Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE SNAKE, after some contemplations about reptiles, leaders and venom:
Do y'all remember high school when we learned of Amphibians and Reptiles?? Such comical times - and now the system is very different! At the time you had Plants and Animals; they've included Protists and I believe another classification group or two as well!
Overall, I think I felt sympathy more than anything else regarding our slinky friends. Being born a salamander or iguana, or Diamondback Rattler, doesn't seem like a luxury cruise; should one hopelessly meander onto a cruiseship likely it'd get tossed over the balcony - straight into a shark's hungry mouth.
When I first vacationed in Aruba, on passing a city park/field in the gorgeous city of Oranjestad, a horde of iguanas got frightened. I witnessed no less than 50 running through the grass unlike any kind of  wildlife shot I'd ever seen; magic, with majestic highlights, described my sentiments of the place - and actually still do! It is a much better place to live now, after civilization took over! Way back, the Spaniards called it Isla Inutile {useless island}; only in the last hundred or so years the Dutch took over and installed water purification systems - making fresh drinking water from the sea! I must admit the pendulum is swinging in the other direction, and too many islanders might soon be the scene; debris on city streets and crime, like the poor girl killed while on vacation, may become too commonplace for us with feelings it "is our true home".
One thing that will amaze any person taking it upon themself to learn Astrology is the order/schematics! One other thing, should you take our American version to heart, will be looking up natal charts with an Ephemeris; trying to analyze every planet in your chart will lead to a new sense of occult being a science!
Currently, though, I wish to bring up an association - and offer my ties with the Asian methods. I don't have to get too elaborate about our system, but closely match the dynamics of  it with the mascots.....
As in American, the Asian mascots have 4 'leaders', 4 'organizers', and 4 'communicators'; our friend the Snake is a "Leader". Called 'cardinals' in American terminology, the Pigs, Monkeys, and Tigers as well display those qualities of "doers, not thinkers". Our organizers [Dog; Sheep; Dragon; Ox] would much rather analyze situations, and even teach principles to others; buy one an apple today! The latter four {Rooster; Horse; Rabbit; Rat} may get panned 'the gossips'; on a date, one may find this group entertaining (I dated a Dragon once and being an organizer the night didn't contain much dialogue)!
A great trivia question would be to find out which movie had more snakes: Indiana Jones, or Snakes on a Plane! Both really fun to watch, let's take it for granted the leadership qualities of all those snakes grabbed our attention much more than an ordinary action flick; does anybody really want to know just how many snakes share this planet with us...?
Snake years shall always be + or - 12 years from the following set:  1953; 1965; 1977; 1989. Once again I shall find it difficult to pick and choose our jungleland collection of representative critters!  In addition, some have already been associated with other mascots; we have lots of snake species about, too - and I'll bet some in the Amazonian rainforests haven't even been discovered yet!
Along with practically all snakes, I will add salamanders and all four footed lizards to the general category of this mascot. From the rest of the animal world, we'll include:  flies {many varieties are quite adept at puncturing skin and injecting venoms}; ticks and mosquitos [woodsy dwellers, which also have little problem with sinking mouth parts into human flesh]; all leeches, lamphreys, and snails {similar slimy quality of snakes, matched with various hardened/evolved body features that defy extinction - put a freshwater snail in a fish tank and be amazed at how quickly your tank is full of them!}. . .
Mood and scene, inside a Snake year:  as a masculine and positive influence, in the Astrological world, overall folks will stay chatty! When something important goes down in our lives - or other social whirls, it will stay equally of stature to go about and talk to our friends concerning the event!
Articulation is a cool word to apply toward our scene, when we live inside a Snake year. The way we giggle and snort; whether we wanna 'like' some group or new member; or, even the quality of discussions when we're out dating - just how chat and gestures interplay shall make for a final ruling of the whole affair. Like so many separate mindsets twisting about in a mating ball, all the talkers and chatters won't likely come to any group consensus. A good situation here is that a more 'democratic' approach exists! Positive could translate into more friendly, and as associates different mindsets could indeed formulate something bigger than one thought!
The mindset and character, of the Snake:  why don't we take a minute here and check just how this critter could get manifested in human form.  With something as coldblooded as reptiles, should humans not be on their popularity list doesn't this seem a huge obstacle for ever assimilating?? Since this mascot is masculine, the fact that most of the critters found in our jungle category don't consider man a threat leads us to believe that the distance isn't harmful. Like a park gives shelter to critters that could get destroyed in normal environments, the balancing act of our Snake friends shall stay their wisely accomodating space to us fellow earthlings.
The flip is a category that we have to keep in mind! When crossing others, and then wondering if a threshold has been compromised, one could easily see the pathway our reptile friend will take.  Execution is the catch phrase, here; and the necessity of regulation should be our device to avoid entanglements.....
Associated with 'the scales', now you can make sense of how a judicial environment usually works! On occasion, we face a tribulation where we feel consequence will arise should that imaginary line get crossed; of course we can use our friendly rattlesnake as the perfect example - hissing up a storm to warn you to get back!  Usually a Snake will kindly let you know if you have violated their privacy; always they're one set of people you will prefer to not get heated with bouts of indiscretion.
To live with, or date, a Snake:  here is a prime example as to why folks ought not bother with a creature not understood - and perhaps seen as incompatible! During a tornado or hurricane isn't it rather acceptable to scream bloody murder?? Well, when you date a Snake this kind of condition could arise; just living with the Ox, Snake, or Rooster might lead to airy outbursts over matters THEY deem confrontational! Same as the Rooster, when you don't enjoy the arts and crafts like they do why not find a new love! If you decide to share a place with a Snake and change the pictures on the wall just for kicks, after the switch is made right back to their normal positions, you might have rather been kicked instead of scurrying away from the F5!
In regards to personality, you'll usually find a chatty and flirty socialite; should the family want a one person etiquette/current affairs mate for you here's your top choice!
It'll tear them apart, but you must stay warned, thinking of devilish feats at the expense of this friend/love shall crush the scenery around you in epic proportion....(War of the Roses kind of nasty).