Take 2
[February 2015]
Combining American Astrology with Asian Astrology there's a combined total of 6 worldly elements, that lead to definitions of individual character:
   Wood  |   Earth  |  Water  |  Fire  |  Metal  |  Air
A nice way to start a journey is to acknowledge we are 'alive'!
Stemming from inclusion in Asian systematics, we can bow graciously since they didn't overlook that paranormals really ought include living materials! And, of the six, this is the only one....
While the Big Bang theory rotates around chunks of rocks exploding from suns, I see it somewhat different! After all, we can get sparks and pops and flying debris from practically any fire; but, we will not be able to reproduce the gigantic cataclysms and metamorphoses spurned from NEW GROWTH! From the aromatic springtime garden to the wicked scary bog on foggy eves, accepting that nature has the magic touch will help YOU keep good and bad in perspective.
When an individual has Wood 'within':
It would seem these people instantly see things from 'both sides'; likely having a bit of the 'magic' nature has tucked up it's sleeve, right paths and wrong paths will display an elaborate collection of highlighted items! Say you were guiding that plant shoot that exploded from the ground. You're going to see directions this stem/vine can take that shall offer a better set of conditions for growth; maybe a huge area of forest is to one side, and if you lead it there the darkness shall block the sunshine!
Nobody will argue with you over 'structural superiority'! In particular, wood and branches shall stay dynamic in helping us shape and build our world; so, Wood people likely have these internal mechanisms that will serve to bridge/shelter associates.
Element's unique contributions:
As our only living worldly element, here's where it all began! So, any time a conversation starts over the earliest life we must look to Wood; from even the molecular level our personality determinant converts matter into something alive.
Alive or dead this material retains qualities pleasing to our senses. Here I will disregard the 'sweet looking cherry bookcase' stuff, to point out a more applicable indication: SEEDS! Perhaps Wood people make good farmers.....? What is for sure, the outlook for a person truly containing the Wood dimension is they will go for ideas with intention to develop them; retaining structures in the mind is as useful and dynamic as a bookcase.
To make a point for the stabilizing ability of this element I feel taking a boat ride will best suffice. Whereas folks bounced up and down on the water, be it in rubber rafts or other flimsy apparatus, once they jumped on board a large, wooden ship the ride got nice and smooth. For our Wood friends I can see that the earlier two contributions will mold the personal stabilizing abilities! Maintaining a balance of seeds with energy conversions (perhaps the crops won't need water because it has rained so dang much!), our Wood farmer has kept the crop steady ~ so his family can enjoy the comforts of home. 

From the Big Bang, if we extend the likelihood of some plant/seed bursting forth then we're going to have to consider the involvement of Earth. Not the planet, constituents of our next element include rocks, soil, and minerals.
Well perhaps we ought consider just why our planet was called Earth!? Maybe back in those old days to look around and see rocks, soil, and perhaps some scant minerals (most being buried, or hidden inside the dirt), the scientists/leaders trying to give our world a cohesive name likely just used that stuff below their feet. Lots of the folks containing this element may get a big head over a bloated impression of their 'presence' in the zodiac.
When an individual has Earth within:
A bit amused, I'm seeing the Mummy here; as it turns into a sandstorm, that movie graphically displayed just what an Earth object looks like within! Do some people actually realize just how true it might be when they exclaim "He's got rocks in his head!"
This group shall remain the people keeping their feet on the ground; likely they also began interpreting the rocks and soil ~ certain that important stuff like gems and fossil fuels would be discovered. One can see how gravitational pull, magnetism, and rocket science all played wildly into their hands. Being practical, they can see that other worlds out in space are comprised mostly of similar 'stuff'; to apply all these intense sciences to keeping the mind moving along they helped our race to find special space discoveries!
Element's unique contributions:
deductive reasoning/safety/refinement
Like wrecking balls, our Earth friends can muse over situations; should they smash apart that atom/substance to release an internal power?? It is special indeed to deduce that sending a rocket in space will be successful at 'that certain angle, and speed - needing "x" amount of fuel.....'!
