Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE OX, first checking if the crowd likes to share stories ~ or visit paradise:
I was thinking just the other night about times long ago; how these Asian ancestors made a system designed to cycle out in 60 years was quite a feat! Even today, most of the matchups shall still be a once-in-a-lifetime experience! If you were born a metal Ox as I was then that particular matchup may come around; but, with life expectancy around 75 only 15 of the 60 will be revisited. Back then, and I can't say how long ago it actually was when soothsayers penned out their astrological systems, the life expectancy may have only been 20 or 30!
Just how different can people make a year, from one prior or after, anyways?? When we try to figure out questions like this we get the chance to place ourselves back at those tables; there we are, as we look over the original mindset of that Asian mystic placing together a system of classification. It's no different than the Linnaeus system of classifying organisms; libraries classifying materials to place on shelves go through the same style of analysis. From bickering and personality differences we all can see that some folks match well with us and others won't.
Somehow, I want to believe the powers to analyze our astrological systems were overall the same way back when. Enthusiasm, matched with patience and victims [folks we interpret], could have supplied an equal amount of motivation; currently, so many different views and forms of the occult exist it shall stay difficult to solidly form a "world consensus"!
That is my goal, however, amidst setbacks that I just don't foresee...
Perhaps my trips to Aruba play a good part in a larger wish to see all cultures be happy together. As well, the truths I came upon over thirty years of paranormals force me to share ~ a goal that now is directed at enlightening groups of interested friends. While I contribute on this site, my intention shall not be to let folks read about their astrological signs; for all the paranormal disciplines I go over on YLS I will present stuff as if the audience and I had to sit at a table, and with the information I have we'll chart out a better course for usage!
Ox years shall always end up + or - 12 years from: 1949; 1961; 1973; 1985; and 1997. Within the realm of the Asian appropriation we'll include: Oxen; Buffalo; and Yaks. Cows will not fit in my interpretations, since this is the final "chicken" inclusion in our Jungle Arena. A sound guess will be that these mystics of long ago would have put them in the Dog's place on just a different day; chances are they didn't want to exclude such a useful/dynamic group from the books so they're thrown in here. Asian purposes slightly immortalize the cows, like Hindus {won't eat them!}, and as an inclusion here honor the strength and workability of the animal. I myself wondered during college how I was able to stay at work third shift full time and do college [getting 3 hours of sleep for many consecutive years]; being an ox, as well as younger, evidently had good effects!
As for our worldly jungle inclusions: foxes {quick and comical creatures, that still have songs written for them}; giraffes {those super style advantages over other animals display ox kind of individuality}; praying mantis, stick bugs, and flounders [masters of camoflauge, and lofty style]; beetles and cockroaches (advantageous shells and mandibles to keep foothold in niche; cockroaches actually shall stick around should nuclear war kill all humanity).
The mood and scene, inside the Ox year:  early passions take flight inside Ox years; as an Air sign the atmosphere indicates following those hunches to stay airborn. If you've dreamt of seeing a special land, or want to get back in touch with a relative in another part of the world, the drive will be very strong to "just go for it!"
Being a fixed sign, most folks will be strong and stable; the mascot for higher learning, an urge will present itself to get more skills or college education. Wild obsessions may also happen: many will take an offbeat nude sculpture class, or try their hand at skydiving {let's hope they don't kill themselves}; goth and other extreme mindsets run rampant when the Ox pays it's once-every-twelve-years visit.
Personality, and character, of the Ox:  here be 'organizers'; in a positive and masculine way the Ox will always attempt to jump onto a derailing train ~ feeling they'll stop it and save the world. Nobody will set up a hurdle or road block better than these people; always a socialite, they'll reflect a whole arena full of people should the cause be right.
Being Air, though, like our Rooster and Snake friends, the cause isn't always based on smarts. Luckily, Air signs do keep lots of friends - as well as insider information; when the green light is 'on' they usually already made up that arsenal of weaponry to take down the bad guy.
Where Roosters define chatter around the arts, the Ox can't be quieted when in a tizzy over a social event! An anchor at the World Olympics could be a perfect position for our friend, here. Any kind of Event/Project Manager job shall be better served when taken by an Ox; with the hindsight to see an affair (socially) from start to finish, usually they'll throw in matching party favors with it! Snakes stay humbly satisfied, socially, by just enjoying coffee with strangers sitting at a Starbucks - they'd prefer the intellectual stimulation from Wifi or the paper anyway! The Ox, on the other hand, will not leave folks alone when they feel some kind of group therapy is necessary! You might as well have caused the uprising in the Middle East or the local dispute over higher electric bills, or perhaps ruined the gracious feast served at the Last Supper; when this fuss budget has seen a halt to some inherent tradition there will be social disgrace.
Scientists at heart, the Ox always looks for tracks. Glorified by some nations, because of this penchant to not regard criminal intentions as a day's work, once in a while their fixed nature lands them in a rut because they confuse this "need" to be honest as a 'love' of work/life.
To live with, or date, an Ox: one must be exceptionally geared to social servitude to find completion with this personality type....
They do stay overblown, cantankerous, and stuck smack in others' problems! Having Air, most must reckon an occasional wind storm will clear the thought processes; but, when a diatribe gets placed on the agenda the only thing cleared will be the room.
Close friends and loves, though, will remain close by; deep in the hearts of family and friends they'll forever give to an Ox. The best parents and teachers in the solar system, we'll always need someone to grab up the less fortunate and oppressed ~ and make sure prejudice and harassment get equated with the devil's work.
Overall, the Ox strives for perfection over home cleanliness/bill payment. It's more about social statements than you or them; no, they're not the easiest folks to live with.