Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE MONKEY, as we marvel over ancestry, the sea, and (going) BANANAS!
Here we reach our fourth food group, that the oldest of Astrological ancestors had to be considering when they penned all this stuff! It is amazing how most people can't truly comprehend that through the years all of our Astrological writings had to be written! Very similar, the Bible is a book, and those writers of the time wanted to jot out on paper/papyrus the mysterious goings on in the Middle East.
Whether relating the path of a person, that over the years has grown into Jesus, or trying to help young adults maintain an identity based upon zodiac signs or farm animals................
Here we see why it really is hard to look back and think these writings moved forward so many hundreds of years. It's awful hard to convince a kid that some guy walked on water back in 1AD, or some time around that..?; and, it stays quite a hard sell to try and convince little Suzie she has the personality of a Horse.
Well, as Jesus gave the miracles of loaves (of bread) and fishes, it fits nicely into the 4th grouping our Asian forefathers and mothers bestowed to us. The Monkey being a water sign, our ancestors took upon themselves the opportunity to design characteristics around seafood. More specifically - fishes; we have 22000 species of fish on our planet, and here we'll split them up over three Asian mascots.
My favorite cable show to date is "River Monsters" with Jeremy Wade; having gone to college for Fisheries and Aquaculture, I was quite shocked to see some of those very nasty critters he pulls from mostly fresh water!
Seeing monkeys are a land based animal, I will take a giant leap at our Asian psychics; the dare is that they based all the early personality traits around freshwater species. After all, wasn't it quite a ways in the future when solid boats were constructed {to allow venturing out on the sea?}; a large part of Asian cuisine still rests upon carp and catfish, anyway - both freshwater species.
Monkey years are 12 years + or - 1968, 1956, and 1980.
Inside the realm of Asian Monkey we'll have to include all apes, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, or any other brand that loosely gets tagged 'MONKEY'.
YLS will add to our list of simian lovelies: dolphins and porpoises [known for intelligence similar to humans - like chimps]; all kinds of turtles [many have toe structures looking similar to humans/monkeys]; urchins, coral, starfish, seahorses, and jellyfish [quirky and maternal species, delicate and somewhat hidden]; carps and catfish, goldfish (in carp family), and ALL RIVER MONSTERS [mostly freshwater critters, so plentiful to the Asian ancestors].
Mood and scene ~ inside a Monkey year:  as we sip sweet drinks at the seaside, some violinists and guitar players mill about playing our favorite music! Romance is in the air - a dish fit for a king is brought to the family table; three members of the family lean back too far and fall flat on their backs in the sand, making everybody laugh!
Overall such watery times are family affairs. Our hearts take control when most large decisions come about - and with a sense of humility we can laugh with our brothers and sisters how we feel the decision was for the best. We can cut to the scene where monkeys are picking parasites/foreign materials off each other's fur coats; an occasional screech fills the air should they fall from the tree or become upset about their surroundings.
Big dreams are considered within Monkey years; we like to spend all our extra times with those we feel closest to, and lots of the other stuff gets blurted out! Talks of extra vacations, and even a business, float their way to the dinner table; pictures of our loved ones and pets get shared at every social function we end up dragging ourselves to.
Attitude and character ~ of our Monkey friends:  more than their friendsigns {Dragons; Rats}, the Monkey symbolizes the full three water qualities; being a homebody, instant access is always there for ICE, STEAM, and RUNNING WATER. This shall stay the proof of a Monkey's moodiness. Some will pick and say they're not stable, or seem confused. The truth is they are a bit lost, because in their hearts they wish only to be at the side of those they love.
Be it cracking jokes with their brothers and sisters, or watching Lucy reruns with the spouse, don't take it personal if they don't want to chat at the library. Another dimension will stay that you won't always get a direct answer to how they feel about your wish to go bowling. When reflecting ice you could get a quick "No"; if they're reflecting steam you'll get shown the door; and, when our watery friend is reflecting running water he or she will change the subject and ask "so did I show you my daughter's picture with her dog Fifi??". Likely folks will always wonder how a snapping turtle will frolic in mud all day, or goldfish will look content swimming inside the same fishbowl; when sensitivity and caring play a part in the living arrangements for the Monkey friend they'll feel nowhere else on Earth is good.
To live with, or date ~ the Monkey:  imagination and sensation stay key ingredients for a Monkey on the loose. Put a bit differently, they sense an awful lot when you chum with them! Should you be slightly disturbed, or overwhelmed with work or social issues, this will stay just what you see staring you back.
Most water signs seem neutral in disposition; they inherantly know friends and family can have a bad day just as quickly as a good one. It is a waiting game ~ should you choose to brush off your rotten day on them they'll say they understand, then rush to the door to watch some TV.
A salient feature? Well, just think of the chimpanzee; how do scientists feel about placing a chimp in a social scene similar to humans?? Your friendly local Monkey shall act quite innocently about those conditions around them! It's like the child who you lie to - you can quickly see in the eyes they are hurt, and genuinely.
A Monkey's home can never, in any way, shape or form, be criticised intentionally; the family members that share a Monkey's home, or the friends that share the abode, can never be intimidated or attacked; yeah, they're a bit possessive ~ drama queens too.