Here are some basics about Asian Astrology ......

It's a 60 year cycle -

   12 animal signs cycle around 5 elements, and each animal

   ends up having each element once; the first sign is the rat,

   and every time it returns (12 years later) the element

   changes {metal rat, then water rat and so on}

The 5 elements stay regular -

   years ending in 0 and 1 (ex.: 2010 and 2011) are metal years

   years ending in 2 and 3 (ex.: 2012 and 2013) are water years

   years ending in 4 and 5 are wood years

   years ending in 6 and 7 are fire years

   years ending in 8 and 9 are earth years

While these may seem to contradict a 4 element scheme, one is able to incorporate all 5 into a 4 element plan:

   metal is similar to air (communications/social sign), and

   becomes part of the air element

   wood is part of the earth (material/biological), so the

   analysis would yield the earth element

   {*please note that this is a personal calibration - many

   interpretations will not attempt to combine elements}

Almost everybody has had the joy of seeing their Asian Astrology sign at Chinese restaurants! We used to get paper placemats, with a listing of each sign and likely combinations for strong friendships, under our plates of food.

Attaching elements, and deciding how to perceive an individual by the particular animal sign, are two categories where some questions arise. The Chinese New Year begins around February, so we don't have a simple "fill-in-the-blank" system; If a person is born January of 1960 is he a rat - or does he fall in the category before it {making him a pig}.

Having the elements as they do may be enough for beginning soothsayers; like Western Astrology, some of us wish to get a bit deeper over the elemental display of each Asian sign. Aries being a fire sign, which Asian sign corresponds to it??

If you visited a couple years back you may have seen that elements are indeed attached ~ and the cycles involved to label an individual are determined. The only purpose is to gather a more complete picture of an individual's proper match, to his or her internal elemental breakdown {ex.: 50% water; 40% air; 10% earth; 0% fire}.

Successful 'psychics' will likely compare such breakdowns, to see if a potential boyfriend/girlfriend/friendship will work. Stay tuned if you wish to read more on this topic ~ or enjoy books at your local library; every element has much to do with personality, and the combinations play a huge role in what kinds of people we better associate with! 


For something a bit in depth, click the AJM button. These are Asian animals ~ discussed in full; as well, they're matched with other world animals (to try and give extra insights). .