Having an internal structure similar to a landslide, these people also include better preparations for the itinerary! So geared around Physics and momentum, on a changing world, they usually keep all the senses active when considering safety mechanisms and procedures. We can look to mining disasters as solid evidence that even a stable soil beneath us on occasion will not produce positively.
Unlike the other elements, the Earth(lings) lean to extraction and purification methods. Are they better served?? Consider the old Texan (USA) oil tycoons, as they primed their land feeling oil would gush out; so many disbelieve when geology isn't understood ~ but the logic dictated from readings and studies paid enormously when black crude popped out. The beauty of gemstones and precious metals as well would have stayed unlocked, down in our hard grounds, if no Earth people risked the time and money to get a venture going!

Most philosophers will tell you, in so many a word, that after acknowledging we are "alive" some emotional mindset must ensue. Truly, what significance would there be in knowing that we do 'live' without a feeling of joy about it?
On a similar note, and from someone that has delved into the 'dream' world plenty, we can see why dreaming of fishes signifies profit and joy! Overall, Water will contain the bulk of intuitional and spiritual persuasions; barring those nasty encounters we all face on occasion, the "joy of living" is a watery association ~ based on the wondrous condition of 'being alive'.
When an individual has Water within:
No element builds so much into a single experience like Water. A sound example: the CRUISESHIP! "L-L-L-O-V-E B-O-A-T, la la la la la la la-a-ah", sang I this frigid winter's morn' {isn't it good TV when we remember a show's theme song so well!}. You have swimming pools, gambling rooms, dinners with the captain, shopping malls, and (nowadays) movie theatres and ice rinks!
This set of people as well stays very resilient! Water bounces, splashes, and engulfs; due to this amazing feature it is bound inside almost every living critter/organism in amounts folks wouldn't believe. Very similar to shock absorbers, Water people usually know where to beef up so that the hard knocks don't lead to worlds of pain.
Element's unique contributions:
We all 'judge' experiences, especially when we travel; so many agencies also give surveys and questionnaires, with the chance to win a neat prize when you fill them out, to keep feedback about your time. Water signs don't usually bother with this style of customer service; you remember that four or five star hotel by the fresh and clean towels, and immaculate swimming pool! More places are hiring smarter now ~ like the hospitable Water person they want help that always lends an ear to guests!
We all know variances exist over how clean some folks can be; while some hover about a couch and TV most of the day, to just stay free and uncluttered, others need to present spotless and sterilized silverware for social feeding. Like a kettle of boiling water, a Water friend will scald you and direct you ~ and you soon find out that without their help you'd be in a heap of trouble!
We can go back to the driver on the plant stems, and admire the workings of running water. The need to direct a good path stays important for the lifecycle of the plant; if a Water person has laid out a plan for your business or personal affairs likely the time was taken to analyze all the pathways those connections could take. Pathways need to meander a bit sometimes! Usually the Water soul has a good idea where the pathway must lead, so the counsel shall stand as legitimate.

One big misconception is that this element is mostly responsible for the explosive situations all over the galaxy! As a rule, "fire" is merely oxygen that feeds a small blaze; the warmth that stays generated from this process doesn't match the stuff nasty explosions are made from!
In space, hydrogen blasts spin large pieces of rocks and space clutter about; when explosives are set here on Earth, usually some chemical is the perpetrator for the extreme noises and damages! Sure, many times the initial burning can warm up stuff enough to set it off; other types of heat/detonators may also cause large chemical explosions....
When an individual has Fire within:
It appears we have made a case that Fire people "have the potential to cause an explosion; with warmth they can either charm up a scene or make it excessively risky". Something pretty much agreed upon is that they stay impulsive; a mistake quite common amongst this set is to run out as soon as any cashout arrives ~ to start an expensive hobby and/or spend big bucks to take a lavish vacation.
