Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE HORSE: after a practical trot through far away places, and the local burger joint:
For the size and impracticality {accomodations for eating, normal maintenance}, horses may be one animal that we seem to have lots of contact with! Should we not see a rider taking a horse down a street, or a city policeperson getting about on one, there's the vans on the highway transporting them about.
I'm not sure about ancient times, as the Asian soothsayers took the time to construct astrological philosophies, but another observation of horses is: "they never really seem to change! A horse from a western 50 years ago seems like a horse in a modern Jackie Chan movie, and like all the horses at the Kentucky Derby"!
We'll retread briefly here, and remember that in our cycle - laid out at the start - the Horse represents the second round of "beef". And, by golly, we automatically have a quick association! Can't we all envision an Asian psychic, dreaming of a thick steak for dindin, riding his horse to corral all his cows?? Now aren't you glad you took in all those John Wayne movies?!
It's fun to piece together the wild rides our forefathers and mothers went through. Could there be something in Horse people years ago that drove them to want to raise cattle - or join a rodeo?
This may be one of the more difficult animals to find world matches for.....
naturally we can chat about unicorns, centaurs, and imaginary tributes. Many times those niche critters that have seemingly remained the same throughout history won't be lots alike other stuff.
Horse years run + or - 12 years from years like 1966, 1978, and 1990. For the common Asian mascot we need to add all brands and varieties: Shetlands, Clydesdales, Palominos, racing horses, Mr. Ed, Mavericks, and every various breed overlooked.
The donkey quickly comes to mind as a worldly tie, so from this we will attempt at making a good list of candidates:  mules, donkeys, and zebras {body types and head/hair similarity}; aardvarks, anteaters, and armadillos [facial distinction, and evolutionary sameness]; and this might do it....
Mood and scene, inside a Horse year:  perhaps mentioned before, this sign is the most practical and direct in the lot. One of three Earth signs, Horses are known for the ability to communicate; likely much verbalization will happen from start to finish. Being a feminine and negative influence, however, most of it may not be expressions of love and gratitude.
The whole journey may be like taking Mr. Ed for a ride - around the world! If you aren't familiar with this talking horse, he had his own TV show so many moons ago (so old, even, the show was in black and white!). Should you be galloping all over the place on the back of this animal I doubt all his words would be pleasant; frank, and to the point, you'll likely hear about tired legs as much as how beautiful the Grand Canyon was!
As for the dynamics, we hopefully can count on a good corral with several fat cows; if the horses rounded up our dinner we'll enjoy Steak A La Mama tonight!
Attitude and character, of a Horse:  patient and careful, most Horses remain true to a cause. An Earth sign, feminine and negative, the wild spirit inside a Horse just knows being one with the beautiful nature around you will keep a clean mind.
Similar to a Dog, you'll find quite a working repertoire behind quiet and gazing eyes. This path being "6", their judgemental ways run a bit differently than the Dog friend's. Dogs like to judge; Horses take on opposition...
it's like a game of 'the straw breaking the camel's back'. Should you supply that thinnest little sliver of poor chance, your friendly neighborhood Horse will be right there pointing a finger!  You can see it like an anteater - as they meander in the forest looking for ants. If their eye catches one too many crawling up the side of the hill "it's partytime!!" quickly comes to mind!
Staying the most practical of the Earth lot, you can best believe burger joints were invented by Horse people! Serving the public, with an eye on advertising and communicating, half of the joy in making fast food for folks all over the world is offering 5 kinds of sauces - and pointing out yours costs 5 cents less!
Living with, or dating, a Horse:  folklore tells that Horse people are very attractive, and frolic in chances at romance. Should one catch your eye be sure to take them to the best Steakhouse in town!
In general, we pointed out that this beast is feminine and negative; Horses like to talk too! In fact, many will say they won't stop....
What may stay relevant is that should you see one in either fashion mentioned [live with, or date], and your budget barely fits in a burger joint, the whining and hollering may not cease until McDonalds serves it's zillionth customer.
Obligated to duty, and quite amorous to those 'saving their life from impoverished concerns', a dedicated living arrangement should ensue. As well, Earth signs very rarely flare up without a good dose of misfortune; all that can be said in closing: of all the mascots, you won't get the better of a Horse. They'll serve you and clean up after you, but should you make a wrong move you'll FLY under the bus...