Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE RABBIT, as we recall Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny - with Fudd watching.
The very first thing that popped to mind as I jumped at this mascot was that cats also get tagged for Rabbit years over in Asia! Being the 9th sign, we now see how cats were allotted 9 lives! However, I may not decide to give cats to this group! After all, the next sign (Tiger) is plainly a cat!
We grew up on Elmer Fudd and the Looney Tunes critters - and it's no surprise kids still adore them; does Asia enjoy them yet?? My father used to be a hunter; yes, he wore a hat just like Elmer.....YES, MANY called him Elmer Fudd. For those having rabbit it's not that bad - I don't like most gamey foods. Remember this, though: we have encountered the final stage of pork in the Asian mascot arena! Those meats that "taste like chicken" will have to be associated with the Rooster, Snake {I did hear this about snake!}, and Ox! I had the privelege of seeing the dude that created those funny characters talking like Porky Pig once, on some old TV show; he did most of them, as he revealed. In addition to being a masculine and positive sign, the Rabbit is associated with the Fire element. In the 9th 'house', or spot, here's the explanation why they say the Rabbit is the luckiest sign.
All Rabbit years stretch around + and - 12 years regarding the following: 1951; 1963; 1975; 1987; and 1999. All types of Rabbits seem fine to add to the mascot listing....
As for our jungle friends, we will include:  minks, otters, and beavers [such nice furry coats, and similar teeth]; groundhogs, hedgehogs, porcupines, and gophers {hole lovin' and gritty teethed varmins, too}; hamsters, gerbils, and mice [delicate ears, same soft fur, and similar diets]; and kangaroos {same kicking-styled feet}.
Mood and character, inside a Rabbit year:  the fun~loving nature of all Fire signs usually brings opportunities, but for those unprepared 'WATCH OUT!'.
Our easy going Rabbit does the very best job of not wanting to be responsible! So, as we feel free and willing there'll be chatter of traveling and vacations and .....{you get the idea}; along the line, so why not early on, you will need to be rooted firmly.
If all goes well, the peak shall literally shoot the bloody mission clean over the air; songs of hallelujiah and street dancing will hail the glorious new king! But, when excess partying gets matched by inactivity your year shall go by blurry....
It's like going to a casino or amusement park with a ton of money, but not making the resource lead to a good time! Or, buying a delicious chocolate dream cake; then, instead of sharing or splitting the experience you force down the whole thing.
Take up some extra responsibility and preplans for these years, and you will literally blow into a lifetime souvenir/memory.
Personality and character - of the Rabbit:  overall, Fire signs are rebels; as a rule when they wish to spend some time and money on a trip they expect to go!
Spinning wheels, and BIG ones, will mold and dictate our Rabbit friend! As the original 'entrepreneur' wheeling and dealing can't be removed from this beast! Naturally, this may include the desire to perhaps put on shows; any positive and fiery critter shall look to the limelight, to delight a potential mate or a full audience! A trademark, though, of Rabbit incentives stays that the 'act' will stay based around true integrity!
Being a sign known as a 'communicator', here's a soul that wouldn't compromise their word; even when acting, the flair to ignite the crowd stays burning throughout the performance! Don't expect different ~ it will always be the case a Rabbit's biggest dream is to "PUT ON A BIG SHOW, FOR BIG BUCKS; AND, IN THIS PROCESS SCORE THE HOT DATE"!
To live with, or date, a Rabbit:  charming and personable, most dating Rabbits will not complain about a boring time; yet, for the slower, patient types these wound up fireballs may not hit the mark enough. Again, all Fire signs keep a "get up and go" anthem; Water signs, and some Earth signs, prefer to save a bit of money and relax watching TV.
Being masculine, no ground shall be made when those quiet signs attempt to curb the wild nature; if a trip is slated this year the Rabbit will not be happy when one doesn't materialize.
Still, as one can gauge from the animals listed, this sign is not a foul one. A bit of a temper will quickly turn should you offer them their favorite drink, or buy a movie ticket to have them enjoy the big screen adventure. When they gauge their living conditions as appropriate you'll have guests all the time; if small TV's, cars and activities listings stick around you'll be going solo.