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JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE TIGER, if we don't disturb it; and, be sure to leave a snack when leaving...
The wild is so fascinating; we see quite a bit of it nowadays on cable, and these shows let us know all about habitats. As a child, I saw a tiger at some zoo - likely the Bronx Zoo when visiting the Statue of Liberty! Yet, back then lots of folks likely didn't see up close some of our wild beasts. I'd venture forth into a pen with an elephant, and milling about giraffes and buffalos likely wouldn't scare me; somehow keeping clear of the Tiger cage seemed in my best interest.
I present to you one of nature's flukes: here we have a feminine sign, born of Earth; yet, the cat family [even called 'le' chat in French/European languages, which is masculine] is chock full of critters that prowl and behave like alpha males..! I feel a challenge here, where together we shall uncover some mysteries behind our world of nature.
Tiger years are always + and - 12 years from all of these: 1950; 1962; 1974; 1986; and 1998. As we construct our two arenas for included critters, I will double check credentials especially well! Part of the Tiger mystique shall include panthers, jaguars, leopards, bobcats, and any relative that is closely related to this Tiger family; naturally, those early critters like Sabertooth and Siberian will always qualify. The inclusions representing worldwide mascot nominees are:  all cats; wolverines and mongeese {ferocity over prey, or territory, or both}; pirahnas [selective over attacks, but violent and quick]; locusts, grasshoppers, and ladybugs [silently nearly invisible, but commanding and destructive if on the move (meaning swarms for these non-tiger critters)]; hippopotomuses (quite dangerous up close, and formidable in water)!
Mood and character ~ inside a Tiger year:  as a rule we have a 'success story' running inside; one problem that shall remain constant is a lack of emotion....
Earth signs stay practical ~ and climbing onto good scenes is a definite advantage [like grasshoppers migrating to a fresh and green corn field]. Heartfelt motivations are void, however!
We'll look at the flip, to offer perspective:  when the local football team wins the game and folks clamor afterwards that they destroyed the opposition, do you once in a while feel for the players on the losing side???! Being practically a machine that wins at losing friends could indeed offer some reasoning to kick back more. Here's where the "it's how you play the game" slogan is best brought to life; analytics and huddles and sneaky defense maneuvers still may not win, but should you play with pride and have some fun the outcome isn't so important!
One consideration, regarding the beforementioned behaviors of femininity, is that our players here aren't especially mean! When we set out at the start of a Tiger year to make a new sales record at the shop, then take the family on a 2 week cruise to Disnayland, it merely reflects survival tactics. In conclusion, we'll usually have better dynamics when inside the Tiger year to take care of biz; be it maternal or just to earn extra bucks for newer stuff, the drive for winning stays strong.
Personality and character, of a Tiger:  without brushing off a need to see some great things, knowing this sign rarely gets emotional, I will reevaluate!
From the start, let's take numbers; as the 10th house, this mascot runs to the '1' path number just like the Pig! As well, here's our final 'beef' candidate ~ the Rabbit ended up the final 'chicken' entree {oops, entry!}. For those interested in American intersections I compare the Tiger to Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn; both disciplines honor this mascot/placebo as patient and disciplined.
We'll begin our thorough analysis with a few observations:
A) this sign is a leader, like the Pig, and the path #1!!!! However, it is feminine and  negative !!! I will point out that not only do these two signs not end up especially
   compatible their outlooks on life are like salt and pepper.
B) for a strange reason or another, this Tiger is the '1' next to the '9'!! As I point
   out in Numerology the pairing of odds '1' and '9' is the ONLY TIME in numbers
   this happens! Why wouldn't the Rabbit run into it's good partner the Pig!?
C) for anybody interested in strange tidbits about the exotic universe, consider
   this:  having recurs of the 10th, 11th, and 12th houses (1,2,3 respectively), odds
   without argument outweigh evens; 7/12 signs in either zodiac are odd.
Maybe we should take this grand opportunity to enjoy a nice, juicy steak; I am hurt and confused.
I never said this gig brought forth rockin' and rollin' answers....I really didn't expect to face up to our systems penning out imbalance! In numerology I made a grand case for neutrality at '5'; this balanced what already seemed a 5 ODD 4 EVEN injustice.
Plus, I see a '3' into '1' interchange; Rat into Pig, and Pisces into Aries both result in an Odd~Odd matching.
To live with, or date, a Tiger:  the associations of Tiger are the Dog, and the Horse; as cynical and analytical as these two remain, our analyses of these Earth signs have afforded us interesting facts.
Mainly, the animal condition stays dramatically in view; pretentions do not exist here, as needy critters attempt to secure those things necessary for survival. In addition, together we have learned how feminine forces proceed out into our world; not trusting much of what is seen as orthodox, inner discipline and the urge to attack [when something seems likely to jeopardize this peaceful nature] remain in control.
A growling dog was running down our street today, so I asked it "Did you eat well, Fido??"
"Yep", it said, "do you have some treats for me??"
I pet him and gave it a treat; then, a horse trotted by and blocked my path! "Excuse me, dear horse", said I, "can I ask why you decided to block the way I was walking??"
"My coat needs a good brushing, dear sir", it said.
"Step right this way", I told it, and helped the critter to straighten it's mane.
I heard a rustle and bad snarling in nearby brush; it seemed to be looking directly at me - the meanness continued! The neighbor's cat steps out and I go to pick it up.
"Are you having luck with the new series??" it asks.
"I had a bad day, Mimi; many new thoughts have made for a different view of
our world."
A cat lover, I dangle some yarn for the critter to pounce at; I lost a longtime pet some years back - she was 17. My cat taught me a lot about life. She wouldn't eat sugar, and remained thin so she'd squeeze easily through the fences around the 'hood.
"Why were you hissing, Mimi??", I asked, " you sounded as mean as a Tiger!"
"I saw some bad people go near you ~ I wanted to chase them away!"
Similar to it's associates, the Tiger will be somewhat fixed in how it enjoys pastimes. Scheduling is mostly the difficulty here, though; a Dog keeps to routine and a Horse continually tests the water around it, but the Tiger must lead and not missing 'the order' will assure a quality performance.
Therefore, to date or live with, be sure to fit in this order. A heartfelt protection ensues when those of importance take some time to keep the Tiger happy. When the balance tips, you shouldn't get close; merely a snap judgement that something so important might be taken from it, this animal will go for you ~ with every ounce of it's being...