Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE ROOSTER, once we establish connections against fowl play:
A big determination for this segment stays: 'which bird-like critters will end up not getting lumped with chickens...'???
Never mind the air comparison YLS makes to the rooster, and it's friendsigns {snake; ox}; funny how the proof now easily outs - these critters are the only ones with wings to fly! Still, the presence of wings and the ability to fly will not be the only criteria I should use; like fish, so many types of birds exist the overlap into other mascots will happen!
If current paranormal anthropologists gathered to create one mascot, of twelve, based around our feathered friends wouldn't a peacock be a nicer choice?? Pretty though they be, remember this: "On a trip to Dominican Republic some years ago we were awakened every single morning by loud screeching sounds in the trees! For the life of us we couldn't figure out what was ruining sleep constantly - and it went on every day through the vacation! As we prepared to leave for the airport, having an early plane back home, we saw a creature jump out of the tree near our room after making the mystery sound. My God!! It was a of the loveliest critters on the island, making such a ruckus we wanted to hit it with a fry pan!"
A certain sect of gurus might wish to choose a Pteradactyl, or other prehistoric monster, for the 3rd position mascot! It is strong, and large - wouldn't that make for a great personality type?? An ostrich or emu are interesting birds, but both are limited in the flight department; some really like the meat prepared from these funny looking critters!
Haven't we all had a pet parakeet or canary, to which we warble back morning pleasantries like "pretty, pretty" or 'sing us a song!'; parrots and other large chatters, away in tropical paradise, usually steal the show as owners take them around resorts to amuse vacationers.
In addition to the fascinations over winged marvels, other types of animals could also fit well with the "Rooster, third mascot of Asian 'lore".
Rooster years stretch in 12 year + or - intervals around 1969, 1981, and 1993. Naturally this has been going on for hundreds of years! Isn't it a mindful thinking if our current character systematics will project far into the future?? Without a solid belief and understanding of the occult dynamics in motion for our world, should we really want our great grandchildren and generations after all that picking up the placemat in a Chinese restaurant and matching a life with a sign?
As our cultures intertwine perhaps we'll all have more fun when we learn our brother is a Monkey, and dear old Mother is a Snake!
If you are the Rooster, and your family wishes to know more about your inner dynamics, after this crash course on YLS you shall stay enlightened!
Along with the usual chickens, straight from the farm, we'll have to regard these other animals as relatives [helping to identify our eccentric behaviors/personalities!]:  most prehistoric critters (egg layers); crickets, frogs and songbirds {all communicate in ways we absorb in the same fashion}; owls, eagles, and hawks [strong and distinctive talons match up with piercing eyes and unique screeches]; all ducks, geese, parrots, gulls, crows and other assorted birds/bird-like animals with beaks to manipulate seeds and foods; squids and assorted worms, that have beak-like mouthparts [strong feeders that thrive in numbers]; and shellfish [crabs, lobsters, clams, shrimps], since either a claw is present to replace a beak or shells protect internal goods (as an egg protects a young chick).
Mood and scene  - inside a Rooster year:  "Cock~a-Doodle~Doo" screeches our fine feathered friend, and there from the git go you are pulled into madness. A buzz makes its' way about whenever the Rooster comes knocking; quite a distinctive calling card is sent {like "make me an offer I can't refuse"}, and by the time all is done everyone admits they're fully satisfied.
Under a positive influence, the time of year associated with the Rooster is the last month of Springtime; we've already discussed how songbirds indeed fit the model - now we can associate the good energy involved. It is an air element, however, so there must remain a solid footing; we'll have to be nice to the RoosterGods or there may be a surprise tornado flying our way! Spring and Fall will stay pretty common in our world - even though certain folks are entering Summer as we enter Winter the interim seasons (Spring and Fall) hold surprises from day to day.
Attitude and character - our Rooster friends:  Masculine communication are the first two words to come to mind here....
striking a comparison I'd have to say we're dealing with a news sportscaster; a friendly guy with a humble repertoire - the air element inside cheers in victorious situations, but will knock down a wall of football guards like a hurricane if the team lets everyone down.
The true Rooster, guy or gal, digs arts; they go at it with the serious intent to pull you into the work - it isn't much a matter of whether the material is any good! As we try to figure where this may fit, should we make it like a social event, simply it's the "ANTHEM". As a rule, when trying to make some historical observation inside each twelve year Asian mascot cycle, look to the Rooster year for big clues!  Their work WILL fully represent the lot of stuff inside it's genre; all the crowd WILL salute the singer of the national ANTHEM whether or not they know what it means or if the performer did it well!
The "Summer of '69" will always stick out to the hippie generation as 'that wild and wonderful time, full of flowers, beads, and nonviolence!'; Woodstock and war demonstrations stay ANTHEMS for our ancestors as they lived inside a twelve year cycle of public defiance!
Roosters keep the good attitude, being a positive force; chickens run about without direction several minutes, though, when the head is chopped off [meaning only that brainpower isn't always the main motivator].
To live with, or date - a Rooster:  well they're not homebodies....
Any restaurant will do, and keep them in at night. Air signs are hard to know - much chatter always but many wonder if any sense is made. One start to becoming intimate with this type of person is to discuss their artisitic abilities and/or interests. Perhaps the and/or can give you a clue - it is an air sign/Gemini classic; the constructors of language, this sign of the Twins always wants a way OUT! You simply have to determine if they want to go OUT with you, or WITHOUT you! A good part will be decided {by only them} upon your inputs about those arts!
Homelife with a Rooster should be like a fairytale - you'll follow the yellow brick road every night and can be their Captain America or Wonder Woman; if you aren't a big fan then go clubbing for someone else...