All the Fire signs are positive, as well as masculine. An attractive lot, most stay agitated on a regular basis ~ with the expectation of having needs taken care of. Leo being one, the lion is "king" and we all know that lots of royalty usually gets treated to special things.
Element's unique contributions:
Be it some light on a dark evening, or warmth during the winter, Fire will inspire; interpersonally, folks with Fire don't like to make much of a fuss. They're too content with a nice drink by a pool to be jealous of the straights of associates.
Seeing the constant burning of workable fires offers us with reliable food and heat, here's one great component for mankind to navigate with! Folks possessing this helpful attribute stay reliable and friendly in the workplace; while inclined to spread good cheer a bit too much {as in chatter}, they're not the type to want to hastily leave...
Fire can create steam, when lit to boil Water, and the ovens make good food for us [to use as energy for the body]; inside the body, oxygen is burned in the Kreb's Cycle ~ and this is the source of molecular energy. By definition a fire is set inside of us; oxygen burns materials, leading to ATP (fuel for our whole collection of body functions), and carbon dioxide/water are the byproducts.
Even I just became humbled reconsidering the gentler nature of Fire people....!

If you were around when the ancients sat around with tea, and laughed over the abundance of elements here on Earth, I bet none of you would expect that there was so much steel in the ground. I'm talking all the dang automobiles, buses and other transportation vehicles on our roads today; so many millions of chunks of metal driving all of us to all of our fun destinations...
Naturally, the biggest civilized usage of this stuff is for machinery ~ perhaps eons ago weaponry was the major importance. One terrific adaptation here is the ability to recycle! In the past our Earth grabbed up all the old stuff ~ and with the help of Water to rust up Metal it went back to the beginning. Not just living materials go back to being ashes; for those visiting an old style landfill, one can see anything practically sticking right out of the ground.
Question for pondering: what percentage of earthly metals are 'precious metals'?? In this category, we have gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, tin, and stainless steel; a few minor ones as well float about - nowadays a large amount of mixtures are made too [nickel and copper, iron and aluminum, and so on].
When an individual has Metal within:
Sounding kind of scary, we can only hope terminators aren't already bustling over the Earth. When I was a kid, the "bionic man" became a TV hit; he was the very first 'synthetic' - half man, and half machine. For him, the ability to perform superhuman-like feats worked to his advantage.
Aside from celebrities getting gold for fillings, as dental work, I'm thinking most metals inside the body will only result in physical difficulties. Therefore, I feel this element was the strangest for the Asian ancestors to select. We'll quickly assume royalty's attraction to gold and other precious types played the biggest part in the selection process! Just what would they want to attach to folks being born inside the parameters of this element!?
I will just pass the talk to the unique contributions - and from here we can all contemplate again {when we have some strike of prophetic insight}!
Element's unique contributions:
We all know Fred Flintstone invented the wheel, but his foot powered go cart won't be quick enough as millions of other cars zoom by. Metal cars and engines turned the whole horse and buggy routine around, by burning fuel that rotated gears and pushed our vehicles in all directions. It's the first, safe element to reliably take us to point B.
When the money's good we can also sport a gold watch or necklace! Royalty would commission the production of gold coins and gorgeous, gem-encrusted sceptres and crowns. Metal, along with the brilliant field of engineering, can supply the world's demand for designs ~ along with the transportation to get around! Doesn't a square wooden bookcase look sharper when rounded metal framework gets placed into the framework??
Clever minds constructed those huge cranes and shark cages, which afford us the chance to make advances on race survival. Studying, as well as extra insightful recreation, came about once scientists took chances at melding metals into space-like and space enduring machinery!
Folks born inside Metal years, as well as anybody living through a Metal year, likely will be the very souls shaping lofty machines into socially praised contrivances!
Just a while ago I pondered why the Asians didn't include Air as one of the big 5 elements. Sitting and remembering my plane flights, suddenly I know why....
