Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE DRAGON, interpreting if mystical or mythical applications should be included:
Back in schooling we geared to be adult~like, and dispell myths and childhood notions; nowadays, our lives seem completely surrounded by beasts and matters I thought we would be better off forgetting!?
Keeping a wild imagination IS a pastime I admit has stayed fruitful, and fantastic! However, it stays disorienting to tell young kids and even many adults that the boogeyman and dragons aren't around. So can I tell my friends next time they suggest seeing the Hobbitt, or Lord of the Rings, or Dungeons and Dragons or whatever fantasy flick gets placed on the placard next with mystical creatures in it, maybe we should invest in a "Starbucks experience"! I'll sit everyone down, and see if others fortunate enough to be in the place already (hehe) wish to listen; 'Hear ye, Starbucks affectionados, can't we try to come to a mutual and compromising opinion over the matter of "too much bull" in our current society? While we wrestled with religion and demons as youngsters, is it necessary to support imaginary fairy tales??? Can't we just see Aesop!? Isn't it just sour grapes that we have to trudge through snow, keep a low paying job most of our short lives, and get whined at when we don't make all our material preparations for older age !? Couldn't we have told our teachers "I don't WANT to live here! I want to fly with a pet dragon or lift up a wave of water with my thought processes!" '
I promise I won't run should one or more call the whitecoats; but, at least I will strike a chord with some that it shouldn't be necessary to talk folks out of stuff if deep inside that's what would be a better deal!
There ARE dragons around anyways! If you go to Chinatown in Boston or Los Angeles {not to mention Asian culture all over their part of the world}, almost every Sunday the kids sport colorful costumes and dance in the streets playing Mr. Dragon! Which is one reason why I will say to this world 'they seem to have developed more humanely, in that they don't brush stuff under a rug'; and, perhaps this is a solid reason why the art of Asian Astrology is one nobody should discount. Without getting on too much I'll say this: as a water sign, and feel free to read up on this element [a free app here], that shifty part of life won't go away....
Be it ice, steam or running water at least a quarter of our lives (forever) will hold magic and mysticism! Perhaps your thing is unicorns, while Miss Penelope likes werewolves. Solidly, we just solved why one ought not tell children Santa doesn't exist ~ when the ice melts and that strange man down the street is teaching reindeer to fly we'll jokingly muse that he COULD!
Dragon years run + and - 12 years around: 1952; 1964; 1976; 1988; and 2000. Naturally, here's a beast we'll need to stay clever with; I can't practically begin a listing of the 'actual' cast in a Dragon stage. My work will have to rely fully on the rest of our wild world. Our jungleland mascots will include: caterpillars, and butterflies/moths [metamorphosis is truly our world's fire breather!]; all the deep sea fishes, and other critters with secretive footholds [when we don't even know it's here yet, or are just discovering them, one will consider their abilities mythical!]; fireflies and venus flytraps [mechanisms that 'enchant']; whales, skates and rays {so able to hurt humans by size, stings, or surprise encounters}.
Mood and scene, inside a Dragon year:  the watery and negative qualities attached to this mascot should usually swerve one's disposition to the "mood" portion....
With an American comparison to Scorpio, there's a likelihood intensity shall play a large role in all decision making! As well as a penchant for secretive association, an interest in legalities keeps this style of life unlikely to run outside to sing in the rain.
Let's use a designated mascot-avatar here, to chart a trip not yet taken; I'll invite you to search out pictures of some deep sea fishes to have a peek at a strange world [within our own]. Even though most nowadays have seen the likes of luminescent species - where a cute little light dangling over the head lures fish for dinner (IT'S dinner!); when I was a child such crazy and almost scary looking fishes didn't exist! As we explore the oceanic trenches more truly wild and crazy stuff is getting discovered!
On the surface, let's start with a cute ride through a fish channel and be with a dragging boat; setting the nets along the bottom of the channel this excursion should land your mates some flounders and crabs - plus some exotic species that usually don't get caught in those parts...
Sun and fun, and a curiosity experiment where we'll learn of 'lookdown' fish or something out of season; from here the captain wants to explore out in deep water, and everyone runs home first for boiled crabs! When he pulls the nets up out farther most of the crew would rather get on a lifeboat and head back. First, that dark and murky quality usually instills a fear that only Davey Jones wouldn't feel! Large predators swim in deep water; along with these, a huge whale could mysteriously surface and mistakenly capsize your boat!
Do you still feel the hot sunshine? Or, are you getting less interested and maybe a bit scared of the stuff the nets take up!? Perhaps a normal Dragon year will offer mystery; however, experienced captains usually don't intend on meeting up with dark surprises!
The mindset and character, of a Dragon:  of all our mascots, this one has the most potential to stay 'unhinged'. It's kind of like dragging oneself to a party that we felt wouldn't be fun; as the time goes on and we stay bored our minds reach off for those secret interests and magical alliances. A Dragon can seem off in a distant world; here is an intense soul that likely lost the drive to stay social.
The second water sign, and the second "Seafood" entry from our Astrological ancestors, don't we all have that favorite spot on the coast where we look out to the sea!? As well, when we look there's something coming in on the horizon; a troubled yacht caught in a hurricane, or large trawler coming back to fill our freezers with great delicacies, appears like a mirage. I'll even bet that you're scouring the shore for a tide's mysterious treasure!
Without truly knowing what a swashbuckler is we sense that it is a dark and mysterious sea episode; our Dragon friends shall indeed keep their end of the bargain to keep you bewildered - if not set up to be visited by the local pirates.
For many Dragons the 'reality trip' is not pleasant! I'll even venture to say that most would rather watch TV all day instead of analyzing just what their personality is about! The message learned from our pirate friends: "take each day as a gift, and don't mince words"! Blackbeard hear to tell you, mateys: 'A Dragon?? ARRR! I'll put it to you straight! If you're sinkin' in the sea and something grabs at you do you really have to, or even want to, know just what it is??'
To live with, or date, a Dragon: why do we love pirates so much?? One theory may be that they're "down-on-the-luck survivors" so apt to turn on the institutions we deem heartless or greedy. Perhaps symbolizing parental figures we could have lost affection for, another plausible circumstance could be we expect to come into a strange fortune of gold doubloons one left hidden just for us!
Moreso than any other type of person the Dragon is pretty much JUST WHAT YOU SEE! If you're hearing sweet lies about how they'd really love to spend tomorrow with you but the sea awaits, and could you please get ya both drunk and spend a quiet evenin', then my advice is to run for the door and bake some holiday cakes. If they're kneeling before you and continue to tell you life wouldn't be the same without them chances are this is exactly how they're thinking. As with a crashing wave or a great white shark, reality hits without recourse when the Dragon is on the move.
Like lots of water people it is hard to know them, when deep down they don't know themself. Advice will be as follows: if you do care then be sure to carry them onto self discovery.....
'Complete Caring' is a term I just made up, having experienced the charm from a Dragon date. The lost feeling when said person was gone made me secretly happy for weeks at a time; it is a longing that so many have to just spend time by the sea! Like an ocean wave that bathes you, cleans you, entertains you and then washes up fish for supper, our Dragon friends seem to keep our best interests at heart!
Well, nothing lasts forever, and we know 'It is better to have lost in love, than never to have loved at all'; but, should the Dragon grab you and make you join in on a deep sea boat experience you have to remember he don't have trawler nets; so, if you're promised a view of those eccentric deep sea species you might not appreciate being so close to their real habitat.