Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE PIG, 'after a discussion about intent and scope':
As one of the big three meats we consume, right off here I see a pattern. Our ancestors always had something in mind when trying to explain to a large group why Johnny and Sue had a good marriage but that other pair didn't {as Paranormal Anthropologists may point out it indeed lies in personal chemistry}. What I refer to, however, deals with the first topic: "we have 3 basic meats on land - beef, chicken and pork"; then, as our own astrology points out, we have the fishes {Pisces}. Perhaps what our founding fathers and mothers wished to point out is 'we are what we eat!'; should your favorite dish end up matching your date's likely you'd stay a good couple!
Personally, I need to get right back where it started to keep a good feeling about my studies. An argument can be made that Asian roots are deeper than the Western approach. This is important because the cosmos weren't especially a consideration when they constructed the signs and mascots of that which we are familiar; they were forced to use what was at hand to describe the social interactions making us different from one another. They used animals pretty much at their disposal; Europeans had the telescope, and decided to pick astronomical constellations.
To formulate some general groupings, as we attempt to identify ourselves at work and play, why stay fixated on sociology from so many moons ago?? After all, if there were nothing to the doctrines studied and related (from gurus on the street to "psychics"), how in the heck did these scriptures withstand so many tribulations??? As the peoples of the world become more homogeneous at least we can enjoy a bit of passionate revelations today's society can offer! To believe that which we know is the only truth likely will not foster your acceptance from men, women, and children.
As I mentioned, it appears the ancient Asians broke down the whole of humanity into four meats; even our own astrology has four elements - and they repeat three times. Quickly, you can figure and catch on that my intuitions solidly absorb and concur - beef people will do best with other beef people, and fire signs match up, so on.
Automatically we must bow to the Asian observance of FIVE elements: fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Naturally, if we take so many differing "astrological" insights too lightly, down the road we'll usually find there was something overlooked. Likely the commencement of Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, and other assorted occult rituals [from so many other countries around the world] had to be considered because the astrological models in place didn't answer enough questions.
Having studied intensely many of the disciplines alluded to on YLS it is important to let everyone know I am much more the 'scientist'; I will offer that predictions as a whole should never be considered more than a weather person's forecast. My musings are done with lots of readings and thoughts in mind - please don't accept the scripture as full definition of anyone's character! Like yourselves, I wish to grasp and maybe share some tying together of conditions supplied by earnest ancestors! I didn't quickly take to their elements - but as you may have read here now I meld all the elements and feel all apply {to astrological purposes, as well as having their own merit}.
Seeing the Asians already tried to shuffle more animals into their own groups {sheep, as goes with pig; snake is aligned with chicken}, resulting from the recurrence of each type three times, I wish to put together a conglomeration of world animals - with efforts to fit all comfortably inside one of our four groups. Also, through comparisons and contrasts, offer the characteristics the (new) mascot shall impose upon those born under it - or all of us living inside of their year.
For the uninitiated, Pig years include 1959 and all years exactly 12 before it, and 12 after [...1947, 1971...].
Regular interpretation includes the pig, wild boar, hog, swine; for peripherals we will consider:
walrus, seals and sealions, elephants, and rhinoceros [all have tusks, like the boar]; mole, sharks, bats [having 'snout', or similar special sensory features]; and camels {for bristly hair}.
Mood and scene ~ inside a Pig year:  Like a jubiliant sunrise, sparks fly early once The Beginning arrives. What a fresh and complete feeling!
Partly because such a time is positive, and associated with the warmth of a fire, most will feel the joy associated with a Spring morning. As a rule, folks won't have or keep enemies; for no particular reason the majority stays content just to share the world on such a great day. Dancing, outside exercise, and visiting a big city or fair stay important; people don't wish to do 'the same old thing': "out with the old.." shall make people want to try new stuff!
Attitude and character ~ our Pig friends:  Generally, folks will find associations pleasant and high spirited; our Pig neighbors and friends don't bother with situations too far in the distance. Nature equipped these wild ones geared for sports, and full of personality. They can be quite brave - but they have to control a bit of a temper; when confined, or smothered in any type of 'love scene', all they know is to come out fighting totally oblivious to consequence.
We all get a few chances when young; especially as Spring just starts, it's so typical to run off and wait for that next sunny day. You see the tusks and other assorted advantages bestowed upon this sign, don't you? Feel lucky a lot worse didn't happen....
To live with or date ~ a Pig:  all the books relate the gallant and noble romantic habits here; with an above average amount of personality they'll almost always remain a date to remember.
Regarding any of the 'regular' functions of duty and hygiene, avoid such commonplace details. It will stay the truth Pigs more than others toss tradition! if you have seen a Pig person a while and call to just see if it's ok to like hang about, then you could be left on the street corner...
Another important factor regarding continuation of a relationship with a Pig is 'homelife'; you won't alter the habits already instilled from childhood! Should this person take particular pride in keeping up an apartment or home per their taste, or if they are spoiled rotten and refuse to even pick up after meals, you'll have to judge your own acceptance levels by this. Chances are they shall never even attempt to change.