Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE SHEEP, as we try to understand sunshine, travel and survival strategies in the field:
As nature took it's course, it was duly noted that after the monkey a new and different sensation was not about...
The sun came out once again and our ancestors were warm; an inspiration hit them! After four types of people, here's something not just like the boar ~ but close enough to give them a bond; why conjure up some new personality type when we can mold all the rest around those already had!
Pork chops or lamb chops, those Asians sure enjoyed the festivities around building a mascot system to shape character! As we glimpse all around our world we must search for critters that display the benefits for humanity, with dynamics like our Sheep friends. This is a masculine and positive creature, as we revisit the grounds first traversed by the Pig. Cheery personality, and a matching happy temperament, should propel us to want to go hug one the next time we get near one; funny how we are just observing that these beasts aren't really the type we get a chance to be around often!
A solid characteristic for the construction of a platform, to make comparisons with an animal as unavailable as the sheep - and subsequent similar critters we will soon call quite similar, will be they remain in the confined niche suiting them best! Whereas you may see a seagull in a burger joint parking lot, instead of searching for food at the seashore, animals with a warm disposition only stay at their patch of 'heaven'.
Our Sheep years are wrapped around 1979, and 1991, and 1967 in + or - 12 year intervals. Included in the normal scope of this 5th mascot  are:  all types of Sheep; goats; and, some 'rams'. The associations in that set include fiery drives, within certain parameters of living conditions. In pure masculine spirit, most of these critters would have little to do with mankind if given the option! Here we can include the following, with the mission of adding evidence to qualities given to Sheep:  lions, antelope, deer [site specific critters, with independent reputations]; elk and moose {also specific to area, but found in colder places}; ants and bees [dwellers very content in their environments, but not like other pests]; by the bye, this doesn't include [in spite of name similarities] anyone's Aunt Bea!
Mood and scene ~ inside a Sheep year:  It's baa-aa-ad (couldn't resist).
My guess is 'Home on the Range" couldn't fit better with another mascot! There's good and bad in the comment, though. As you know the song purports happy and congenial coexistence, and is based on ideals; should the mindset seem a bit kiddish that is true. While lambs and antelopes stay content in their little packs, outside predators almost always lurk!
There is a yearning inside of a Sheep year, to maintain a peaceful home environment. In addition, Sheep people will likely go extra distances to see it happens. Sadly, many ideals and fantasies we carve inside a Sheep year will not stick around long. . .
Warmth will remain, however. Unlike colder years, most will stay greeted by kind associates and gentler family encounters. My first Aruba trip was in a Sheep year; it rocked, and I wanted to move there for years. Somewhere inside that action, sun filled week I picked up a pair of rose colored sunglasses! I wore them all Summer when I returned and felt the magic all over. Walt Disney was a Fire sign, so perhaps this gives you the scope of 'trying to live a dream'.
Attitude and character, of a Sheep:  Gee, so many cliches here! "Emperor's New Clothes" can summarize one vantage point of our Sheep friends; the home is FINE, a'nt Bea, just don't pay attention to Johnny cracking all the other kids over the head with the baseball bat!
In 'Moonraker {007}', the bad guy, Drax, creates a space version of Noah's Ark; we see beautiful couples on their way to a space station to start a whole new world of "beautiful people". A bit masculine, and with positive intentions [at least that's what is thought], Sheep want to take all the bad from the world.
Passion was born here. Chasing after objects of affection, animate or inanimate; lots of fixations and obsessive/compulsive stuff goes too well inside this character. Infatuations stay quite commonplace for anything pulled into Sheep.
Being masculine, though, folks carry forth; what could truly stay an infatuation gets elongated into a several week series of broken hearts and losses of time and money! This second Fire sign, after Pig, doesn't like to sit home on Saturday night! Unlike the Monkey {and Cancer in English Astrology} dying to just relax in the home for weekends,
the Sheep cleaned and helped all the family - and now wants to go out and fulfill the passion!
To live with or date - a Sheep:  With their sparkling eyes and all, to stay attractive and impress the friends of a Sheep person will keep you in good graces; when the shine in the eyes looks like smoke from a distant fire don't act like a country bumpkin - they must have already labeled you a 'plain Jane', wanting to get out to meet new faces.
Large productions make these people fly in 360 degree circles - souped up and sequined will keep them purring on your sofa all day. Likely it is because the external world defines the makeup, more so than other signs. Getting back to bees and ants, they see 'four walls' every day; working inside the colony or beehive appears the same, and there's so much action outside!
Why settle for a local lottery, where one can score a few hundred on a lucky day; the Sheep wants to play the MegaSuperExtraLarge Power Win, with the payout here in one lump sum!
When you impress their family and put on that outfit that gets the eyes to pop out, the night shall offer you a megasuperextralarge dose of Sheep persuasion!
Overall Fire signs stay friendly, and hospitable. Just ask A'nt Bea; staying clean and warm attracts lots of fun friends back to the hive....