!"; '1's' and '9's' are usually the parties having to explain what was wrong.....they have a good thing staying somewhat detached from 'ordinary', and always try to be sure information stands as counsel from both sides.
Is '9' last or first?? Both.
Last and first in a cycle, as in electromagnetic waves which indeed are the whole pulse of living! There's no saying which sea particles are at the top of the wave or at the bottom; the whole represents the crashing ocean of humanity - sometimes a hundred feet high but sometimes a slow trickle as we dig clams at the shore's tidal arena. Joys and tears all rolled onto one dynamic wavelength.......
and somehow if we feel this pulse and attempt to understand it