Straight from YLS vaults, please read up on the Asian Jungleland Mascots essays - added just a few years back!


JUNGLE {our world of animals}
Humanity's quest for discovery can begin with those creatures we associate with....
THE DOG, after a brief 'to do' over the choice here [instead of beef]:
The forefathers and mothers chose a pig as first mascot - likely honoring the service from wild hogs and boars. We have to analyze this a bit, now, since they switched from food; the Ox gets included at a later time, but halts what would have been a sequence!
Perhaps the sage working on this historical piece of work sat back down right after a nice ham steak; without the interest in food, due a good meal, he took a quick glance at the dog at his side {perhaps even licking it's chops from a bacon-like treat}. Making the revered Dog a mascot indeed stayed universally enjoyed. What a nice feeling that a household unit ran so similar to modern times, complete with Fido begging for scraps!
The interesting part is our English Zodiac did incorporate the Ox as the second position mascot! We all know that Asians read and write opposite from us, so perhaps eating habits end up that way, too! Our European friend decided to get to writing first, and picked the Ram as first mascot; getting hungry, with perhaps a taste for beef in mind an Ox was chosen second.
Be it Dog or Ox, this position represents wealth; earthy in nature, the priority stands in materialistic associations. For sure, many dogs here in USA live a better life than some people; complete with spas and grooming, we won't even discuss the lavish life Beverly Hills pooches get {eating Beef Wellington, or who knows what else??}! To think, we usually ponder just why that little yapper makes such a fuss; if YOU saw the threat of some stranger kicking your butt out of a home with Lobster and Prime Rib regularly wouldn't you keep chasing them away?!
All our Dog years are + or - 12 years from any of these: 1958; 1970; 1982; and 1994. Overall, this group is large: can a poodle be seen like a Doberman Pinscher; will a rottweiler ever be compared to an Irish Setter?? Still, we'll just keep the 'lump sum' and remember that you Dogs out there could be hamburger instead! Joining our list, as we compile more worldly beasts for definition's sake: hyenas and coyotes, alligators and crocodiles [due similar teeth and jaw structures - pit bulls are known to have a jaw grip similar to that of a croc]; and bears {paw and teeth similarities}.
Mood and scene, inside a Dog year:  we're talking a much more systematic plan than one would think! Being the arena where standard operating procedures became important, no parties are thrown until a battery of testing is done; practicality and careful safeguards will disallow niceties until all associates get placed on the "making the grade" itinerary!
Naturally we giggle when the Steak House offers 'chopped sirloin' - you won't catch a Dog giving away a steak for cheaper pays! Therefore, be extra frugal and neat when preparing for events in a Dog year; the dotted 'i' and crossed 't' will land a better job or extra gift - just because you went applying.
Attitude and character, of the Dog:  Dogs are the best tempered set in the lot. Conveniently placed right after the "shoot first, ask questions later" Pigs, the method here is to fully gather up evidence.
Many find them predictable, however; as a rule doesn't any dog eat, sleep and bark? But still, there's always a clicking meter or hour glass; when all is done the bill arrives - and you need to pay. As some may figure, we're into judicial territory here - they don't truly make great executives.
That's the "2" pathway we've alluded to - seeing both sides pretty equally; in a way they operate similar to YLS "Routine" principles. A solid "Routine" will have built in contingency plans - and while many lack 'personality, or spontaneity' remember: 'oppression in itself isn't a good thing, but to repress some things slightly usually doesn't put out the interest - it likely will better focus it'.
Living with, or dating, the Dog:  like the Dragon, Sheep and Ox, a Dog is a fixed critter; if they like a behavior you can't change it. When dinner is at 4pm sharp, and you strut in at 4:25, you might as well take in a lie detector too; to break the sacred ritual and also lie won't be good for you.
Living arrangements follow quite the same deal. You said you'd clean the bathroom and wash the car once every week? Have some cash ready if you forgot these - or the next lease could find your friend living elsewhere. The flip could also be true; if your date/roomie grew up eating dinner right in front of the TV and leaving a big mess on the carpet chances are that will not stop.
Most Dogs have a lot of patience, and can stay a solid influence inside a friendship or relationship. Quite dependable and reliable, you basically have to watch for a couple of things! Don't bend their fixed, loved behaviors and be sure the gifts and money continue to flow; after missing here, and seeing tears in their eyes, what you will continue to get is 'crocodile tears' knowing they'll keep all the Scooby snacks for themself.