While many may not consider numerology to be especially insightful, there's lots of striking facts before our eyes. Read on to perhaps keep the salient features of this discipline in mind....

{Number 1 is here, and after there'll be an index to review a whole page on each integer! We do consider this stuff THAT important!}


Those born under '1' are usually leaders.

Starting the wheel, this number encompasses all of Aries and a third of Taurus. Aries is one of the Cardinal signs (born to lead).

From this, we can conclude the major element of folks under the spell of '1' is Fire.

Please observe that each integer has two others with an identical element pattern:  like '1', '4' and '7' have 3 parts of Fire and 1 part of 'Earth'. This could indeed hint that, like same element astrological contacts get along well, folks will have a special kinship to others with a '1'/'4'/'7' path. If you guessed that the types of characteristics differ you are correct; '4' starts with Leo (an Organizer), and '7' starts with Sagittarius (a Communicator).

Another factor that has an impact on social interactions is the "odd"/"even" match. It isn't uncommon for people of a different path to not see eye to eye ~ "odd" vs. "even" outlook can truly be worlds apart.