People By The Numbers...


Before giving some insights into what each of the 9 numbers is like, we'll offer the YLS way of calculating one's paranormal number.

Simply, add all the digits of a person's complete birthdate:  if born on 12/04/1960, the individual's path number is 1+2+4+1+9+6 = 23; we need to further reduce this to one digit = 2+3 is "5".

One doesn't have to follow this method ~ but the secret is to be sure everyone gets calculated the same way....

Numerology became more appealing when this method was created. Even though certain wrinkles exist, being able to review folks on these terms has been fruitful! Observe that five are odd, and only 4 are even; while the original directive was that '5' is the one in the middle (as in more neutral, than odd), currently we just see the nine as overlapping a larger wheel - and the wheel is evenly divided.

The wheel, coincidentally, is the astrological wheel; each integer sits over parts of the signs, and we are able to determine elements by which signs are in place. '1' sits over Aries, and a part of Taurus. This makes '1' a mostly Fire integer, with a part of Earth as well. By dividing each sign into 3, we find each integer covers 4 parts; some integers overlap a full sign (3 parts) and 1/3 of the one before or after, and the rest are split 2+2 over 2 signs.


Hit the link below for the very first Integer essay {it came out late 2014, or early 2015}!

Enter with an open mind, YLS fans; you're getting it raw ~ we're not even going to preread it. Should it get a bit subjective read up on the history section - designed to offer us all perspective.

As usual, thanks for joining - and be kind to one another. . .