Perhaps as little as 25 years from now relatives may chuckle how we the old society never had a chance to get catapulted into the heavens and look back on Earth from Mars!
All those years ago, taking a plane from China to New York City never existed. To further complicate this circumstance, I don't believe that part of the world gets tornadoes; and, only some of Asia gets slammed by typhoons. Air to the old Chinese was pretty much just open space between a mostly blue sky!
Likely folks in Los Angeles would pay a high price to breathe in the Air from long ago! As a world event, air is more polluted; as well, while we associate 'social beings' with Air signs, tragic storms are much the overall consensus as well....
When an individual has Air within:
Injustice and drama are strongly imbedded in our Air friends; first, they want to go out and scream about that poor reporter that got killed in a political battle, and afterwards go to Hollywood and play that part in a movie.
In all likelihood, just as Water signs love to play psychic, most of the storm chasers on cable are Air people. They do love parades, and being positive one shouldn't feel they're just after maudlin; inside they probably feel displaying a nasty tornado on film will let others know the intense nature right there inside of them!
Element's unique contributions:
Most Air signs are tinkerers; the ability to get some mechanical object to restart and/or run better is a rush! It can apply to social gatherings, as well; if a DJ, this Airy wonder will not be satisfied until the whole place is up dancing.
Another facet of their deep inner workings is that the mere tracking of a tornado isn't all that enlightening. For the sake of exposing the hard working nature of the beast, detailed stories before and after the storm will be added: the vehicles; the shots of tornadoes destroying property; how Aunt Bea has the crew over for honey and strawberry pancakes....
Finally we draw some dramatic conclusions over the wicked awesome determinants of personal character!
A general and sweeping consideration for those just starting a paranormal journey {..and a hit movie is slated to capture the grandeur!}:
'every single individual has to be matched for a great number of signs, elements, and numbers/occult pairings; should someone be born in early January of 1999 there's a mixture of Capricorn, Rabbit, Earth, Fire, and this doesn't even include an ephemeris reading! At the time of birth, and even the exact time is important - to discover 'rising sign', every planet in all our charts was in a different house (as if we were looking at a map of our world - where Africa is and the Red Sea).
More intricate styles will observe Path Number - along with the current year's Path; plus, some salient features of the individual in question {large fingers and toes/square palm or rounded/nails shape and condition/and many more} needs to be reviewed.'
The Air folks will enjoy directing the movie that bares all; they really dig bringing social groups together, and also adding reality TV/behind the scenes specials too!
Our Wood friends shall not only supply the gorgeous flowers and delicious fruits for the filming; in addition, they'll construct the whole stage out of nearby trees.
The Earth people will stage all the special effects! They'll analyze the Physics behind the car flips and attempting to steal the world's largest diamond; in the meantime, we naturally placed all our trust in their purchase of a secret stock - so no matter what we'll all be rich after the flick!
Our Water friends will assist the Director in taking the cameras on the correct pathways.....we want to maximize the joy and perhaps even drag a fish or two on the set; the actors and actresses naturally all took counsel from these Water folks, to brush away any lacks of self confidence or get advice on the best look for the mood.
From the Fire folks we get constant heat, for those nippy nights; as well, they brought in a nice firepit from home and all will share a BBQ pig afterwards.
The Metal people took a stream of reliable cars, planes, trains, and tools to usher in each great set; then, the guys have the chance to get into a shark cage and admire the deep blue sea, while the women get a free sterling silver necklace for their participation.
If our Air Director doesn't feel all choked from the L.A. smog, or decides he really wanted to film the first spoiled rich kid to tell how the Space Station on Mars is, perhaps we'll have made a hit!
At least we can take a little time to crawl into our warm beds and rest. . . .

P.S. 2018

Should you be wondering about 6 elements, over the 4 we try to end up with, other essays allude to eventual breakdown into 4. Metal becomes a subgroup of Air, and Wood is a subgroup of Earth....